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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 19 February 1875


SKATING. -- Those enjoying skating certainly have had every opportunity the present winter to do so.

DIED, on Friday, February 12th, 1875, at her residence in this county Mrs. Power, mother of Mr. James Power, aged 70 years.

SICKNESS. -- We are informed that there is a good deal of sickness in the southern part of the county, the disease being fevers.

A SOCIAL party was given at Mrs. Minor's residence on Thursday evening of last week, and the young folks enjoyed themselves.

CONVALESCING. -- We are pleased to learn that Mr. James Rice, who has been confined to his bed by sickness, is convalescing.

WANTED, a number of good workmen. Apply to Thomas Doyle foreman on St. Marys Seminary farm, Bois Brule Bottom.

BEAT IT. -- Mr. Aaron Hagar, residing twelve miles east of Perryville, has, during the past winter, killed twenty-five raccoons. Who can beat it?

MESSRS. MCBRIDE & PREVALLET merchants at Silver Lake, are constantly receiving goods from St. Louis by way of Fredericktown, and have coffee and sugar always on hand at reasonable figures.

IMPROVEMENT. -- Rev. M. Rubi is erecting a large and handsome frame building upon the Seminary farm in Bois Brule bottom, and it is rapidly approaching completion.

BUSINESS? -- Mr. L. V. Moore, residing five miles south of Perryville, has completed the roofing on a commodious residence which he is erecting on his farm.

CHICKEN DISEASE. -- Mr. Simon Layton, residing four miles west of Perryville, had the misfortune of losing two hundred and seventy-five chickens by the chicken cholera not long since.

VALENTINE DAY. -- Last Sunday being Valentine Day, something less than a thousand valentines have been distributed in these parts, and in said distribution your humble servant was not forgotten.

QUADRILLE BAND. -- At a meeting held for the purpose in Burgee's hall last week, a Quadrille Band of seven members was organized. The instruments have been ordered, and the band will soon begin to practice.

A RUNAWAY. -- On Tuesday of last week while Mr. Felix Miles, residing three miles northeast of Perryville, was on his road home, his team became unmanageable and ran away, breaking the wagon to pieces, but nobody was hurt.

NOT SAFE. Several persons while traversing the country on last Friday and Saturday, on horseback, were precipitated to the ground, their steeds slipping, but no one was dangerously injured, though some of them were bruised.

PERSONAL. -- Mr. Stephen L. McAtee, of Grand Tower, Ill., was in town this week.

Mr. Emanuel Estel, of St. Louis, was in town on Monday.

Messrs. Leon Prevallet and S. B. Barbier, of Silver Lake, were in our town on Wednesday.

Messrs. William Furth and Vincent Tucker left for St. Louis last Wednesday.

NOT A SUCCESS. -- On day last week a horse visited a pond four and a half miles north of Perryville and not being an expert on ice he fell through, but by superhuman efforts, he was extricated from his perilous position, and landed upon terra firma.

A WOLF HUNT. -- A few of our citizens visited the regions round about the Knott mill in search of wolves one day the past week, but it was not a good day for wolves, hence the party returned home without having even got a glimpse of one of these animals.

ACQUITTED. -- The case of William Brown et al, tried at Jackson last week, has been disposed of. The defendants were charged with the murder of Elizabeth Brown, but the injury returned a verdict of not guilty, and the prisoners were discharged from custody.

MARRIED, on Wednesday, February 10th, 1875, at St. Mays Seminary by Rev. M. Rubi, Mr. P. Valle to Miss Ann Hudson, daughter of Mr. Joshua Hudson.

Married, on Sunday, February 12th, 1875, by Squire John W. Venable, Mr. Carl Foster to Miss Mary J. Clary.

AN ACCIDENT. -- On last Friday morning while Miss Emma Burgee, daughter of Mr. Joab W. Burgee, residing six miles northeast of Perryville, was on her road to town, and when near Mr. James Mc Cauley's, her horse slipped and threw her to the ground, bruising her, but not seriously.

DANCING PARTIES were tolerable plentiful Monday night of last week. There was a party at Mr. John W. Thomas, three miles northeast of Perryville. On the same night there was one given at the residence of Mrs. A. Brewer's three and a half miles south of Perryville, and one at Mr. Cornelius Horrel's six miles east of Perryville, and a good time was had.

BIRTHS. -- A bright eyed little female called at the residence of Mr. Jonathan Kirmner's, a few days since.

A good looking little girl put in her appearance at the residence of Mr. Bernard Hoffman, two and a half miles west of Perryville on Saturday morning.

A great big boy stopped at the residence of Mr. John Elder, four miles northwest of Perryville on Sunday night.

     Baby buggy

RATHER OUT OF HIS "SHERE." -- One day last week the upper story of the public school building in this place was found to be occupied by an individual of the porcine persuasion. His presence created quite a sensation among the boys who were determined to oust the intruder, whereupon piggy got his spine elevated, and made a show of resistance, but the boys proved too much for his swineship, and he was forced to vacate with the pious advice to join the first travelling circus that comes along; where his faculties may be appreciated.

A DANGEROUS PLACE. -- The late rains have done some mischief. We notice that a bad place has been washed out at the ford of the Cinque Homme creek on the Jackson road, which has caused some parties to get a ducking. On last Saturday morning Mr. Michael Bergman attempted to cross at the ford with a load of wood, and received some injuries. In order to extricate his horses from the wagon he was compelled to cut the gearing. A mover in attempting to cross at the same point broke a portion of the wagon. This is a dangerous place, and the overseer of district 2 will doubtless see that it is not allowed to remain so long.

THE LITERARY. -- EDITOR UNION: The society, which is to be called "The Platonian, &c.", met last Friday night at the usual hour, Dr. C. A. Mann, the President, in the chair. The programme of the previous evening having been postponed on account of other important business, was taken up, viz: Essay by John H. Nicholson, reading by Judge W. H. Bennett and Jas. L. Crow, declamation by Wm. A Cashion.

Debate on the question: "Resolved, That all persons, male or female of lawful age, and otherwise qualified, possessing taxable property to the amount of one hundred dollars, shall constitute the qualified voters of the school districts of the State." W. H. Bennett read "The Captives Release" in a beautiful, yet impressive style. Jas. L. Crow's reading of "Regulus" was good, although it lacked something of the dignity and sublimity which a personification of the brave old Roman demands. The Soldier's Orphan by Wm. A. Cashion was well done, being rendered with an expression and a pathos that was truly touching.

On motion the regular debate was dispensed with, and the irregular discussion of the subject made the order of the evening. Prominent among those who participated were W. H. Bennett and Dr. C. A. Mann on the part of the affirmative and W. A. Cashion and J. Dalton of the negative. The leading feature of the discussion was, that all parties were willing to grant the right of suffrage to females, hence upon the property clause fell the whole weight of the contest. After a very interesting debate the previous question was moved, and the affirmative were the victors.


On the 11th inst. at Charleston, Mississippi county, a man named King stabbed another named Gray, (both colored) from the effects of which he has died.


The following is the docket for settlement of estates in the Probate and Common Pleas Court of Perry county, Mo., at the March Term, 1875.

Names of Admrs. & Ex's.   Names of Estates  
James L. Crow M. S. Eddlemon
Fred. Holschen Henry Beckman
August Kreft Wm. Tomforte
John C. Farrar Sarah G. Farrar
Sames [sic] L. Crow Robt. T. Brown
James L. Crow Sarah Stack
James L. Crow Wm. Manning
Josephene French Thomas French
John Herman J. E. Stuebinger
Paul Hach and
Wm. Brandus
Henry Boltman
James L. Crow Matilda Taylor
James L. Crow Sarah May
James L. Crow C. Schieferdecker
John W. Venable Jarah [sic] Rhyne
Henry Schaefer Henry Rabold
John J. Seibel H. L. McArthur
Geo. M. Shaner Columbus Price
James L. Crow Franklin Battie
John J. Seibel Bernard Vermast
James L. Crow F. D. Brewer
James L. Crow Joseph Layton
James L. Crow John G. Darwin
Geo. W. Taylor Nathaniel Tubbs
Chas. A. Weber John Assbach
James L. Crow John W. Noell
Wm. P. Faherty Deon [sic] DeLassus
James L. Crow Stephen Sanders
A. J. Sauer Anton Sauer
Fred. Holschen Wm. Dietrich
Christ Popp Simon Popp
Joseph E. Callier Charles Steiler
Joseph Miles Josephus Moore
Henry T. Tucker Felix E. Tucker
James L. Crow Wm. Bright
Emanuel Urban Fred. A. Weber
Mary C. Abbott James Abbott
Isidore Layton C. M. Manning
James Burgee Thomas Sanders
James L. Crow James A. Burns
Joseph Lukefahr Joseph Milster
Ambrose Moore William Moore
James L. Crow B. F. Clifton
James L. Crow Ann B. Clifton

Guardian and Curator Docket

Guardian and Curator Names of Wards
John B. Everett H. & C. Burgett
Maurus Biehle Julia Berhle
Caroline Bultman Emilie Bultman
William Litsch Moritz Berhle
Maurus Biehle Isabella Berhle
Henry Grass Robt. T., Catherine C.
& C. H. Brown
Mary M. Bowman Emma C., Chas, B.
and G. G. Bowman
Josiah Tucker Joseph L. Bebba
Raymond Tucker Wm. V. Brewer
Joseph Cissell Octavia Cissell et al
Lewis Welker P. H. Dickinson et al
Lewis Welker D. W. Dickinson and
N. E. Dickinson
Fred Wilkie M. Domme et al
Frank Brenuer C. & J. Fenwick
Mary L. Farrar N. E. & D. Farrar
Robt. T. Farrar Wm. H. Farrar
Alonzo Farrar A. E. & G. Farrar
Theodore Estel H. Gerlach
Thomas Elder Felix Holster
Thomas Elder Louise Holster
Joshua Hudson H. R. & C. Hudson
James F. Tucker John W. Hudson &
Nancy M. Hudson
J. W. Hood Isaiah & Batty Hood
Paul Untereiner Amile Kallas
F. Moranville Nereus Moranville
Josiah Dean Emily May
John May Jerome May
John S. Beard Sarah Paddock
Ben Cambron L. J. Portier et al
George M. Shaner W. E. L. & E. Robb
James Burgee Oliver & H. Thorp
B. Verdeyhem Jos. Vermere
J. G. Wonderlich E. Wonderlich
John C. Farrar Elizabeth Wood
Michael Griffaw Nancy Williams
Joseph E. Callier Jos. & T. Williams

Judge Probate & Common Pleas Court

F  The financial precipice to the brink of which Grant's administration has now brought the government is exciting alarm among thoughtful Republicans in Congress. They begin to see that there is only one way to increase the revenue, and that is by reviving the prosperity of the country. That cannot be done without restoring confidence, and confidence cannot be restored while the Southern States are lying prostrate under Federal interference, and the Northern people are alarmed by violent and constitutional acts of the executive. One part of the country cannot be kept in an everlasting turmoil without affecting all parts and we cannot expect a renewal of good times until we have a basis of peace to build up on.

St. Louis Times.

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