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Old Glory

Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 18 February 1870


THE SMALL POX. -- This detestible [sic] disease is coming close around. People would do well to get vaccinated ere it is everlastingly too late. If you have been exposed, vaccination, it is said by good authority, will get the inside track.

BALL. -- On Thursday night a ball was given at Burgee’s Hall, a goodly number gathered and tripped the fantastic toe till time to “go home with the girls in the morning.” Good music was furnished and “all went merry as a marriage bell.” Mr. Robert Dean furnished a splendid supper.

THE WEATHER. -- Our readers doubtless recollect that we failed to get our regular installment of Indian Summer last fall. We have a note from the clerk of the weather, in which he says that owing to the addition of Alaska to Uncle Sam, he had not smoke enough to go around, but will now furnish a full supply, hence our smoky, hazy weather this week. All right.

PERSONAL. -- W. F. Davis, Esq., left home last Sunday for St. Louis, and Iron county on professional business connected with a law suit in the Northeast part of the State. He expects to make some addition to his library. He will return the last of the week.

Frank Rice, Dr. Shelby, C. H. Eddlemon, J. A. Abernathy, and others left at the same time for St. Louis on business.

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