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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 20 August 1875


THE FAIR. -- Some of our citizens attended the Catholic fair at Claryville this week.

HARVESTING wheat is now over in our county, the last having been cut on the 10th inst.

PERSONAL. -- Miss Emily Mann, of Chester, niece of Dr. C. A. Mann, is here on a visit.

MARTIN L. CLARDY, Esq. of Farmington, arrived in Perryville on last Wednesday evening on business.

MR. GRANT, not our President, however, passed through Perryville last Saturday with his rotary swing.

BIRTH. -- A little female called at the residence of Mr. George Nations near waters Landing on last Friday night.

     Baby buggy

MOVED. -- Mr. Van Winkle now occupies the building belonging to Mr. John C. McBride, on Jackson street.

WHEAT. -- A considerable amount of this article has passed our office during the past week for the Perryville mills.

NOT ORDERLY. -- A shooting affair took place at Claryville last Monday evening, but fortunately nobody was hurt.

SHIPPED. -- Quite a large amount of wheat has already been shipped from Waters Landing for the St. Louis market.

THE WHEAT crop on Drybone in this county has turned out remarkably well this year, and the yield is larger than ever before.

PREACHING. -- Rev. E. M. Anthony will preach at the Luther Chapel, nine miles south of Perryville, on Sunday the 29th inst.

BALLOU'S MAGAZINE for September has been received, and it is a good number, its contents being as varied and interesting as ever.

IMPROVEMENT. -- The school house in township 4 and district 1, is being neatly fixed up, and new seats and desks of modern style is being placed in it.

DIED, on Sunday, August 8, 1875, at the residence of her parents near Silver Lake in this county, Mary L., daughter of Mr. Jasper J. McDowell, aged six months.

CHOLERA. -- Mr. Constant Descourviere, residing two miles southwest of Perryville, has lost over forty-seven chicken during the past two weeks by cholera.

BURNED. -- One day last week a dwelling house upon the farm of Mr. John Danneilly [sic] three miles northeast of Silver Lake was consumed by fire. Loss not heavy.

TOBACCO. -- Mr. Joseph F. Besand residing two and a half miles south of Perryville, has tobacco growing upon his farm, the leaves of some of which measures three feet in length and twenty-two inches in width.

HOUSE MOVING. -- Mr. Wm. Meredith, living at Waters Landing, has, during the past week, moved his residence back something near three hundred feet from the river bank, in order to keep it from tumbling into the river.

SERENADE. -- The Perryville Concordia String Band treated some of our citizens to a serenade last Saturday night, and we were not forgotten in their rounds. Much obliged to you, gentlemen, for that excellent music.

TRUSTEES SALE. -- On last Saturday afternoon the mill property at Waters Landing in this county, belonging to Mr. A. Drake, was sold under a deed of trust, and Dr. John Byrne, of St. Marys became the purchaser at five hundred dollars.

UNDER GROUND. -- On Sunday last several of our citizens visited a cave situated about three miles east of Perryville, and a general good time was had. They entered the cave and explored it to the distance of one mile through the main passage.

CUCUMBER. -- This season seems to have been an excellent one for vegetation. Mr. John Endres, residing some four miles north of Perryville, has a cucumber growing upon his farm which now measures sixteen inches in length and fourteen inches around it, and he tells us that it is still growing !

HUGE BEAN POD. -- Miss Sarah D. Hagar, daughter of Mr. William Hagar, residing three miles south of Perryville, presented us with a few bean pods a few days since which measured fully twenty-four inches in length. These will be hard to beat. It would not require many of them to make a "mess"

SHOOTING. -- On Wednesday evening last Mr. Pius McCauley visited the residence of Mr. James Preston when some words were passed between him and Mrs. McCauley (his wife) when he drew a pistol, but she struck his hand that held it, and no harm was done other than slightly burning her arm. He was placed under arrest.

CAVING IN. -- A portion of the residence belonging to Mr. Bernard Huber, situated on the bank of the Mississippi river, just below Waters Landing, fell in to the river on Thursday night of last week. The other portion of the building was torn down and moved to a more secure spot. The bank, during the past few weeks, has fell into the river a good deal.

STATE OF MISSOURI vs. C. E. WISE, -- On last Monday, August 16th, the defendant, who has been lying in our county jail by virtue of a commitment from Justice Moore, applied to Judge John B. Robinson by petition for a writ of habeas corpus, which was granted by the Judge, and on Tuesday afternoon Nicholas Guth, sheriff and ex-officio jailer, made his return, and one Wednesday morning the case was taken up, argued and then taken under advisement by the Judge until Thursday afternoon, when he renders his decision.

     Ball and chain

MARRIED, on Thursday evening, August 12th, 1875, at the residence of the bride's parents, ten miles east of Perryville, Mr. Daniel Rhyne to Miss Nancy Favell.

MARRIED, on august 9th, 1875, by Squire James I. Greenwell, Mr. Linsey Falkner to Miss Rachel Miller.

Married, on August 8th, 1875, by Rev. F. M. Mabrook, Mr. Joshua W. Montgomery to Miss Sarah C. Hahn.

Married, on Tuesdya, August 17th 1875, at the Catholic Church in Chester, by Rev. Father Rhode, Mr. Francis A. Marstiner of Chester, to Miss Mary S. Milfeld of Perryville.

THE SCHOOL BOARD of Perryville was in season last Tuesday night for the purpose of employing teachers for the coming year. Two applications were made for the higher department of the Perryville public school, and Mr. David W. Crow was engaged at sixty dollars per month. The board have secured a good teacher in Mr. Crow, and he will be certain to give satisfaction. There were five applications for the primary department, and Miss Crosby, of Centralia, Ills., was engaged to teach this department at fifty dollars per month. This lady is unknown to us, but we take it for granted that she is competent to fill the position. The school will open on Monday, October 4th, and a session of eight months will be taught.

THE PICNIC. -- Quite a number of the Perryvillians attended the picnic given at the new school house, just erected in the Lewis Cissell district. We are informed that a pretty large crowd was in attendance, and everything went off pleasantly. A sumptuous dinner was spread about noon in the grove by the school house where the inner man could be replenished, and so far as we know no one went away hungry. Plenty of refreshments were on the ground. We noticed the fish pond always had a cluster around it, although it took a ten cent greenback to bait the hook. Messrs. George McAtee and Ben LaClere discoursed music so sweet, that even the bachelors and others more antiquated were to be seen among the blushing youth, as though so many summers had passed over them in vain.

Addresses were delivered by Hon. William H. Bennett and Judge J. B. Robinson, upon the subject of education, which were attentively listened to.

THE CHURCH FAIR. -- The fair for the benefit of the Catholic Church, just erected at West Chester, commenced on Monday, and notwithstanding the busy season a large number were in attendance. The new church has just been built by Rev. Father Downing, and the fair is given in order to raise money to complete and furnish it. If the heavily furnished tables of articles on hand are disposed of, a large amount of money will be realized. It is hoped this will be done during the four days the fair will continue. The ladies who have so zealously aided Father Downing deserve the greatest praise, and we believe he is getting his greatest support from the ladies. Among the prominent ones on Monday, we noticed Miss Hattie Bell, Miss Clara DeLassus, Miss Lizzie Drury and Miss Theresa McAtee, of Perryville; Miss Cesles and Queeny Herald, Miss Lena DeLassus, Mrs. Nerius Cissell, Mrs. Tucker and Mrs. Nolan of Claryville; Miss Ida Kennedy, Miss Minnie St. Vrain and Lena Horn of Chester, and Miss Ella Davis of St. Marys. Capt. Williams tendered the use of his boat during the fair to those passing to Chester and back. This church is quite a fine edifice, and is a great acquisition to the prosperous little town of Claryville. The people ought to feel highly honored by it.

DR. H. BEADLE, of Waters Landing, called on us one day last week with Dr. R. Shelby. The Doctor was in town for the purpose of conforming to the forms of law in relation to the registration of physicians, he having been unable to attend to that duty last fall by reason of illness. He has filed certified copies of two diplomas, bearing date 1851 and 1852 respectively. -- Dr. Shelby infroms us that Dr. B. is author of a very valuable contribution to medical science, entitled "New Medical Era," which he has perused with much interest and satisfaction. He pronounces it a radically original work. Dr. B.'s theory of disease, and particularly of drug action, and the relation of drugs to disease is entirely new and in his (Dr. Shelby) opinion, it is incontrovertable; and furthermore, it will be in due time accepted and appreciated on the part of the medical profession. Dr. Beadle showed us some very interesting proofs of the success which has attended his practice (relative to chronic diseases) in Bois Brule since December last, viz: published testimonials from E. M. DeLassus, John Penny and Wiley Nations. The last named party has been radically cured of Indigestion of twenty years standing. Mr. Penny has realized a perfect cure of sick head ache to which he had been subject for forty years, the attacks occurring as often as one to three times a month. E. M. DeLassus certifies to a radical cure of dysentery to which he had been for some time subject.


The following is the docket for settlement of estates in the Probate and Common Pleas Court of Perry county, Mo., at the September Term, 1875.

Monday, September 6th, 1875.

Names of Admr's & Ex's. Names of Estates
August Kreft William Tomforte
John C. Farrar Sarah G. Farrar
James L. Crow Robt. T. Brown
James L. Crow Sarah Slack
Jacob Seibel John C. Theis
James L. Crow Franklin Battie
Tuesday, September 7th.
James L. Crow John G. Darwin
F. F. Winter F. F. J. Winter
James L. Crow Lewis Miles
James L. Crow John W. Noell
James L. Crow Christ Swink
Wednesday, September 8.
John Hoffman Leonard Hoffman
W. J. Abernathy J. A. Abernathy
James L. Crow Stephen Sanders
James L. Crow William Allen
James L. Crow George Lewis
Thursday, September 9th.
John O. Abernathy J. O. Abernathy & Co.
Eli M. DeLassu E. & F. DeLassus
Lydia DeLassus Felix DeLassus
Thomas Seemes Felix Seemes
Joseph Cissell Ignatius Moore
Friday, September 10th.
Joseph Lukefahr John Meister
James L. Crow S. B. Kinnison
Mary A. Miles Wm. R. Miles
Theo. Picou Trasimond Picou
James L. Crow Bede H. Layton
Henry Schaefer John E. Fiehler
James L. Crow Elizabeth Layton
Saturday, September 11th.
Ann Koch George Koch
James L. Crow Elizabeth Lewis
John P. Welker Jos. Schnurbush
James L. Crow Hilary Tucker
Nerius Layton Varice D. Layton

Guardian and Curator Docket

Guardian and Curator Names of Wards.
Monday, September 6th.
W. A. Cashion E. Block et al
Joseph Cissell E. E. & M. A. Brown
Lewis Bey Joseph Baggett
R. B. McCombs E. C. Davis
Emanuel Urban Margaret P. Davis
Emanuel Urban Asahel P. Dickson
Tuesday, September 7th.
Robt. T. Farrar Wm. H. Farrar
William Litsch Doratheo Fehland
Aaron Favell Mary J. Favell
Robt. A. Garner J. R. & E. M. Garner
Willie N. Garner Ann J. Garner
Aaron Favell Wm. Haynes
Wednesday, September 8th.
Emanuel Estel C. T. Hoehn et al
Mary E. Hagar Fred Burtelow
Ann Koch Mary Koch
Francis Prost Arthur Lhot
V. D. Layton Thomas Layton
John B. Klobe Henry Meyes
Thursday, September 9th.
Francis X. Miles Mary A. Miles
George T. Tucker Albium Moore et al
S. L. McAtee Mary L. Moore et al
William D. Counts Louise & S. Mullins
William D. Counts Luke Mullins
James Nelson A. J. Mead
Friday, September 10th.
Antoine Prost John Michaux et al
Henry Holtman Sophie Marchelein
Vincent Javaux Stella & N. Miles
Jones A. Rutledge C. W. Nance et al
Thomas Hart G. N. & W. H. Robinson
Emanuel Estel D. S. & S. W. Rhyne
Saturday, September 11th.
William Sutart Henry Stuart
Emanuel Estel Claus Tomforte
John Tucker Lilly Tucker
Everestus Nitcher James P. Taylor
Frank Renaud Joseph Wimsatt
Maurus Biehle Julia Berhle
V. D. Layton M. E. Layton
Judge Probate & Common Pleas Court

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