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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 19 June 1874


THE BRICK work of the Methodist Episcopal Church was finished this week, and the carpenter work will now be commenced.

FIRE COMPANY NO 1 will turn out on Friday evening, the 19th inst., for the purpose of practicing with their fire engine, by order of the foreman.

PLASTERING. -- Mr. Richard Heritege has been replastering Mr. M. Zink’s and Mrs. Brown’s buildings and he has done a first class job as he always does.

A SPECIAL MEETING of Fire Company No. 1 will be held at the court house in Perryville, on Thursday night, the 25th inst. The company will be in full uniform, by order of the foreman.

THE BODY FOUND -- The young man named John Bergman, drowned on the 6th inst. at Bailey’s Landing, was found in the river at Cape Girardeau a few days ago. After an inquest was held the body was decently interred.

IMPROVEMENTS. -- Mr. John L. Lhot residing about four miles east of Perryville, is busily engaged building a dam above his mill, which will soon be completed, and he is also making some other valuable improvements about his premises.

GRAPES. -- We understand that the grapes in various portions of this county, are getting rotten and falling off. It is stated that they are considerably injured by small insects and it is feared that the crop will be cut short. We are sorry to hear this.

PICNICS will be the order of the day on the Fourth of July next, in various portions of the county. -- There will probably be more of these pleasure parties this year than there has been at any time during the past dozen years. We are glad to notice this.

CONGRESSIONAL CONVENTION. -- We are to have a Democratic Congressional Convention. It is to be held in Charleston, Mississippi county, on Wednesday, the 5th day of August, 1874. County conventions will have to be held for the purpose of appointing delegates to attend said convention.’

AN ERROR. -- In our last issue we made a mistake in giving the probate court proceedings, by saying "that Joseph Cissell, guardian and curator of Charles Hayden, made final settlement of the estate of Peter Brown, dec’ed. It should have been Joseph Cissell, Jr. and Charles Hayden made settlement.

THE SISTERS SCHOOL closed on last Friday evening. They taught a session of early ten months, and the school was very well attended there being eighty-three scholars attending. On the first of September the Sisters will open their school again in the new building, now in the course of construction.

AN ACCIDENT -- Mr. Jas. T. Greenwell, our deputy Circuit Clerk, while working about a sewing machine on Wednesday forenoon, the balance wheel accidentally fell on his left foot, mashing the large toe quite badly. Dr. Staley dressed the injured toe, and Mr. Greenwell is getting along as well as could be expected.

BOYS, QUIT THAT. -- Some of our readers are making complaints about boys being in bathing in Cinque Homme Creek on Sunday mornings as they go to and come from church, and they think it wrong and that it ought to be stopped. Quite a number of ladies pas that way on the Sabbath. boys, if you must go in bathing, endeavor to go a little further up the creek.

LOVES FLOWERS. -- There are quite a number of persons who love and admire flowers, but not to such an extent as to "hook" them from other persons. We are creditably informed that some individual visited the hotel kept by Mrs. Brown in Perryville last Thursday night, and relieved it of a nice box of flowers, and that, too, without first asking the owner for the same. Come, take back them flowers.

A TERRIBLE AFFAIR. -- One day last week while a gentleman was driving along the public highway in this county, his horse became somewhat frightened and suddenly -- halted, and it was quite a while before he could be persuaded to proceed. -- Nobody was hurt, but the cursing, if not loud ,was deep. Gentlemen should not allow their angry passions to rise on such slight provocations.

STOP IT. -- Mr. George Graft, residing about three miles of Perryville, had fifteen nice sheep killed by dogs on Friday last, and Mr. Hilary Moore, living in the same neighborhood, lost four or five sheep and unless there are a less number of the canine tribe permitted to run at large in that section, other sheep will be made to give up the ghost and die. Can not something be done to prevent dogs from killing so many sheep? Let our farming friends answer.

LOSS OF ANIMALS. -- Frank Dubois, residing about three miles southwest of Perryville, lost a fine mare on Thursday of last week.

Henry Winrick, residing a few miles southeast of Perryville, lost a mare one day last week, caused by an injury she had received. The animal was valued at two hundred dollars.

Cassimere Chappuis lost one mare and one horse last week, valued at two hundred dollars.

THAT CELEBRATION at Doerr’s grove on the Fourth of July will be the biggest ever known in Southeast Missouri. We learn that there will be a large building put up near the grounds, which will be set a fire near the close of the day, and after the fire has made good headway, Fire Company No. 1 will put it our with their engine, thus giving every one a chance to see how the "Masheen" is worked, so don’t fail to be here on that day.

SHEEP KILLED. -- On last Saturday morning Mr. Frank Gagnepain, residing some two and a half miles west of Perryville, had several fine sheep killed by some dogs. Other individuals have recently lost sheep in the same neighborhood. We think it is about time that sheep-killing dogs should be treated with a good big dose of cold lead. It is the only thing that will effectually cure them, and spare the lives of our farmers sheep.

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