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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 20 October 1871


PERSONAL. -- Leonard Fath and family left our town on Monday last for their home in Illinois.

MR. W. P. FAHERTY and family have gone to house keeping, and moved into the rooms over Frank Rice’s store on Saturday.

THAT RAILROAD. -- They talk of building a railroad to the moon by the way of Perryville, so we learn. We are afraid this is a hoax practiced upon some innocent persons. We shall “see!”

LIVERY STABLE. -- Jesse Merritt has purchased James Greenwell’s interest in the Perryville livery stable. This institution has changed hands quite often since it was first established.

RAIN. -- This article visited this portion of the hemisphere on Saturday evening, and no more welcomer visitor ever paid its addresses to a more thankful people, for it was very badly needed. We have not had enough yet we feel entirely thankful to the weather clerk for his kind favor, in this direction, trusting he will soon give us another call.

EMIGRATION. -- On last Saturday several emigrants passed through our town en route for the southeastern and southwestern portions of this State. We wish some of them would conclude that Perry county would suit them, and pitch their tent among us. There is plenty of room here. Wanted, one hundred Yankee families in Perry county to dwell among us. They will find it a profitable field.

HORSE RACING. -- Horse racing is becoming an institution in many parts of the United States, and no very small amount of money is lost and won thereby, however, we never lose any in that way, as we can generally find better uses for our spare cash. On last Saturday a race was run near town between two horses, and the “foremost horses” carried off the purse, so we are most reliably informed, however, should we be misrepresenting things in regard to the aforesaid race, those more interested than we are, can call round and enlighten us.

THE CAPE GIRARDEAU FAIR proved a grand success. It was pretty well attended from all parts of Southeast Missouri, and a good time was had. Perry county was represented, and, as usual, carried off a few prizes. G. M. Shaner, of Altenburg, received three first and second premiums for a boar hog under one year old. For breeding sow, 1 year and over, G. M. Shaner and Wilson of Altenburg, received the first premium. We understand that some of our lady friends have received premiums for tasty needle work, Mrs. John Hooss being the most prominent among them. We are glad of it.

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...The Grand Jury did not get together until late, and the morning hour was consumed in making up the panel and giving them their charge. The names of the citizens, composing the Grand Jury for this term, are as follows: -- R. M. Brewer, foreman, Dan’l Seibert, Chas. Boehme, Jos. Meyer, Wm. Doerr, Chas. Vessels, Lewis Cissell, Nicholas Guth, Jos. C. Cissell., Wm. Lank, Leander Montgomery, Lawrence Brown, Thos. Elder, Cas. Chappuis, Richard Swan and M. Biehle.

State of Missouri vs. Wm. Rhodes, assault with intent to kill, continued by the State.

HYMENIAL. -- Married, on the 10th day of September, at Wittenberg by Jos. G. Weinhold, J. P., Mr. Chas. T. W. Vandever to Miss Margaret J. Rhodes.

Married, on the 14th day of September, at Wittenberg, by Jos. G. Weinhold, J. P., Mr. Peter Harris to Mrs. Elizabeth Daniel.

Married, on the 17th day of October, at the residence of Cline D. Milster, by Jos. G. Weinhold, J. P., Mr. James Green to Mrs. Selina J. Warner.

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