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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 22 January 1875


MR. LINUS SANFORD has something to say in another column of to-days' paper. Read it.

TRANSFER. -- Mr. Victor Manche has purchased the farm belonging to Mr. Carlarmi, situated some four miles southwest of town.

NEXT TUESDAY. -- Remember the day to go the the polls and cast your vote for L. H. Davis and J. H. Rider.

A DANCING party was given at the residence of Mr. John Wilhelm, seven miles southwest of Perryville on Tuesday night of last week.

MR. PETER DEAN, residing one half mile north of Perryville, killed a hog a few days ago, that weighed just five hundred pounds. A good big hog.

HURT. -- Mr. Thomas Bridgman, while skating upon one of the ponds near town on Sunday last, accidentally fell and sprained one of his hands quite badly.

ANNOUNCEMENTS. -- Dr. J. H. Rider of Bollinger county, and Mr. Linus Sanford of Cape Girardeau have announced themselves as candidates to the Constitutional Convention.

GOV. WOODSON'S MESSAGE. -- Last week we gave a brief synopsis of this gentleman's message, and could have given it in full on the first page of to-day's paper, but prefer to do so next week.

SMALL POX. -- We understand that the small pox has made its appearance in the upper part of Bois Brule Bottom, and that several persons are confined to their beds with this disease.

LET DEMOCRATS REMEMBER that James C. Noell voted for the Drake constitution with all its odious and proscriptive features. Vote for no man to the constitutional convention who would proscribe in the constitution, as was done by Noell in the Drake constitution.

WILD BILL has vacated the position he formerly occupied in the Mississippi river near Allen's Landing, and is now located opposite Bailey's Landing, and has his craft well manned with "guns, whisky, &c."

EXCHANGE OF OFFICES. -- On Monday last Judge Wm. H. Bennett removed his office in to the room recently occupied by John H. Nicholson, Esq. in the court house, while John V. Noell, Esq. goes into the room just vacated by Judge Bennett.

REMOVAL. -- John H. Nicholson, Esq., has vacated the court house, and has moved his law office in the building adjoining the tin shop of Mr. Frank Walter, where he can be consulted on law matters. John J. Seibel, Esq., is reading law with Judge Nicholson.

THE MEN TO VOTE FOR next Tuesday to represent us in the State constitutional convention, is L. H. Davis and J. H. Rider. Examine your ticket and see that these names are upon it.

TOO MUCH OF IT. -- Mr. John F. Renaud, residing five miles south of Perryville, had the misfortune of losing two good milch cows last week. He tells us that they got too close to his granary, and helped themselves to wheat, eating more than was healthy, from the effects of which they died.

NIGHT SCHOOL. -- Mr. Robert N. Hagar, formerly principal of the Perryville public school, is engaged teaching a night school at what is known as the Hoskins' school house ten miles east of Perryville. He teaches penmanship and arithmetic, and we understand that the school is well attended.

VOTE NO OTHER TICKET. -- If you want good, reliable men to represent us in the constitutional convention, that convenes at Jefferson city on the first of May, go to the polls on Tuesday and vote for L. H. Davis and J. H. Rider. Remember they are the regular nominees of the Democratic party, and every Democrat ought to vote for them.

A RUNAWAY. -- Just after dark on Saturday week, while Mr. John L. Lhot, (accompany [sic] by a couple of other gentlemen) was on his road home, his team became frightened near Perryville, and run away, throwing the occupants to the ground, and breaking the wagon, but no serious damage was done.

SHEEP SLAUGHTERED. -- A dog got into a flock sheep belonging to Mr. William Favell, and also to Mr. O. Newberry, a few days since, nine miles east of Perryville, and though the proprietors of the sheep made every effort to kill the dog, they failed to do so until after some seven sheep had been compelled to give up the ghost and die.

DIED, in the city of St. Louis on the 6th of January, 1875, Mrs. Barbara -----, daughter of Mr. Albert Fassold, aged about 25 years.

DIED, on Monday morning, January 18th, 1875, at the residence of his parents, eight miles east of Perryville, Joseph D. Layton, son of Isidore Layton, aged about eighteen years.

TURN OUT on Tuesday and vote for the Democratic nominees, L.H. Davis and J. H. Rider, and preserve concert of action and party organization, the only guarantee of success.

PUT ASHORE. -- Just before the river had closed against navigation, a passing steamboat put off a sick colored man in Bois Brule Bottom, and being a stranger, he was unable to secure a boarding house, consequently took up his abode in a log cabin on Mr. Vincent Hagan's farm, where we are told he afterwards died. An inquest was held over the body when it was decently interred.

A NARROW ESCAPE. -- Friday night the 8th of the present month, was unquestionably a very cold and disagreeable one. We are most creditably informed that a gentleman who follows wood chopping for a livelihood in Bois Brule Bottom, came very near freezing to death on that occasion. Some of his neighbors found the condition he was in and went to his relief, and through their timely exertions his life was saved.

DAVIS AND RIDER. -- Next Tuesday we will be called upon to cast our suffrage for candidates to represent us in the State Constitutional Convention which is to assemble at Jefferson City in May next. We should vote for good, reliable men, -- staunch Democrats, and such are L. H. Davis and Dr. J. H. Rider.

A RUNAWAY. -- On Saturday evening last Mr. Narcis Petot, (our city butcher) accompanied by his little daughter, left town for home in their wagon, and when near St. Marys Seminary had occasion to stop and get out of the wagon, when the animals became frightened and ran a distance of one and a half miles before they were stopped, but most fortunately, the child escaped uninjured, but the wagon was badly damaged.

FROZEN TO DEATH. -- Mr. J. B. Young, who resides at Waters Landing in Bois Brule Bottom, was in our office on Saturday, and he informed us that quite a number of swine have frozen to death in that section of the county during the present winter. A few days ago he was out hunting up hogs, and in his rounds, found not less [than] twelve dead swine, and it is feared that others have perished from the same cause. This is bad.

MARRIED, on Sunday, January 10, 1875, at St. Marys, by Rev. Father Lilly, Mr. E. L. Adams to Mrs. Clotilda McCabe, all of this county.

Married, on Tuesday, January 14, 1875, at the residence of the bride's parents, six miles east of Perryville by Squire Joseph E. Callier, Mr. John F. Weidt to Miss M. E. Hagar all of this county.

MARRIED, on Tuesday morning, January 19th, 1875, at St. Marys Seminary, Mr. James E. Hutchins to Miss Emily C. Reis.

BIRTHS. -- A twelve pound boy stopped at the residence of Mr. Lewis I. Layton, four and a half miles west of Perryville on Tuesday night of last week.

A bright little female called at the residence of Mr. Harlin Meyo, six miles northwest of Perryville on last Friday.

A good looking little girl put in her appearance at the home of Mr. John Sutterer, eight miles northwest of Perryville last Thursday.

A sixteen pound boy came to the residence of Mr. John Penney's in Bois Brule Bottom on Friday last.

A little girl called at the home of Mr. Arthur Grenaud, ten miles east of Perryville on last Saturday.

     Baby buggy

PERSONAL. -- Mr. John Sutterer has just returned from New Orleans, where he had been with stock.

James C. Noell, Rsq. [sic], and Mrs. Moses Whybark, of Bollinger county, arrived in Perryville last Saturday, and paid our office a visit, but has since left for home.

Lowndes H. Davis, Esq. of Jackson, arrived in town on Monday and left for home on Tuesday.

Dr. J. H. Rider, Democratic candidate for the constitutional convention, arrived in town on Tuesday morning, and paid us a call. He is the man that Democrats should vote for.

Linus Sanford, Esq., of Cape Girardeau, arrived in town on Tuesday evening and came to see us.

PERRYVILLE PUBLIC SCHOOL. -- The following is a synopsis of the third monthly report of the Perryville public school: Scholars in the 1st department 44, and in the 2d department 50. Average attendance in the 1st department 34, and the average attendance in the 2d department is 36. The names of those pupils standing highest on the record of recitations are Douglas Farrar, John Keifner, Moritze Berhle, Samuel Keifner and Joe Burgee, of the 1st department; and Eddie Killian, Louis Guth, Henry Burgee and Gussie Bloom of the 2d department. For good conduct, Willie Cashion, John Keifner and Levi Block of the 1st department, and Louisa Lang, Louisa Terrillion, Carrie Cashion and Mary Besand of the 2d department.

DEPARTED THIS LIFE. -- Mr. Anton Klump, residing some one and a half miles east of Perryville, has been in rather a feeble condition for some time, being quite an aged gentleman, and on last Friday evening while his wife was absent from home at his son's, he became somewhat fatigued and returned to his residence. Soon after Mrs. Klump came home, when she found Mr. Klump stretched upon the floor in almost a lifeless condition, but by superhuman efforts, he was restored to consciousness, but only survived some twenty hours, as his soul took its flight heavenward on Saturday morning, January 16, 1875. The deceased was born in Germany in the year 1801, and in July, 1831, emigrated to the United States, and remained a few months in Pennsylvania. Some time during the early part of 1832, he removed to Perry county, and settled upon the farm where he had ever since resided (forty-two years). The subject of this notice was a strict member of the Catholic Church, and lived as he had died a pious gentleman. Mr. Klump leaves a wife, six children and other relatives and friends to mourn his absence from the family altar and home circle.

County Court Proceedings

County court met last Monday, January 18th, 1875, according to law, Hons. J. H. Abernathy and Jos. G. Weinhold, newly elected Judges were duly qualified, and there upon Hon. John B. Abernathy was chosen presiding justice of the court.

The court appointed judges of election for the ensuing special election.

The court allowed Thos. Layton for stationary, &c., $6.95; allowed Nicholas Guth, for sheriff's fees, repairs on county farm and jail and board of Prisoners $55.05; allowed John E. Aikin, school commissioner $20; allowed John J. Seibel bill of cost in Wingerter case $200.84; allowed John J. Seibel late clerk fees amounting to $21.25; allowed Constant Van Cauyte doctor bill; of pauper $5; allowed each Judge for services at this term $5.

On motion the collectors settlements are continued to next term.

In the matter of the Apple Creek bridge at Jackson ford, C. Boehme, commissioner, was authorized and empowered to enter into contract with the Baltimore Bridge Company for main span of said bridge, to be made of iron.

Thereupon court adjourned until court in course.

Vote for Democrats.

EDITOR UNION: Perhaps the Democracy of Perry county may desire to know how the canvass is progressing in Bollinger county for the election of delegates to the State Constitution Convention. It is useless to say that we are enthusiastic for the nominees. How could we be otherwise ? when their chosen delegates were so unanimous for Davis and Rider. The Democrats of Bollinger, sided by many Republicans, will give the nominees a rousing majority on the 26th inst., and we desire and expect of Perry county to do the same, and thus complete the good work so nobly begun.

Mr. J. C. Noell, formerly of your county, is out against the fates. Many Republicans here will not support him, some on personal grounds, and others liking the nominees better, and being under no party obligations, feel free to vote the other ticket.

I have a vivid recollection of having assisted Mr. Noell once in securing a seat in a State Convention, and he proved his untiring perseverance by not adjourning for four years. Do the tax payers want another four years session? Again, Mr. Noell belongs to the party that makes and unmakes State Legislatures at its will, as in the Louisiana case on the 4th inst., through military generals, and at the point of the bayonet, and this action is endorsed by his party in St. Louis, when assembled to make arrangements to sent delegates to the same convention which Mr. Noell aspires.

We are for Davis and Rider. -- The Doctor is an educated man who has studied constitutional law and political economy, as a part of his education. His private character is without a stain, and his veracity and integrity are above reproach. As to Mr. Davis nothing need be said, for every man in the district knows him personally, or by his fair reputation as a man of learning and ability.

Politically, A DEMOCRAT.

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