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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 17 September 1875


THE FATHER of waters raised a little this week.

TWO HUNDRED wagons, loaded with wheat, were in Ste. Marys last Saturday.

THE QUARTERLY Meeting at York Chapel the past week, was very well attended.

A SMALL DROVE of cattle passed through Perryville on Wednesday evening last.

A FIRE COMPANY MEETING will be held next Sunday, and all members are requested to attend.

SCHOOL. -- The German Lutheran school will open next Monday, and a session of ten months will be taught.

FIXING UP. -- The school house in district two and township thirty-six, is being comfortably fixed up, preparatory to opening school in it this winter.

A CUTTING affair took place near Biehles last Monday, and a man named Jones was badly though not seriously cut.

LEFT US. -- Mrs. Cobbs, in company with her grandchildren and Miss Nash, left for the city of St. Louis last Wednesday, where they will hereafter reside.

Second hand Cook Stove for sale cheap at this office. It is in a good condition.

OFF FOR SCHOOL. -- Mr. Stephen L. McAtee, accompanied by his ward, Reuben Moore, left our county last Saturday for Lebanon, Ky., to put his ward at college near that place.

THAT ELECTION. -- On last Saturday an election was held in Perryville for the purpose of choosing two school trustees, and Mr. Wm. Litsch and Mr. Vincent Tucker were elected.

RECOVERING. -- Mr. John Graef who received some injuries one day last week, while engaged in tearing down an old building, is convalescing, and will soon be able to be about again.

POETRY. -- A lady has sent us two pieces of good poetry, but we have failed to insert them because we seldom publish poetry on the inside of our paper, and we trust this will be satisfactory.

RAFFLES. -- A silver watch and a gold chain will be raffled at Mr. W. P. Faherty's store in Perryville next Saturday morning, and a sewing machine at Claryville in the afternoon of the same day.

RED PEPPER. -- Miss Martha Hagar, residing south of Perryville, presented us with a lot of pods of red pepper a few days ago, some of which measured four inches long. -- Can you do better?

RAIN. -- This portion of the universe was treated to a rain last Friday, and though it did not last long enough, yet small favors are thankfully received, and vegetation was none the worse for it.

MOVED AWAY. -- Mr. Leonard Knott accompanied by his family, bid out county the last adieu on Friday last. They have removed to Brewersville, Randolph county, Illinois, where they will reside in the future.

BIRTH. -- A little boy stopped at the residence of Mr. James Manning, four miles northeast of Perryville, on Friday last.

Mr. Anton Feltz had a little boy to call at his home six miles north of Perryville on last Sunday week.

TWINS. -- Two little girls were born at the residence of Mr. Jos. Brown, five miles northeast of Perryville on Wednesday evening of last week, but soon after their birth died.

     Baby buggy

SQUIRRELS. -- Mr. Anton Christenson, residing five miles northeast of Perryville, visited the woods a few days since in search of game, and after an absence of a few hours returned home with eighteen squirrels and he says it wasn't much of a day for killing squirrels either.

PERSONAL. -- Mrs. Elizabeth Schroder of Chester, Ills., has bee in her parents.

Mr. Burns and family , of Cape Girardeau, arrived in out county a few days ago visiting relatives.

MARRIED, on Sunday, September 5th, 1875, at the residence of the bride near Bailey's Landing in this county, Mr. George Swan to Miss M. C. Vatau.

Married by Squire W. D. Counts, Mr. Joseph Freeman to Miss Mary Hahn.

Married, by Squire V. P. Tucker, Mr. John Guaegy to Miss Elezabeth Lenz.

FUN. -- They had a fine time at Mr. Joseph Lukefahr's residence, five miles south of Perryville on Thursday of last week. During the day a considerable amount of work was done in the corn field, and at night dancing commenced and continued until a late hour, and a good time was the result.

The same kind of fun was had at Mr. Vincent Miles, a short distance west of Perryville last Tuesday.

CORN! -- Mrs. Armida Brewer, residing abut three and a half miles southeast of Perryville, has corn stalks growing upon her farm that contains twelve ears of corn. This is vouched for as strictly true. Who will dare to say that Perry is not a corn producing county? Who wil beat it? Mr. William Sandler, residing four miles northeast of Perryville, has hills of corn containing fifteen ears, three stocks to a hill. -- How is this?

FIRE! FIRE!! -- On last Sunday afternoon the bell on the engine house in Perryville rang pretty lively for a little while, and not knowing but that somebody was being burned out of house and home, we doned [sic] our hat and coat and struck out in double quick time for the scenes of the trouble, when we ascertained that instead of a conflagration the members of the Perryville Fire Company No. 1 were making preparations to have their "pictures" taken. No body was hurt, and the word continues to revolve.

DIED, on Friday morning, September 10th, 1875, at her residence five miles north of Perryville, Mrs. Margaret Hagan, wife of Mr. James Hagan, aged about 37 years.

Died, on Friday morning, September 10th, 1875, at the residence of her parents three and a half miles west of Perryville, Effie, daughter of Mr. John W. and Mrs Loretta Brewer, aged eleven months.

Died, of congestion of the brain, at 8 o'clock on Monday morning, September 15th, 1875, at his residence near Bailey's Landing, Mr. John W. Venable, aged 40 years.

DONE WELL. -- Mr. Simeon Layton, residing five miles east of Perryville, finished threshing his wheat a few days since, and it turned out pretty well. From twelve acres sown in wheat he received just four hundred and seventy bushels! This is an average of nearly forty bushels to the acre. What does the Fredericktown Plaindealer think of this kind of a yield? Don't it leave old Madison clear in the shade in producing cereal? There is no sort of question about it, there is no better country for wheat growing than old Perry county, and her wheat always commands first class prices. -- Emigrate here.

ACCIDENTALLY KILLED. -- On last Saturday morning Mr. Jules Denizet residing three miles south of Perryville, accompanied by his son, a boy about thirteen years old, went to Waters Landing, each with a load of wheat, and arrived safely. Having disposed of the wheat, they started homeward, Mr. Denizet taking the lead. When near what is known as the old Jones hill farm, the boy's team became frightened and ran away, passing his father's team and struck his wagon and broke an axle tree, and precipitated the unfortunate boy forward upon the double trees from there fell to the ground, and when picked up by his father life was extinct. His skull was terribly fractured.

Probate Court Proceedings

Wednesday, September 8th. -- William Ponder had claim classed against the estate of Fred. Weber for $60.32.

William Stuart, guardian and curator of Henry Stuart, made settlement, balance due $538.01.

$159 was appropriated for the years provision of Luvina M. Hagan, widow of James A. Hagan, dec'ed.

School district No. 3 had claim classed against the estate of James A. Hagan, dec'ed for $35.

Robert A. Garner, guardian and curator of Joseph Garner, made settlement, balance due $535.48; also made settlement for Edward Garner, balance due $566.10.

William Litsch & Co. had a claim ... Hagan for $296.32; also had note claimed for $67.93.

John W. Tucker, guardian and curator of Lilly Tucker, made settlement balance due $32.44.

James L. Crow made settlement of the estate of Elizabeth Lewis, balance due $122.02.

James L. Crow made settlement of the estate of Elizabeth Layton, balance due $502.33.

James L. Crow made report of sale of real estate, as administrator of John W. Bright, which was approved and ordered to make deed.

Francis X. Miles made settlement of Mary A., George, Sylvarian and Christena Miles, balance due each respectively $316.68, $317.10, 307.81 and $317.10.

Anna Kahle, administratrix of Geo. Koch, made report of sale of persons property.

Thursday, Sept. 9th. -- Francis Renaud, guardian and curator of Jos. Wimsatt, vs. Basil Moore, administrator of M. V. Moore, motion to dismiss complaint sustained, and said administrator ordered to render final account of said administration as guardian.

W. J. Abernathy, administrator of J. A. Abernathy, made settlement, balance due $2,295.05.

John O. Abernathy, administrator of partnership estate of John O. Abernathy & Co. ordered to pay over to administrator $300.

Frederick Springer had claim classed against G. Koch's estate for $36.55.

Peter Sandler had cliam classed against Geo. Koch's estate for $11.05; Gabriel Ed had claim classed against same estate for $10.70; Anna Kahle had claim classed against same estate for $64.65; O. C. Nabert had a claim classed against same estate for $103.68; John Kiefner had claim classed against same for $180.75; Clemens Schindler had claim classed against same for $72.85; Doerr & Bro. against same estate for $6.55.

Sophrona McCombs had claim classed against the estate of Lucinda McCombs for $57.96.

Dr. Shaw had claim classed against the estate of Wm. Bright for $9; Dr. Shaw had claim classed against estate of Elizabeth Layton for $6.

F. F. Winter, administrator of J. F. Winter, made final settlement. Also made first settlement of John Rankin's estate.

John D. Hellwege, guardian and curator of Gotlieb Bock, made settlement and was discharged.

Jos. Cissell was appointed curator of Mary M. Kinnison, and gave bond.

Margaret Meredith was appointed guardian of M. M. Kinnison.

Jos. Cissell made settlement of Mary A. and E. M. Brown, balance due each $1,739.10.

R. B. McCombs, curator of E. Davis, made settlement, balance due $121.93.

C. A. Duvall had claim classed against S. L. Duvall's estate for $15.95; L. J. Prevallet, administrator of S. L. Duvall, was ordered to sell personal property.

Maurus Biehle, guardian and curator of Julia Beihle, made final settlement, balance due $5065.62.

Mich. Zink had claim classed Jas. A. Hagan's estate for $16.15.

Geo. T. Tucker, curator of A. M., T. A., H. R. and C. A. Moore, made settlement balance due, respectively $1430.88; $1460.86; $1555.69 and 1335.07.

S. L. McAtee, curator of F. P. Moore, made settlement and was discharged; also discharged as curator of Mary M. Moore, also of M. A Moore, also of H. I. Moore.

L. J. Prevallet, administrator of S. L. Duvall, was ordered that $75 be appropriated for education of minor children.

W. W. Mattingly was appointed curator of L. J. Mullins.

Geo. T. Tucker, guardian and curator of T. A., H. R. and C. A. Moore, had $250 appropriated out of estate of each for their schooling.

Friday, Sept. 10th. -- S. Streiler had claim classed against the estate of J. A. Hagan for $198.36.

Catharine Streiler had homestead set out to her in estate of Chas. Streiler B. Tubbs and P. and A. Williams, had bonds approved.

F. Cretan, curator of A. Lhot, had bond approved.

Mary A. Miles, administratrix of W. R. Miles, made settlement, due $35.60.

John Klobe, curator of H. Meyer, made settlement, balance due $1074.83.

Wm. Shaw had claim classed against the estate of W. R. Miles for $6.

Wm. Furth had claim classed against the estate of Geo. Koch for $25.05.

John C. Farrar, curator of Elizabeth Wood, ordered that $50 be appropriated for schooling.

Wm. Litsch, curator of Doretha Fehland, made settlement, bal. due $240.

Timothy Brewer, guardian and curator of J. L. Belsha, had bond approved.

Henry Schaefer, administrator of J. E. Fiehler, order of sale of real estate.

Ural Cox, curator of W. A. Ward & Delia Clifton, had bonds approved.

Henry Schaefer made settlement of E. Fiehler's estate, balance due $704. Christ Popp, administrator of Simon Popp, order of sale of real estate.

... Davis's estate, balance due $158.16; also of A. P. Dickson, balance due $386.

J. C. Doerr & Bro. had claim classed against the estate of C. Brown for the sum of $52.25.

Wm. Litsch was appointed curator of Mary. A. Koch.

E. Urban, administrator of F. A. Weber, made report of sale of real estate which was approved.

Andrew Huber had claim classed against the estate of C. F. Schneider for $502.32.

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