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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 18 April 1873


MR. GABRIEL END left for St. Louis on Monday on business.

JAMES RICE & Co. are selling their goods at astonishing low figures. Go and see them.

SCHOOL DIRECTORS throughout the county, (exempting the Perryville school district) were elected on last Saturday.

CIRCUIT COURT will convene at the court house in Perryville next Monday, and will be in session some two weeks.

MR. ANTON HUNT, of the firm of Litsch & Hunt, left for St. Louis on Wednesday on business, and will return on Sunday.

MR. GEO. KOCH is tearing away his old houses east of the public square, preparatory to erecting his large brick building.

HENRY HOLTMAN, our neighbor, is preparing to build a side walk in front of his property. Let others follow the example.,

THE CREEKS, in these parts, were swelled to a considerable height last week, but whether any damage was done or not, we have not learned.

NURSERY. -- Apple trees, excellent quality, at $10 per 100, or at $80 per 1000, at John Young’s Nursery. -- Also a large and fine assortment of pear and cherry trees at low prices.

UNRULY. -- On Friday of last week while Mr. ----- Chappuis was coming from Church, his horse became unruly and kicked off a portion of the dash board. Nobody was injured.

MARRIAGES. -- We are informed that ‘Squire P. S. Bruner, of Bois Brule Township, in this county, married twenty-three couple during the past six months. Doing pretty well.

JOHN H. NICHOLSON, ESQ., attorney at law and Prosecuting Attorney for Perry county, has removed into his new office, which is situated in the northeast corner of the court house up stairs.

TOWN OFFICERS. On Tuesday of last week an election was held in Perryville, and the following city officers were elected: Arsan Callier, Wm. P. Faherty, Vincent Tucker, John J. Lang and Chas. A. Weber.

STRUCK BY LIGHTENING. -- A large barn belonging to Mr. Evans, in New Tennessee, Ste. Genevieve county, was struck by lightening and totally destroyed. Estimated loss about $1200.


Another meeting of those interested in the construction of the River Route Railroad, was held at the Southern Hotel in the city of St. Louis on the 7th inst. Hon. Wm. H. Bennett and Judge Geo. M. Shaner, of this county, were present to urge the building of said road. Judge Bennett made a speech favoring the immediate construction of the proposed railroad, and gave good reasons why it should pass through or near Perryville.

The meeting was organized and articles of association were unanimously adopted. From these articles, we learn that said road will start from or near Seventh street, and between the Pacific Railroad and Clark avenue, in St. Louis, and to terminate at a point on the Mississippi river opposite Columbus, Kentucky. -- The length of the road will be about one hundred and sixty miles, and is to pass through the counties of St. Louis, Jefferson, Ste. Genevieve, Perry, Cape Girardeau, Scott, and Mississippi.

The capital stock of the company is to be five million dollars. There will be fifty thousand shares at one hundred dollars each. About one thousand shares have already been taken.

The River Route Railroad is a fixed fact, at least, it appears so now.

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