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Old Glory

Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 20 February 1874


JOHN KIEFNER. -- Two important notices from this gentleman will be found on this page.

NEW SIGN. -- We notice that Mr. Frank Walter has just had a new sign painted in front of his business establishment.

PERSONAL. -- Mr. H. G. Kiesler, after an absence of several months, returned home on Tuesday evening of this week.

SNOW. -- We had a snow storm in these parts last Friday. On Tuesday afternoon snow fell fast and thick, -- the heaviest snow storm of the season.

A DANCING Party was given at Burgee’s Hall on Monday night last and we are informed that it was well attended, and everybody enjoyed themselves hugely.

RELIGIOUS REVIVAL. -- We understand that a religious revival has been going on in Bois Brule Bottom, and several persons have joined the Baptist Church. On last Sunday week several converts were baptized.

A NEW GERMAN Lutheran Church is to be built at Frohna, in this county. The building is to be sixty-four feet long and thirty-six feet wide. -- Preparations are already being made for the early completion of this edifice.

F. KIPPENBERG. -- This gentleman has just purchased the ware houses at Ste. Marys from R. M. Slaughter and will continue the receiving and forwarding business at that place. -- He is a clever man and will be found prompt and attentive to business. -- Read his advertisement.

METHODIST CHURCH. -- A new Methodist Episcopal Church is to be erected near the Methodist parsonage in Perryville the coming spring. We understand that it will be neatly constructed. The old church property has been disposed of to the German Lutheran Church.

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