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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 19 April 1867


COOKING STOVES. -- Read in another column of to-days paper, an advertisement headed "a good cooking stove" from the Excelsior Manufacturing Company of St. Louis. These stoves are sold by friend Kiesler.

THE CONSENT passed off very guilty on Wednesday of last week and the evening entertainments were really good. Though the evening was a rainy one, yet the court house was crowded by spectators, all of whom seemed to enjoy themselves first rate.

A COTILLION PARTY is to be given at the Aurora House on next Monday evening. J. T. St. Vrain, the gentlemanly proprietor, will see that everybody has an opportunity of enjoying themselves, so every one who desires to tip the light fantastic toe should be present.

AT WEBER & HUTCHESON'S Drug Store can be found at all times, a number one assortment of Drugs and Patent Medicines, Notions, Dye-Stuffs, and all other articles usually kept in a well regulated drug establishment. Read their advertisement in another column.


THE MAILS between this place and Ste. Genevieve, of late, have been very irregular. Several weeks since the chess players of Perryville were, through the columns of the Ste. Genevieve Representative, notified that they would receive a challenge from the chess club of Ste.Genevieve to play a match game by the net mail; that mail has not net arrive. What is the matter, neighbor Hallock?

CIRCUIT COURT. -- On Thursday of last week the case of State vs. Shott was concluded, the jury bringing a verdict of not guilty. The prison was discharged. -- On the same day the case of State vs. Saddler, accused of horses stealing, was commenced. It was in progress form that time up to Saturday afternoon, when the jury in the case brought in a verdict of not guilty of the charge preferred against him. -- Some other little business was disposed of when the court adjourned till Monday morning. On Monday morning the ejectment case of Henry L. Caldwell vs. Henry I. Layton was brought up before the court and after nearly a three days trial, was decided in favor of the Henry I. Layton and others. On Wednesday evening, the case J. Schnurr vs. Courtois, for trespass was commenced it is probable that court will adjourn on Saturday.

EXAMINATION AT THE SEMINARY. -- A public exhibition of the teachers of this institution took place on last Saturday men, numbering about thirty, seemed to be in excellent spirits, A quiet and their studies all the Reverend gentleman of the Seminary were in attendance and also some our citizens. Mr. Nicholson showed himself to be the right man in the right place. Richly does he deserve that honorable credit which should ever surround high qualifications, gentlemanly manners, and industrious habits. Thanks are due to the Reverend gentlemen of the Seminary for introducing here one so capable of teaching pupils and forming teachers.

It was a pleasure to see our local wants so well consulted for in the order of studies. Christian instruction, which has been personally guided by one of the reverend gentlemen, the first rewarded. Masters Ferdinand McCauley and Thomas Moranville taking the prize.

An inspection of the writing showed a most decisive progress, which was rewarded by the presentation of a beautiful gold pen and a silver case. The competitors, to whom was adjudged a first place were: Masters Oscar Morgan, Anselem Layton, Hilary Tucker, Raymond Tucker and Jas. Moranville.

Good reading claimed particular attention. This was a treat. If good readers make good speakers, then Perry county must have its orators. Those who most particularly deserved a premium were George Gresler, Lawrence Layton, Philip Doerr, Oscar Morgan, Anselem Layton, George Schindler and Thomas Moranville.

English grammar, that essential prerequisite of correct speaking and writing received a deserving attention. Then arithmetic had to open its enigmatic pages, and present its principles and practice, and its quintuple operations and manifold applications, running through commission insurance, stocks, brokerage, interest, discount, profit and loss, dates, taxes, &c., &c. The distinguished competitors called up to receive the prizes were: First Class -- Andrew Gorman, Oscar Morgan, Hilary Tucker and Raymond Tucker. Second Class -- Thomas Moranville and Lawrence Layton.

Book-keeping closed the examination in a brilliant fashion. The three fundamental books and their numerous accessories together with the principles controlling all entries, were lucidly and succinctly presented. The distinguished competitors were: Andrew Gorman, Oscar Morgan and John Noell.

One of the Reverend gentleman present made a few remarks, in which he expresses the complete satisfaction which the extraordinary progress gave him, and complimented the young men on their uniform good conduct.

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