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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 22 October 1875


THE CHESTER FAIR commenced last Tuesday morning, an a few of our citizens attended it.

BIRTH. -- A little boy called at the home of Mr. J. N. Counts near Mr., Yount's store, on Sunday last.

TWINS. -- Two little boys stopped at the home of Mr. John Duvall, residing eight miles southwest of Perryville on Friday last.

     Baby buggy

A FREAK. -- On Monday last Mr. Oliver P. French present us with some twin apples - two grown together.

MOVED. -- W. C. Wilkinson, of Wilkinson's landing in this county, has recently purchased a residence in Chester, at which place he will make his future home.

MARRIED, on Thursday, October 7th, 1875, at the residence of the bride's parents, near Yount's store, by Squire William Counts, Mr. John Johnson to Miss N. A. Caruthers.

BITTEN BY A DOG. -- A few days ago whole Mr. Peter M. Dean was entering the premises of his brother Robert, he was bitten by a dog on the right arm, but was not seriously hurt. That dog doesn't live now.

IN THE LOCK UP. -- Chas. E. Wise, not being able to give the required bond, was conveyed to the St. Genevieve county jail last Saturday, where he will probably remain until the April term of our circuit court.

FOR THE PENITENTIARY. -- On Friday of last week sheriff Guth and Mr. Anton Hunt left for the capital of the State in charge of Wm. Thompson and Jane Logan, who were sentenced to imprisonment in the penitentiary.

     Ball and chain

A FIRST PREMIUM. -- The Chester Valley Clarion says: "Mrs. Dr. D. W. Vance, of Rockwood, aged 73, was awarded the first premium at the St. Louis fair last week fore best hand sewing on exhibition.

ANOTHER OWL. -- Mr. Joseph Martz residing some two and half miles east of Perryville, on last Friday, killed an owl that measured from tip to tip of wings, four feet and two inches, and twelve inches around its head.

INJURED. -- One day last week Mr. Oliver French, residing west of Perryville, was gathering apples, and while doing so the ladder upon which he was standing fell and he was precipitated to the ground, receiving some bruises.

SCHOOL OPENED. -- School will begin on Monday next at the Gorman school house, and Mr. J. C. McMurray has been procured as the teacher at a salary of thirty-five dollars per month. A session of four months will be taught.

EMIGRATION. -- Some fifteen families passed through Perryville last Friday, en route for the State of Arkansas. These people hailed from Illinois and Indiana. They thought they should like their new homes better than their old ones!

TEN THOUSAND. -- Mr. William Eugus, residing near Yount's Store, has with his machine, threshed alone ten thousand bushels of wheat since harvest. Perry county has raised a large crop of this cereal and as a general thing, it was an excellent article.

ST. LOUIS FAIR. -- We notice that Judge Robinson has gracefully hanging from the music stand of his $625 piano, a blue ribbon bearing the following inscription: "Merkel & Mersman - First Premium Saint Louis Fairs, 1871, 1872, 1873, 1874 and 1875".

A GOOD SHOT. -- We have good marksmen in our county. One day last week Mr. Cassimere Richardy, residing five miles southeast of Perryville, concluded to visit the woods in search of game, and soon returned with four good sized turkies [sic], three of which he killed at one shot. Who can beat it?

NOT INVITED. -- Some unknown individual visited Mr. William D. McAtee's residence, four miles southeast of Perryville while he was from home last Sunday, and scattered things about in his house, but he missed nothing. Such visits are not solicited.

BALLOU'S MAGAZINE for November is on our table, and it appears in new type and many new features. It is a popular magazine and enjoys a large circulation; but it should be in the hands of very family in the country, for it is just what is wanted a household.

THE PERRYVILLE PLATONIAN Debating society will hold its first session at public school house in Perryville on Friday evening, 29th inst. Question: "Resolved, that inflation would prove a curse to the laboring man. " By order of the President. Dr. C. A. MANN
by Wm. A. CASHION, Sec'ty.

BURGLARS. -- Thieves appear to roaming through these parts, and occasionally relieve some of our citizens of their valuables. On Thursday evening of last week while Mr. Isidore Horrell, residing some three and a half miles north of Perryville was absent from home, somebody entered the house and took therefrom something near eighty dollars in money, several notes and a revolver. The rogues have not been found, but it is to be hoped that they will be.

DIED, on Thursday, October 7th, 1875, at the residence of his parents below Bailey's Landing, in this county, a son of Mr. Columbus Rhyne.

Died, on Tuesday, October 12th, 1875, at the residence of her parents below Bailey's Landing, a daughter of Mr. Columbus Rhyne.

Died, on Thursday, October 14th, 1875, at the home of its parents near Bailey's Landing a child of Mr. Eli Rhyne.

Died, on Tuesday, October 12th, 1875, at the residence of his parents near Yount's store, Ulyssus S., son of Mr. William and Mrs. Mary A. Counts, aged seven years and two days.

JUDGE ROBINSON, we believe, is the youngest Circuit Judge in the State, and we simply speak the sentiment of the bar and people when we say he is one of the best, and most popular. Even those who opposed his election, now as readily as any confess his merit and join in his praise. By keeping witnesses and jurors in their places, he managed to work without loss of time, and thus, in less than one week, went through the docket which usually has taken two weeks or more heretofore. Nor was there any apparent hurry; his decisions were well supported by authority, and cases well tried. His dispatch of business lies in his administrative ability and constant application to the business before him. In is court room perfect order prevails.

PERSONAL. -- Mr. Leon J. Prevallet doing business at Silver Lake, passed through Perryville last Sunday on his way to St. Louis, where he went to lay in a fresh supply of merchandise, and will sell cheap.

Hon. Martin L. Clardy, of Farmington, former law partner of our present Circuit Judge, was here last week, looking after the interests of his clients. That Mr. Clardy is among the best, if not the very best lawyer in Southeast Missouri, is acknowledged by lawyers and people, at large. He is a genial, pleasant gentleman, and a forcible and fluent speaker.

Mr. Francis Parres, who recently visited St. Louis for medical treatment, has returned home.

John V. Noell, Esq. left for Belleville, Ills., by way of St. Louis, last Sunday, on business.

Mr. I. E. Layton, recently clerk in Mr. William Furth's store, left us last Monday morning for Evansville, Randolph county, Ills., where he goes to take charge of a school.

Mr. Felix Horrell left our county last Tuesday for Kentucky, where he will reside in the future.

Mrs. America Block disposed of her household and kitchen furniture last Saturday, and on Wednesday, in company with her children, departed for the city of St. Louis, where she will make her future home. Mr. George W. McNew now occupying her residence here, he having rented the same.

RAILROAD. -- The Chester Valley Clarion says: "Col. Bogy, of Ste. Mary's informs us that the new railroad company, lately organized to construct a railroad from Ste. Genevieve to Salem, Dent county, Mo., has commenced to take the right of way on the road bed partially constructed by the Chester and Iron Mountain railroad company, from St. Mary's westward. He appears to think that St. Mary's will be the terminus on the river, instead of Ste. Genevieve. The road will be a narrow guage [sic] three foot track - and the company are displaying considerable zeal in their arrangements to commence work. The terminus of the Iron Mountain road was designed to be at Claryville, opposite our city, and it may be possible with the proper effort form our citizens, that the new line can be brought to the same place."

Circuit Court Proceedings

Thursday, October 14th, 1875. -- August Kreft et al vs. Mariah Tomforte, petition of admeasure dower alias summons ordered to Cape Girardeau county, returnable to next term of this court.

John W. Langlois vs. Henry L. Caldwell et al, ejectment, dismissed at plaintiff's cost for want of prosecution.

John W. Langlois vs. W. W. Hamilton et al, ejectment, dismissed at plaintiff's cost for want of prosecution.

State of Missouri ex. rel. Perry county vs. George Lodes, damages, motion for a new trial over-rule.

Julia A. Lauk et al vs. Isadore Layton, partition, death of C. F. Schneider suggested, Theresa Schneider guardian and curator, enters her appearance as such guardian and curator, and alias summons to issue to defendant to show cause why this cause shall not stand revived on her name and continued.

Nereus Layton et al, exparte, partition, decree and order of sale.

Phillip Popp vs. Christ. Popp et al, vendors lein, motion filed to strike out part of defendants answer.

William Litsch, treasurer of Perry county vs. Jones A. Rutledge, debt, judgment by default for $332.40.

Mary J. Gatewood, exparte, partition, John E. Aikin was required to enter into bond as guardian and curator of Mary E. Picou and Theodole Picou in the sum of $500.

Felix Bey vs. Nereus Cissell, debt, ordered that an execution be issued in stanter.

State of Missouri vs. C. E. Wise, indictment for forgery, and pros. entered by prosecuting attorney, and ordered that prisoner be held over to answer another indictment to be preferred against him at this term of court.

Jane Seifert et al, exparte, partition, decree and order of sale.

Otto F. H. Voyle, was admitted a citizen of the United States.

Indictment returned against c. E. Wise by the grand jury.

State of Missouri vs. C. E. Wise, indictment for forgery, formal arraingnment and plea of not guilty entered. -- Motion to quash indictment filed, taken up and submitted and by the court over ruled.

Simeon Mattingly vs. Simon A. Layton, appeal from justice peace, continued upon affidavit at defendant's cost.

Mary E. McLochlin vs. William J. Morrison, ejectment, change of venue to Cape Girardeau county.

State of Missouri vs. C. E. Wise, indictment for forgery, cause continued upon affidavit until next term, bond fixed at $500, and prisoner remanded back to custody of the sheriff until bond be given and approved by the court or the Judge thereof in vacation.

Friday, October 15th. -- Phillip Popp vs. Christ. Popp vendors lein motion to strike out sustained, and by consent amended answer filed.

Zachariah Mueller vs. Peter W. A. McPike, debt, defendant files an amended answer.

John T. McBride et al vs. Fielding Lowrey et al, partition, decree and order of sale.

State of Missouri ex. rel. Perry county vs. George Lodes, damages, motion filed to retax costs, taken up and submitted and taken under advisement until the next term of this court.

Ellen Daniels et al vs. Asaph Darwin, et al, partition, sheriff acknowledges deed in J.I. Lhot.

Andrew J. White vs. Austin Drake, civil suit, default taken and continued.

Joseph Blechle et al vs. Hugo Kirn et al, partition, order of distribution.

Zachariah Mueller vs. Peter W. A. McPike, debt, continued as upon affidavit at plaintiff's cost, and attachment ordered for plaintiff's witnesses returnable to next term of this court.

Annie Wagner et al vs. Barbara Schmidt, partition, motion to set aside sale overruled.

Sheriff made report of sale in the above case which was approved and cause continued for distribution.

State of Missouri vs. Pius McCauley assault with intent to kill, defendant discharged from recognizance.

Phillip Popp vs. Christ Popp et al, vendors lein, plaintiff files replication.

Ordered by the court that an attachment issue against John J. Lang, who was summoned as a juror in this court, and who refused to come. Court fines Mr. Lang $2 and cost of attachment.

Clayton Abernathy vs. Willis A. Foster, appeal from justice peace. Trial by jury, and the jury failed to agree. The were discharged and the cause continued until next term.

Amelia Wingerter et al, exparte, partition, order of distribution. The sheriff acknowledges deed to Joseph Wingerter in this case.

John Black vs. Richard Black, debt, ordered that a special execution issue in this cause.

State of Missouri vs. C. E. Wise, indictment for forgery. Fred. Schindler, William Furth, Prince F. Halbropk, Ignatius Layton and H. C. Murphy, witnesses enter into recognizance in the sum of $100 each for their appearance at next term of this court.

L. A. Wilson vs. J. F. Merritt and C. K. Hayden, debt, judgment by default against Vincent Mils, garnishee for $21.20, and against H. G. Kiesler garnishee for $68.

Phillip Popp vs. Christ. Popp et al, endorse lien. Trial by the court concluded and taken under advisement until next term and continued.

Joseph R. Garner et al vs. Willie A. Garner, decree and order of sale as to the n w ar of a w qr sec, 10 town, 3» range 11 and Basil Moore, Wm. A. Cashion and J. L. Crow appointed commissioners to make partition and division of residue and continued.

James I. Moore et al, exparte, order to set and order of sale made at last term so far as it relates to lands in Ste. Genevieve county, and an order that the lands in Ste. Genevieve county be sold in the county at some term of the county of circuit court.

Court adjourned until next regular term.

Saline Township

EDITOR UNION: On the 12th day of last August we lit out upon the Ste. Genevieve road, with the intention of reining up, about noon at a school picnic near Gregory Brewer's in Saline township; but having loitered on the way, noon found us taking dinner at the hospitable mansion of Capt. C. J. Fenwick. Here we ate some choice, ripe peaches. -- The Captain has a large orchard of apples and peaches, the best varieties. In fact, he has a nice farm, which he has turned to considerable profit the last few years.

We found quite an interesting and intelligent crowd at the newly erected school house. The object of the picnic was money to furnish the school room with the most improved style. When completed, the building will be an ornament to the district, (being the third brick school house in the county) and stand as a monument to the wisdom and foresight of the patrons thereof. The picnic was a pleasant affair, and no doubt, procured the object for which it was gotten up.

Thence we traversed the township without finding much material change since last yea. The Reaper, Death, thrust to his sickle and had claimed three of our patrons, H. H. Kinnison, the wealthiest citizen of the township. Our old friend, Daniel Meredith, living on the head waters of Bois Brule, and our clever Frenchman, Jules Tesroe tenant on the Rozier mill tract.

R. M. Brewer & Co. have sold their saw mill to F. H. Layton and L. H. Tucker, who contemplate adding a grist mill. Lawrence Nash, the efficient blacksmith at this place, has erected a neat, cozy residence. Isidore Tucker also has a residence here, while a fine public school house stands hard by. A merchant and wagon maker are yet needed, and a name for the town would ten be in order.

This township was fortunate last year in garnering a pretty full crop of corn especially was better than in any other portion of the county. It is questionable, this year, whether, with all the rain we've had, the crop is better in the aggregate, than last year.

The roads of the township were such as might be expected having had not work this year; but even without work they were in better condition than the ditch and mound built road elsewhere to be found.

Further hospitalities were extended to us by Mrs. Elizabeth Davis, Patrick McAtee, Mrs. Mary Martin and Dr. Hamilton, who have our thanks.


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