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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 18 December 1874


COMMISSIONS. -- Our recently elected county officials have received their commissions from Jefferson City.

SYLVESTER. -- The Perryville Cornet Band will give a grand ball at Burgeeís Hall on Sylvester eve, the 1st of December.

HIGHLAND, four miles south of Perryville, is improving. Mr. John Klamp has just erected a new blacksmith shop in that burg.

TEACHER, remember that the Institute meets on Monday, December 9th, 1874. Let us have a general turnout and have a good time.

MR. STARK, residing about six miles from Perryville, near the Marble Hill road, has recently put up a neat and comfortable residence on his farm.

MR. CASSIMERE CHAPPUIS, residing near town, is getting the material on hand, preparatory to erecting a brick dwelling on his farm during next spring.

IMPROVEMENT. -- A new business house has just been completed at Waters Landing in this county, and Mr. E. M. DeLassus is now occupying the same.

NEW SHOP. -- Messrs. Hoettner & Lang have built an addition to their already large blacksmith shop. -- This new building is intended for a wagon makerís shop, and Mr. Henry Rolf is to occupy it.

PICTURES. -- Messrs. Wise & Co., will be in Perryville next week, and those wishing to secure first class pictures of themselves and others, should not fail to be on hand, as they claim to be good artists.

AN ACCIDENT. -- Mr. Frank Lukefahr, residing five miles southwest of Perryville, while engaged in cutting down a tree in the woods, a large limb fell and struck him hurting him badly a few days ago.

A RUNAWAY. -- A team belonging to Mr. Wiltz, residing about five miles northeast of Perryville, became frightened and ran away one day last week, and in their flight lost a portion of the gearing, but no other mischief was done.

VALUABLE STOLEN. -- Some unknown person entered the residence of Mr. Stephen T. Moore, eight miles east of Perryville, on Wednesday of last week, and no one being about home, went through the house, and took therefrom one silver watch and thirty-five dollars in money.

A LIGHT-HOUSE. -- A government boat has jest been stationed but a short distance below Allenís Landing in the Mississippi river, and is beautifully illuminated every night. We are told that this boat is intended as a light house for passing steam boats, as the river attest point is in a bad condition.

THIEVES ABOUT. -- On last Sunday week some unknown individual entered the residence of Mr. Maurice Prevallet, three miles west of Perryville, and appropriated several articles of wearing apparel. Cold weather is here, and it is supposed that those who stole them stood in need of them.

SCALED. -- On last Saturday while Mrs. Stella Layton, wife of Mr. Daniel Layton, residing three and a half miles southeast of Perryville, was handling a large boiler full of hot water, it was accidentally upset, the contents of which fell upon her right foot, scalding it very badly, and she is now confined to her bed.

NARROW ESCAPE. -- One day last week a little child at Mr. Richard A. Walker, residing three and a half miles southeast of Perryville, while getting rather close to a coal oil lamp that had just been lighted, her hair caught fire, and was nearly all burned off, and one side of its head was also badly burned, thought not dangerously.

VICTUALS. -- Somebody who was doubtless hungry, visited the residence of Mr. J. H. Walker, three miles southeast of Perryville, one day last week, while Mr. Walker and his family were absent from home, and went into his provision safe and cleaned it completely out of valuables, leaving not a "scrap" behind. It is not known who the thief was. Keep your doors locked in the future.

RUNAWAY. -- The team belonging to Mr. James E. Elder, while standing near the blacksmith shop of Boettner & Lang, on Thursday morning of last week, became frightened and ran away. Nobody was hurt. The team passed our office at full speed, turned the corner and the last we saw of them they were travelling down the St. Maryís road at a rapid rate. We did not learn the result, but expert the wagon was demolished.

TRANSFER OF REAL ESTATE. -- Mr. Eli Adler has purchased the farm belonging to Mr. James Kinman, seven miles southeast of Perryville.

Mr. Joseph Blechle, the genial host of the Hooss Hotel, has purchased the Cobb farm, which is just outside and south of the corporation limits. We have not heard whether Joe intends to farm it, or lay it out in town lots.

FIRE! -- An alarm of fire was sounded about midnight last Monday, which proved to be a false alarm. -- It gave our fire department a chance however, to show the celerity of its movements, as in less than five minutes after the first alarm, Fire Company No. 1 had their engine placed and hose ready to throw water on the building where the fire was supposed to be, and it was rather a disappointment to them, when they were ordered to reel up their hose and go back to the engine house.

BIRTHS. -- Mr. Jeff. Yount, residing about sixteen miles west of Perryville, near Yountís store, became the father of a fine boy on the 6th inst. Mr. Yount thinks that this will enable him to dispose with one hand on his threshing machine next summer, as his boy (it is the first) will be able to drive the horses, at least.

A good looking little boy stopped at the residence of Mr. Isidore Layton, near Longtown, on Wednesday of last week. He soon expects to be a granger.

     Baby buggy

PERSONAL. -- Dr. C. A. Mann and lady left for Chester this week, on a visit to Mr. John Young (Mrs. Mannís father) who is lying dangerously ill.

Mr. John W. Kelly, of Pescadero, San Mateo county, Cal., has our thanks for late San Francisco daily papers.

Mr. Noell E. Farrar, of St. Louis, is here on a visit, and will remain until after the holidays.

Squire Burfeind, of Frohna, was in Perryville last Tuesday and gave us a call.

THE EXPLOSION of a coal oil lamp at the residence of Mr. N. Carlami on Monday evening was the cause of a little excitement and a great deal of merriment. It seems that as Mr. Narcis Petot, our butcher was trying to smother out the fire with a blanket, Mr. C., who is almost blind, but could see the blaze of the fire, picked up a bucket of water and tried to throw it on the fire, but succeeded in emptying the entire contents of the bucket upon Mr. Petot. It is an undecided question which was the most "put out," the fire of Mr. Petot.

CHARLES B. ROSS is thought to be found this time certain, and has been discovered but a short distance from Perryville. A couple of weeks since two individuals put in their appearance in our neighboring city of Chester, accompanied by a little boy. They had not been there but a short time, when some persons got to believe that the little fellow that they had with them was no other than Charles Brewster Ross, the long lost child, and he was taken from the strangers, and is now in the hands of the citizens of Chester. He is said to favor the kidnapped boy very much, and the fact was immediately dispatched tot eh authorities in Philadelphia. We have been told that the parents are expected in Chester this week. We shall know whether it is their little boy or not.

MISSIONARIES AT WORK. -- Two Catholic Missionaries named Messrs. Karlstaetter and Haevestadt, belonging to the order of Jesuits, and hailing from the city of Buffalo, New York, paid our county a visit a couple of weeks since, and preached at the Apple Creek Church, -- They commenced their religious service on Sunday morning the 6th inst., and terminated their labors at that point on Friday the 11th inst. On last Sunday morning these same gentlemen commenced a mission at Biehleís Church, in this county and continued throughout the week. -- Father Kleisser, of the German Catholic Church of our town, participated in the ceremonies of the occasion, and our neighbor, Mr. Henry Holtman, was the organist during these religious services. We learn that quite a number of our citizens were present, and they were much pleased with the services.

Circuit Court

A special term of the circuit court was held this week to try William Fallon and Edmund Anderson. The former was indicted for stabbing one Von Verdyham with intent to kill. The court appointed John V. Noell to defend, and by request, W. H. Bennett assisted him. He was convicted and fined one hundred dollars. On motion of his counsel the fine was commuted to twenty days imprisonment in the county jail.

The other prisoner was indicted for grand larceny stealing a hog -- J. V. Noell, was again appointed to defend and requested Mr. W. H. Bennett and J. C. Killian to assist him. The jury did not remain out long until they came in and made the poor old darkey very happy. -- The grand jury, with our venerable Senator at its head, completed their business on Tuesday, san was discharged.

This is the first time our young and talented Judge has held court here. He has made many friends by the dignified manner in which he conducts business. He is prompt without hurry - strict without harshness in the enforcement of order, and resides with as much case and grace as though he had been accustomed to sit on the bench for years, and though he is rather strict with he members of the bar, we believe we are expressing the truth when we say they were all pleased with his manner of presiding. In fact, we do not mean to flatter when we say the able and impartial manner in which he resides, has surpassed even the expectations of his many friends.

Probate Court Proceedings

Thursday, December 10th -

... John C. Doerr made final settlement of the estate of Mary E. McCauley, balance due for distribution $247.13.

...The bond of G. F. Winter, guardian and curator of Anna C. Renken et al was approved.

... Augustus Doerr made final settlement of the estate of Thomas Phillips, balance due $9,463.

... Wm. Cambron was appointed curator of William and Laura Cambron.

...James Burgee, guardian and curator of Anna and Emma Burns, made settlement, balance due $735.73.

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