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Old Glory

Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 19 October 1877


THE DISCOVERY of porcelain clay near Chester is of recent date. It is said to be rich.

A large stock of cooking and heating stoves just arrived at O. C. Nabert's.

FOR FEAR somebody didn't know it, we will simply state that it rained here last Wednesday.

NOVEMBER 6TH the question of funding the public debt of Randolph county will be voted on.

THE CHESTER FAIR. -- Several of our citizens have been attending the fair at Chester the present week.

AN ADJOURN TERM of the Perry county circuit court will convene in Perryville on the 1st Monday in December next.

IMPROVEMENT. -- Constant Grillion living two and a half miles south of Perryville, has just completed a neat brick addition to his dwelling.

THOS. JACKSON who was recently shot in the left arm near St. Marys, of which we mentioned in our last issue, died at Jackson on the 9th instant.

THE TEACHERS of Apple Creek have formed a teachers association, with our worthy School Commissioner, D. W. Crow, as president. They are having an excellent time.

MARRIED, Tuesday, October 16th, 1877, by Rev. Albert Jump, at the residence of the bride's parents in St. Mary, Joseph E. Cissell to Emma P. Mattingly.

FOR THE CAPITAL.-- Sheriff Guth left Perryville last Sunday, having in charge Frank Maddock who will reside in the penitentiary at Jefferson City 16 years.

A SOCIAL PARTY was given at the residence of Peter Hoffman, a few miles from Perryville last Monday night, and as was anticipated in advance, a splendid time was had.

THROWS OFF. -- While George Miles was on his road in Perryville on Wednesday night of last week, he was thrown from his horse, but was not seriously hurt though somewhat bruised.

  Ball and chain

DEBATING SOCIETY. -- The Platonian Debating Society will hold their first meeting Tuesday evening, Oct. 23d. The Minstrels interfered last week. All members should attend and visitors invited to attend.

IMMIGRANTS. -- The Chester Valley Clarion says that "the number of immigrants passing over the river at Chester, this fall, bound for Texas, Arkansas and the west, exceeds any previous year."

MEANS BUSINESS. -- The Jackson Cash Book says: "In the northeast part of Perry county the teachers have organized an association, and met every two weeks to discuss the methods of teaching."

CHANGE OF BASE. -- Last Monday B. B. Dean vacated the building belonging to Mrs. Ann Brown, and Mr. Hendricks now occupies it, while B. B. Dean dwells in the house just south of Arson Callier's.

McGINNIS' Minstrel Troupe of Illinois, performed here this week to fair audiences, and their performances were really good, and were enjoyed by all. This same company performed there some years ago, and had crowded houses.

BIRTH. -- A little boy stopped at the home of Thomas Knott, one and a half mile north of Perryville, last Saturday.

A little boy called at the residence of Clark Cissell, seven miles north of Perryville, on Wednesday of last week.

  Baby buggy

THAT RAILROAD AGAIN. -- There is some probability that work will again be commenced on the Chester and Iron Mountain railroad. Parties most interested have secured the right of way along the proposed route. No town or county bonds are asked. We are entirely willing that it shall be build [sic], and also that the company shall pay for it.

DIED, near Silver Lake, on Sunday, October 14th, 1877, a daughter of Edward Maddock.

Died, on Saturday evening, October 13th, 1877, at the residence of his parents, three miles east of Perryville, an infant child of Charles Scrampp.

Died, on Tuesday night, October 16th, 1877, at the residence of its parents, a little child of Simon Lang.

Paul Deguire, an old and respected citizen of Fredericktown, died at his residence on the 7th inst. aged 84 years. The deceased resided in Madison county over seventy-six years, and was probably the oldest native Missourian in the state. He was born in Ste. Genevieve, June 20th, 1793.

I would respectfully inform my friends and patrons that I will leave Perryville on Monday, Oct. 29th and will not return until about Dec. 1st.

L. P. RUFF, Dentist
Perryville, Oct. 19


Report of Grand Jury.

The following is that portion of the report of the Grand Jury to the circuit court at the October term, relating to the condition and treatment of paupers on the county farm:

"To the Honorable Circuit Court of Perry county in the State of Missouri,

October Term, 1877,

The Grand Jurors of the State of Missouri, now here in open court impanneled, sworn and charged to inquire in and for the body of the said county of Perry, respectfully report that they have, during the present term of this court, visited, examined and inspected the paupers' farm and farm house belonging in the county of Perry, situated about one and one-half miles south of the town of Perryville, that they find the buildings and fences on said farm, to be in good repair, but they find that the houses on said farm, in which the paupers reside are kept in a filthy and unhealthy condition, that said sufficiently clothed and are made to sleep on filthy beds, that they find the beds and bedding used by the paupers, almost literally covered with bed bugs, that said beds and bedding, as also the rooms in which the paupers are kept, emit a most intolerable stench, injurious to health, and totally uncomfortable for any person to remain or sleep in."

We think comment is unnecessary.

Cedar Fork Items

EDITOR UNION: Health is good out here with the exception of a few chills and fever.

Some of our farmers are done sowing wheat, and some are not more than half done yet.

Jack frost visited these parts one night last week in good earned.

Some wild turkeys live in this section yet. Judging from the shot guns I saw loaded the other day, they will not live long.

Deer are scarce her this fall from some unknown cause.

Wesley Farleigh who resides five miles north of this place, while standing on his buggy seat, engaged gathering apples on the 8th inst., his mare started off all of a sudden, precipitating him to the ground injuring his head and neck so badly, that it is thought has will not recover.

The following is a list of names of those who visited the St. Louis from this place: F. H. Tucker, Joshua Hudson, Edward Pallerin and lady, John Lorenz and lady.

C. C. Valle and John Furgerson of Mine La Motte, passed through one day last week, enroute for St. Louis, where they will attend the St. Louis Medical college this winter.

A little girl stopped at the home W. Y. Ellis one day last week.

A little boy came to see Isaac Nanny on Tuesday, the 9th inst.

The name of the post office at Farleigh's store is "Minnith" and not "Ninth," as published in my last article.

Cedar Fork, OCT. 13TH, 1877

Circuit Court Proceedings.

Wednesday, October 1[0]th, -- John E. Aikin vs. Theo. Picou et al, suit for decree of title, continued as if up on affidavit at defendant's cost.

John E. Aikin, guardian ad litem for Mary E. Picou, makes settlement and is ordered to pay the balance in his hands, $8.87, to ward and take receipt and is discharged.

Sheriff acknowledges deeds to various persons.

State of Missouri vs. Frank Maddock, indictment for murder, defendant waives right to list of jurors forty-eight hours before going to trial.

James T. Greenwell, administrator of V. Faina, dec'ed, vs. Jas. L. Crow, ex-admr. of vs. Jas.L. Crow, ex-admr. of V. Faina et al, appeal from probate court, leave given to file affidavit to lost notes, settlement, and objections to settlement.

Wm. B. Noble vs. John Hooss, mechanics lien, defendant files motion to rule plaintiff to give security for costs.

Anson H. Morey et al vs. Nelson L. Morey et al, partition. Theo. Harrison and Wm. C. Buchanan file answer.

John M. Wilkins vs. Wm. Bradham, attachment, answer of Sam Wilkins garnishee filed.

Thursday, October 11th. -- Michael Schaupert vs. J. T. Greenwell, admr. of John Schaupert, dec'ed, appeal from probate court, trial by the court and taken under advisement.

Mary J. Cissell vs. estate of Joseph Cissell, dec'ed, appeal from probate court, continued to adjourned term by consent of parties.

John C. Doerr, guardian and curator of Mary G. Cissell and Mary L. Cissell, vs. estate of Joseph Cissell, appeal from probate court, continued by consent to adjourned term.

John M. Wilkins vs. Wm. Bradham motion to dismiss over ruled, when defendant files demurer to plaintiff's petition, and J. C. Noell, garnishee, files answer.

State of Missouri, ex. rel. Charles W. Nance vs. Jones A. Rutledge et al suit on curator's bond, death of J. A. Rutledge suggested and confessed, and order that Jas. T. Greenwell, administrator, be summoned to appear on or before the 4th day of the next term, an show cause, if any he has, why he should not be made a party defendant as admr. of dec'ed , and this action revived in his name, and leave given plaintiff to amend petition on or before Feb. 1st, and leave given defendant to answer at next term without prejudice to the trial.

Jos. R. Garner vs. Aaron H. Garner civil action, continued at defendant's cost.

Jas. T. Greenwell, admr. of Velario Faina, vs. Jas. L. Crow, ex admr of Velario Faina et al, appeal from probate court, continued to adjourned term, as if upon affidavit.

John C. McBride and Feriol Prevallet, trustees for Adaline Prevallet (insane) trustees make settlement. John C. McBride discharged, and Felix Bey appointed on trustee with Feriol Prevallet.

Jas. T. Greenwell, admr. of John M. Favell, vs. James L. Crow et al, appeal from probate court, continued as if upon affidavit to adjourned term.

John C. McBride and Feriol Prevallet vs. C. J. Fenwick and John C. Doerr, debt, judgment for $213.75.

John C. McBride vs. Vincent Layton and Jos. B. Tucker, debt, judgment for $167.33; also judgment against same for $165.05.

James T. Greenwell, admr. of J. A. Rutledge, vs. Sidney Abernathy, suit on note, judgment for $404.81.

Emily May et al vs. John May et al, partition, order that summons issue for Josiah Dean and Mary Dean to appear at next term and cause continued; costs taxed against plaintiff, except costs for witnesses, which are taxed against John May.

Joseph Cissell, Sr.. vs. L. H. Tucker et al, debt, judgment for $717.75.

Anton Hunt, admr. of Wm. Litsch & Co., vs. John Essary, suit on note, dismissed at plaintiff's cost. Also suite on note against George Fenwick judgment by default for $191.82.

Fred. Kaiser vs. Stephen L. McAtee suit on note, judgment by default for $222.16.

Chas. A. Weber, admr. of Wm. Litsch vs. Wm. Rodewalt, suit on note, judgment by default for $279.35.

John A. Renaud vs. Martha E. Renaud, divorce, dismissed at plaintiff's cost.

Martha E. Renaud vs. Cornelius Horrell et al civil suit, dismissed at plaintiff's cost.

Claus Tomforte vs. Henry Kerstner et al, suit for decree of title, leave to file answer on or before 1st of March and continued.

Henry Kerstner vs. Henry Bodenschatz et al, suit on note, leave to file answer on or before 1st of February by consent, and a copy to be furnished Wilson Cramer, attorney for plaintiff.

Friday, October 12th. -- John B. Robinson vs. Fred Sittner et al, partition, Judge Robinson being an interested party, the attorneys at the bar proceeded to elect a special judge to sit in this cause, and Hon. James C. Noell having received a majority of the votes cast, was declared duly elected, and was duly sworn as such judge, when the sheriff makes report of sale of real estate, which is approved and ordered to be filed. Distribution made and cause dropped from the docket. Sheriff acknowledges deed to J. B. Robinson.

State of Missouri vs. Francis Maddock, murder, verdict of guilty of murder in the second degree, and punishment assessed at 16 years in the penitentiary.

Martin Reiss vs. Michael Zink, damages, continued by consent to adjourned term at def[end]ant's cost.

John M. Wilkins vs. Wm. Bradham attachment, Jacob F. Killian, garnishee, files answers,and is allowed $5 as fees and expenses as garnishee.

Mathew Schnurr vs. S. Schmidt, action for debt, sheriff ordered to sell corn in controversy, and hold proceeds subject to the orders of the court, injunction dissolved and cause continued to adjourned term at defendant's cost; also action on note continued to adjourned term.

Barbara Kestner vs. Jos. Biegler, admr. of Fred Kestner, appeal from probate court, tried by court judgment for plaintiff for $400.

John B. Robinson and wife vs. Isidore Cissell, executor of Joseph Cissell, civil suit, dismissed at cost of plaintiffs.

Ordered by the court that the clerk make a copy of the report of the Grand Jury, on the condition of the public buildings on the county farm, and condition and treatment of paupers, and certify the same to the county court.

Isaac Meredith, admr. of E. M. DeLasssus, vs. Maxie Jones, debt, John Knoll, John N. Knoll and Michael Knoll allowed $10 each for fees and continued to adjourned term on answer of garnishee.

Anson H. Morey et al vs. N. L. Morey et al, partition, plaintiff files replication to defendant's answer.

Oscar Morgan and wife vs. Gregory Brewer, appeal from probate court continued to adjourned term.

Thos. Layton, guardian and curator of Ambrosia Tucker, vs. Gregory Brewer, appeal from probate court, continued to adjourned term.

Octavia Cissell vs. Isidore Cissell, executor of Joseph Cissell, civil section, leave to answer on or before the 1st day of adjourned term, without prejudice to trial and continued.

Thos. R. Moore vs. Emma R. Dickinson, civil sit, trial by the court, and judgment for defendant.

George W. Hudson et al vs. Mary Nanny et al, partition, cause continued by consent to adjourned term.

Michael Schaupert vs.J. T. Greenwell, admr. of Estate of John Schaupert, appeal from probate court judgment that note described in petition be delivered to plaintiff, and that defendant be allowed a credit therefor, ordered that judgment be certified to probate court at plaintiff's cost.

The sheriff makes report of fines collected since the last term of court which is approved and ordered to be certified to the county court.

Saturday, October 13th. -- Anson H. Morey et al vs. N. L. Morey et al, decree and order of sale.

Geo. R. Sawn [sic] vs. M. C. Swan, decree of divorce for plaintiff.

In the matter of John L. Lhot on petition for writ of ad quod dammum permission is given the petitioner to erect a dam on Cinque Homme creek near the McCauley mill,m in accordance with the prayer of the petition.

John E. Aikin, admr. of E. & M. DeLassus, vs. Wm. Drury et al, summons ordered to heirs of Jos. Cissell, and continued.

Irenius Brown vs. John P. Layton partition, report of commissioners approved, and order of sale of residue of land not susceptible of division.

Augustin Hunt vs. Andy Scherer, debt, plaintiff ruled to give security for costs, and continued.

The partition cases of Jane Seifert et al, Nereus Layton et al, Mary A. Tucket [sic] et al, and W. D. Brewer et al, order of distribution and dropped from the docket.

J. M. Wilkins vs. Wm. Bradham, attachment, demurer to plaintiff's petition sustained, and leave given the plaintiff to amend on or before the next term, and cause continued. -- J. C. Noell allowed $5 fees and expenses as garnishee.

Francis L. Polson vs. Sarah B. Polson, decree of divorce for plaintiff.

Peter Wirth vs. Laura Abernathy et al, ejectment, dismissed at cost of plaintiff.

Tabith Fillinger vs. M. Schnur, damages, dismissed at defendant's cost.

Wm. H. Walker et al, exparte partition, sheriff's report of sale approved, and continued.

The following cases were continued: Thos. Layton, guardian and curator of Jesse Fox, civil action, C. W. Nance et al vs. J. W. Nance et al, partition,; State ex. rel. of E. Urban, guardian and curator, vs. Jas. T. Greenwell, admr. of Jas. A. Rutledge, suite on curator's bond; Robt. A. McCauley vs. M. Yates, partition; Andy Gorman et al vs. Jas. I. Horrell et al, partition; William B. Noble vs. John Hooss, mechanics lien; Henry Barbier vs. J. C. McBride et al, partition; C. F. DeLassus et al vs. Josephine DeLassus partition; Mary E. Hagar vs. Jas R. Hagar, ejectment; State ex. re. A. Carr et al vs. J. O. Abernathy et al, suit on curator's bond; Jas. T. Greenwell, admr. of Mary Abenathy vs. A. G. Abernathy, civil suit; H. B. Knox et al vs. Marion Abernathy, suit to set aside deed; F. X. Miles vs. J. T. Greenwell, admr. of V. Reed; Amanda Zahner vs. Geo. Zahner, civil action; Aug. Doerr vs. L. J. Hutcheson, ejectment; Emma C. Schriver vs. Noah N. Schriver, divorce; James I. Horrell vs. Andrew Gorman, admr. of H. P. Cissell.

James F. Tucker and Martin Rond vs. Joseph Tucker, decree and order of sale.

Jos. C. Killian vs. Tracy Wilkinson, dismissed at plaintiff's cost.

State vs. Edgar Ingalls and Daniel E. Watkins, recognizance from justice peace; defendants discharged.

State vs. James Robinson, indictment for disturbing the peace, fine commuted to five days in the county jail, to be discharged after that time upon payment of cost.

State vs. Charles Layton, indictment for selling liquor without license, fine commuted to ten days in the county jail, to be discharged after that time upon payment of cost.

Cold weather will soon be here. Go to Nabert's, buy an Evening Star and keep comfortable all winter.

Probate Court Docket

The following is the docket for settlement of estates in the Probate Court of Perry county, Mo., at the November Term, 1877.

Monday, November 12th, 1877

Names of Admrs. & Ex's. Names of Estates
August Kreft Wm. Tomforte
James L. Crow William Allen
Lydia DeLassus Felix M. DeLassus
Leon Bogy H. B. Kinnison
Christopher Popp Simon Popp
Basil Moore M. V. Moore

Tuesday, November 13th

Henry Schaefer John E. Fiehler
John P. Welker Jos. Schnurbush
Robt. F. Gatewood Ellenor DeLassus
Fred. G. Winter John Renkin
John Black John Black & Co.

Wednesday, November 14th

Matilda M. Jones Jules Rozier & Co.
Matilda M. Jones Rozier , Prost & Co.
Irenius Brown Sarah Brown
Jos. E. Callier Henry Dietrich
I. M. Schneider C. F. Schneider
F. A Morgan Wm. Morgan

Thursday, November 15th

Adolph Tacke Andrew Schwein
Joseph Bigler Fred. Kartsen
Litsch & Hunt George Koch
Geo. E. Bergman Peter Fassold
Chas. A. Weber John Bienlein
John Popp John Popp

Friday, November 16th

Ben. Hoffman Gottfried Mueller
Thos J. Moore
Basil Moore
James J. Moore
A. W. Thompson David Clark
Bernard Palisch E. H. Palisch
August Mercier Callier & Mercier
Henry Boettner John Graef

Saturday, November 17th

Aaron Favell Nancy Upton
Jas. T. Greenwell Henry Smith
Jas. T. Greenwell Lucinda Smith
Susan Miller F. S. Miller
J. T. Greenwell Delphien Callier
Antoine Prost Francis Prost
August Lueders Palisch & Lueders

Guardian and Curator Docket

Monday, November 12th, 1877

Guardian and Curator Names of Wards
T. W. Robinson Wm. T. Belsha
John May D. W. Brewer
J. C. McBride Josephine Brown
Miles Yarbrough Wm. Cook
John Elder Catharine & E. Elder
Aaron Favell Wm. Haynes

Tuesday, November 13th, 1877

Emanuel Estel C. T. Hoehn et al
Geo. W. Hudson S. T. Rankin et al
Matilda M. Jones Leonidas Jones et al
J. G. Darnstedt M. A. Kaufman
Jas. M. Mattingly J. & J. Mattingly
Chas. G. Mueller Paul Mueller
Henry Cook E. R. Morrison

Wednesday, November 14th, 1877

Thos. J. Moore Alphonsus Moore
William Moore Mary M. Moore
Vin Moranville Mary Moranville
Mary A. Ponder Anton Ponder et al
Henry Course Martha Pinkerton
Henry Schmidt Julia Reuschel
Geo. M. Shaner Laura Robb

Thursday, November 15th, 1877

Francis P. Reiss J. P. Reiss et al
Fred G. Winter A. C. Renkin et al
James W. Hart G. M. & W. Robinson
Teresa Schneider J. Schneider et al
Balinda Seifert Rosa Seifert
Elias N. Barber Delia L. Swan
Jos. B. Tucker Mr. F. Tucker

Friday, November 16th, 1877

Emanuel Estel Clause Tomforte
James Rice James S. Tucker
Pat Williams Sarah Tubbs et al
Rev. M. Rubi Louis C. Tucker
John C. Farrar S. G. Venable et al
J. G. Wonderlich E. Wonderlich
Emanuel Urban E. A. Weber et al

Saturday, November 17th, 1877

Chas. A. Weber Joseph Vermere
William Moore Mary Moore
Elizabeth Davis John T. Davis
Theodore Estel Henry Gurlach

Judge Probate Court

F  Georgia, at least, will no longer be afflicted with Radicalism, for their organization has no further existance [sic] in that state. The Republican State committee of Georgia has ceased to live.

F  An explosion occurred on the 10th at Pemberton, Lancashire, England, wherein forty persons were instantly killed.

Guardian and Curator Settlement.

Notice is hereby given that the undersigned guardian and curator of John T. Davis, has made a just and true exhibit of her account between herself and her ward and filed the same with the Judge of the probate court of Perry county, Missouri, for final settlement of her guardian and curatorship and that she will apply for her discharge as such guardian and curator at the next term of the probate court to be held at the court house in town of Perryville on the second Monday in November, 1877.

Guardian and Curator


Old piano

Agraffe Treble











PRICE $290
    1280 BROADWAY,
     NEW YORK,

Perryville, Sept. 14, 1877


It has been over fifteen months since the firm of Bey Brother was dissolved, and yet many have failed to come up and settle, and now we give the last notice, and unless those knowing themselves to be indebted to the undersigned, do come forward and settle by the 1st of September we shall place their notes and accounts in the hands of proper officers for collection.

Perryville, Aug. 10th, 1877

Are Indebted to Us,

Either by note or account, come up and pay your debts on or before September 1st, 1877. We cannot wait any longer. We sold you goods on time only to September 1st, 1877, and there is no use in talking. We must have our money, and don't fail at your peril. Pay up and you are all O. K.

Highland, Missouri, July 20


I HAVE taken the agency for several Historical, Biblical and other valuable works, also first class, interesting and instructive Novelets, all of which I will sell cheap to those desiring to purchase good books. I shall visit various portions of Perry county, and call upon our citizens and exhibit the books I offer for sale.




The hack leaves Ste. Mary's at seven o'clock in the morning, and returning will leave Perryville at eleven o'clock the same morning, running daily.


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