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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 22 April 1870


DR. A. D. PENNY, dentist, now at the Aurora House, will remain until the 25th inst.

A NEW MAIL ROUTE. -- A bill has been introduced in the lower house of Congress, by Hon. James R. McCormick, for the establishment of a mail route between Marble Hill, Bollinger county, and Perryville.


AGRICULTURAL MEETING. -- The Board of Directors of the Agricultural, Horticultural and Mechanical Society of Perry county met at the court house on Tuesday afternoon, pursuant to order of the President. It was ordered that Isidore Layton, C. A. Weber and J. J. Seibel be appointed a committee to ascertain the best location for the fair grounds, and terms upon which the real estate may be bought. The meeting adjourned to May 7th, 1870.

DEPARTED THIS LIFE. -- Another old and much respected citizen of our county has bid a last adieu to earth and earthly cares. Mr. Alexious Manning died on Thursday the 14th inst., of consumption, at the residence of his son-in-law, James Power, in the seventieth year of his age. Mr. Manning’s parents removed to this county in the fall of 1803, hence the deceased had been a resident of our county some sixty-seven years. Early in life Mr. Manning chose the pursuit of agriculture as an avocation, which business he followed during the greater part of his life, and though he was not, perhaps blessed with as much of this work’s goods as some persons, yet he accumulated a property of several thousand dollars. The deceased was a kind and faithful husband, a loving and dutiful parent, and a warm, generous and charitable citizen, and long a strict member of the Catholic Church. He was conveyed to his last resting place at Ste. Marys Church burial ground on Friday of last week. He leaves behind many relatives and a large circle of friends to mourn his loss.

PERRY COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT. -- The Circuit Court for this county convened at the court house in Perryville on last Monday, Judge William Carter of St. Francis county, presiding, B. B. Cahoon, of Madison county, present Circuit Attorney, was present to perform the duties of his office, and our old friend, James C. Noell, was at his desk, ready to pitch in with pen, ink and paper, and our worthy and efficient Sheriff, Mr. Dean, was on hand, as usual, ready to attend to his duties.

After opening court the following Grand Jurymen were sworn in: J. A. Rutledge, foreman; John J. Seibel, Anton Hunt, Bernard Vermast, Felix E. Tucker, Theodore Picou. F. Preusser, Anthony Reck, Henry B. Knox, Ferd. Chavaux, Joseph Seil, Andrew Huber, Nicholas Guth, William Klump, Walter Mattingly, Erdman Bodenschatz, C. U. Milster and Wingate J. Abernathy. The jury is composed of good and worthy citizens.

The following names compose the Petit Jury: Stephen Miles, Felix Layton, Nerius Tucker, Jos. C. Nace, William Doerr, Peter Brown, William Manning, Francis X. Miles, William Furth, John Hooss, John C. Doerr, August Doerr, Melchoir Keiffer, Raymon[d] Tucker, James L. Crow, Chris. Popp, Thomas A. French, Louis Dickson, Syvarin Jarveaux, Robert M. Brewer and Jos. Greenwell.

The names of the lawyers present are: James Fox and W. N. Nalle, of Fredericktown; John F. Bush, of Farmington; Jesse B. Robbins, of Ste. Genevieve; of our home bar: Jon B. Robinson, W. F. Davis, John H. Nicholson, William H. Bennett, G. W. C. Gall, Joseph C. Killian, and Bernard Cissell.

Up to Wednesday evening the following cases were disposed:
The case of the State of Missouri vs. August Poinboeuf, indictment for maliciously killing cattle. The defendant failed to appear and a forfeiture of his recognizance was entered.

State vs. Joseph Staddon; indictment for maliciously killing cattle, was continued.

State vs. Joseph Staddon; indictment for perjury, was continued.

State vs. Charles Eisenburg; selling liquor without license. Fined one dollar and cost.

State vs. Fred. Holschen; selling liquor without license. Fined one dollar and cost.

State vs. Aug. Lueders; selling liquor without license. Fined one dollar and cost.

State vs. James Winfield; gaming-- two cases. Fined ten dollars in each .

State vs. Alfred Faver and Frank Touslin; indictment for maliciously killing cattle. This case was tried by a jury, and were acquitted. This was the first jury case, and occupied the entire day of Tuesday. The prosecution was conducted by Mr. Cahoun, of Fredericktown, our circuit attorney, who, we learn, made all out of the case there was in it, and acquitted himself right nobly in the argument. Our townsman, W. F. Davis, was for the defense, and made an able and successful defence [sic]. His argument was in his usual able eloquent and masterly style.

Adam Hornberger vs. John Roth and John F. Gersteuncker; action for debt; judgment by default for $272.

State vs. Alfred Faver; grand larceny. A jury trial was commenced when the evidence disclosed the fact that there was nothing in the case, and the circuit attorney entered a nol. pros.

State vs. Thomas Host, alias Moses Nutter; grand larceny. The defendant plead guilty and was sentenced to two years in the Penitentiary.

Sarah Statler vs. Andrew Clippard, administrator of James M. Howard, deceased; action for damages. This is a jury case, and trial was commenced on Wednesday evening.
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