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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 19 June 1868


PEDDLERS. -- This week we had a couple of peddlers to arrive in our town for the purpose of selling articles on the “cheap John” style. One was selling Benzine soap, and the other metalic pens. They got our in the street with chairs, boxes &c; and we would suppose from the style they “spread on” that they thought they were in Chicago or St. Louis; but they wasn’t! -- We hope they made enough money to carry them away.

HARVESTING. -- The people of Perry county have commenced harvesting this week. We weigh them great success in garnering up their stores for thousand of women and children are asking for bread.

DULLNESS. -- We don’t see many horses hitched around this week. What does that mean. Does it presage good or bad? -- The inference is that the farmers are cutting down their patches. Then it don’t presage anything bad.

GOOD WHEAT. --We have in our office some wheat heads that grew on ‘Squire Picou’s farm in Bois Brule Bottom. They are nearly six inches long and well filled. Who can beat that? ‘Squire Picou thinks he will may thirty-five bushels per acre. -- Who can beat that, too?

D. T. Merwin, of Boston, writes: “I have used the contents of one bottle of Burnett’s Coccaine, and my once bald pate is covered all over with young hair about three-eights of an inch long, which is determined to grow.”

THE EVERETT HOUSE -- Those visiting St. Louis should always stop at the Everett House, between Olive and Locust on Fourth street. The gentlemanly proprietor, Mr. Gildersleve,have been at great expense to accommodate the public. Mr. D. Brown is the efficient book keeper, and Messrs. W. S. Grover, Geo. Forestall and R. H. Baxter, the genlemenly and accommodating clerks. The Everettt House is situated in the most business part of the city, and near the principal places of amusement, which makes it one of the most desirable as well as convenient place in the city. Stop there once and you will not stop any where else.

The best judges use Burnett's Flavoring Extracts.

F Patronize the Perryville Union Office.

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