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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 19 January 1872


MR. ANTON HUNT, of the firm of Litsch & Hunt, left for St. Louis on Sunday to purchase merchandise.

JOHN KIEFNER, ESQ. -- Read the new advertisement of this gentleman in today’s paper, and if you need anything in his line, give him a call. He sells cheap.

ACCIDENTALLY SHOT. -- On Sunday morning last, while James Nash, residing some twelve miles west of Perryville, was handling a revolver, it discharged its load, the contents entering the knee joint of his left leg, and passed down the same and lodged under the ankle joint. Soon after the accident the ball was extracted by Dr. Shaw. Mr. Nash is laying in a critical condition.

BUILDING. -- We understand that several brick houses will be erected in town the coming spring and summer. Chas. A. Weber, our County Clerk, contemplates building a neat residence; Mr. George Koch intends building a large business house, the Lutherans will erect a residence for their pastor, and other improvements will doubtless be made the present year.

DR. J. C. STALEY has just returned from St. Louis with the finest lot of drugs, notions and confectionary ever brought to this town. Persons desiring such articles, will consider their own interest by calling at his drug store before going elsewhere, for his per centage will run far below the usual rate with guarantee of general satisfaction. See his advertisement in another column of today’s paper.


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