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Old Glory

Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 19 September 1873


RAIN. -- It rained, or rather poured down rain on Friday evening last.

JESSE MERRITT has just completed the painting of his residence, which makes it look much better.

O. C. NABERT has just received a large lot of heating and cooking stove, which he is offering at very low prices. Go and see him.

RIVER ROUTE RAILROAD. -- What has become of the river route railroad? We hear but little about it now-a-days. Is it to be constructed or not?

MR. GEO. KOCH’S fine brick residence is nearly completed, and it is an ornament to our town. We wish a few more such nice buildings would be erected here.

THE PUBLIC SCHOOL. -- The Perryville Public School will open on the 6th of October next, and remain in session eight months. Mr.. C. K. Hayden will teach the higher department of the school, and Miss Kennedy will teach the primary department.

DEAR CANDY. -- Aman whose name we do not know, made a good many dollars easy here on Monday morning. We understand that persons paid as high as fifteen dollars for small quantity of candy. It must have been unusually good to command such fabulous prices.

PERSONAL. -- Mr. Henry Fath and family, and John Fath and family, of Illinois, are here on a visit to their relatives.

Jos. C. Killian, Esq., left for St. Louis on Sunday to purchase material for his new building.

Mr. R. H. Mann and J. L. Mann of Illinois, are here on a visit to their relatives.

DROPPED DEAD. -- An old and esteemed citizen of this county, by the name of Isah Martin, residing some seven miles northwest of Perryville, while attempting to go out of his gate on Thursday of last week, fell dead. He had been in ill health for some time, and was hardly about to go about at the time of his death. He leaves a wife and two daughters and many friends to mourn his loss.

HORSE THIEF. -- A young man by the name of Lewis, son of Charles Lewis, who resides in Bois Brule Bottom, was arrested near Ste. Marys and brought to Perryville on Sunday morning, charged with stealing a horse. He was taken before a Justice of the Peace on Monday morning, but waived an examination. He was require[d] to give bond to the sum of five hundred dollars for his appearance at the October term of the Perry county circuit court, which he did.

DROWNED. -- We are informed that on Friday last a little child was drowned at the Chester ferry landing. It seems that a team was driven upon the ferry boat, to cross the Mississippi river, when the animals backed the wagon off the side of the boat into the river. A woman and child was seated in the wagon at the time the accident occurred. The woman was rescued, but her child was drowned.

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