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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 21 January 1870


JER. A. ABERNATHY and JOHN O. ABERNATHY have gone into the mercantile business at Longtown.

A STRANGER. -- Mr. Ben. Vermast has a young lady visitor, who is going to spend the winter with his family. -- She is welcome.

THE METHODIST QUARTERLY Meeting has been is session since last Saturday. Elder Fowler has preached several sermons to our people.

THE AUCTION SALE of Mr. Block was brought to a summary close last [last] week. Our State don’t grant license to any one except those who have been in it six months.

PERSONAL. --Dr. W. P. Newman left Perryville on Sunday last for Columbus, Mo., to visit his relatives, and will be absent several days. We wish him a pleasant trip, and a safe and speedy return.

OUR MAIL FACILITIES are perfectly splendid. We have done without our St. Louis papers for two weeks, and Tuesday night we got - well, say about a dray load that are about as necessary to us and our readers’ happiness, as a last year’s bird nest would be. We like it.

THE MILL has stopped for the present. Mr. Schaaf has done a good business during the past season, running the mill day and night. Mr. Schaaf knows how to make good flour. His brand stands A. No. 1 in the best markets, because he understands his business, and has the choice of the best wheat in the world.

AT THE LAST REGULAR meeting of the Board of Education, Mr. John Doerr was elected to fill the place of Mr. John Bridgman, deceased. Mr. Doerr is a fit man for the place. In this connection we would say that we hear all speak in favorable terms of the corps of teachers at the present employed in our schools.

HYMENIAL --MARRIED, on Tuesday, the 18th day of January, 1870, at the German Luthern [sic] Church in Perryville, by Rev. C. Demetro, MR. JOHN HOOSS to MISS MARY M. KIESLER, all of Perryville, Mo.

After the marriage ceremonies were through with, the young married couple accompanied by a large number of friends and acquaintances, repaired to the residence of the bridegroom’s mother, and there partook of a bountiful, and we must say, a suburb [sic] supper, for everything that was nice and good, was on hand, and ready to be served out to those who partook of the pass [sic]. Almost “everybody and his wife” were there, and the way they made the good things suffer “was a sin to Davis Crocket.”

Both the day and evening was clear, bright and beautiful, and the ancient old lady - the Queen of night - in all her beauty and splendor, showed her cheerful countenance early in the evening, making all out-doors appear almost as bright as day. After sumptuous the supper was disposed of and the “inner man, inner woman and inner child” had been fully replenished, the wedding party proceeded to Burgee’s large and commodious hall, and there wild [sic] the hours away, by keeping step with the music - by “tripping the light fantastic toe”, and otherwise enjoying themselves in the very best possible manner.

We and our better half were present to participate in the pleasures of the evening, and we tell you, kind reader, we should have no objections of putting in our appearance, every other evening, at such pleasant and agreeable gatherings as were there on that occasion. It made us feel young again; it took us back, in imagination, to the earlier days manhood, when we, too, stood before the altar and the good man of God bound us in the bonds of wed-lock.

The young married couple have embarked upon the ship of matrimony, as husband and wife, and may that craft ever glide smoothly over the waters of coming years, and never be ruffled or defaced. May their lives be one continued stream of contentment, happiness and peace, may no shadow of sorrow ever dim their future, nor their cup of bliss ever be less than it was on the evening of their marriage.

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