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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 17 November 1871


CORN is selling at forty cents per bushel in our market.

MEASLES. -- A case of the measles is reported in town.

DR. S. T. HALL, Dentist, arrived in Perryville on Monday evening.


A DROVE OF CATTLE passed thru town on Sunday en route for Illinois.

ALPHONSE CALLIER has purchased the saloon formerly by Mr. John B. Gotto.

JOS. C. KILLIAN, ESQ., lost a fine horse, by death, on last Friday. He was valued at two hundred. dollars.

PREACHING. -- Remember, there will be preaching at the Methodist Episcopal Church in Perryville next Sunday.

THE WEATHER. -- We were favored with rain on Monday, and the favor was thankfully received. It has turned quite cold.

MR. CELESTIAN TUCKER, son of Silas Tucker, of this county, after an absence of nearly twenty years in California, returned to Perryville last Sunday.

DISEASE AMONG HORSES. -- We are informed that some five or six horses have died in this vicinity during the past week, from some kind of a disease unknown to us.

WERE FINED. -- The parties whom we mentioned in our last issue, as having been arrested in Bois Brule Bottom, and brought before Justice Vermast, has a hearing and were fined five dollars and cost.

KICKED BY A MULE. -- On Wednesday of this week, Alphonse Callier, while attempting to catch one of his mules which had broke loose, the animal kicked him on the right cheek bone, hurting him quite badly though not seriously.

RAILROADS. -- If all we hear be true we are to be blessed with railroads in this section of the country. A railroad is to be build to St. Genevieve, another to Ste. Marys, and still another to is to be constructed to Wittenberg by the way of Perryville. It is rumored that these three roads will be built within the next “decade.”

JUST ESCAPED EXPLOSION. -- On Wednesday last, about noon, from some cause, unknown to us, the water became very low in the boiler of the Perryville steam flour mill, and had not the fire been immediately extinguished and the safety valve raised by Mr. Schaaf, in all probability an explosion would have occurred, and life and property would have been destroyed.

MR. WILLIAM FURTH still continues to sell goods at remarkable low figures, being the lowest priced dry goods house in this section of the country, and any one doubting this, need only call on Mr. Furth and examine his goods and prices, to be satisfied that we have simply stated the truth. It is no trouble to show goods, so give him a call and get your money’s worth.

A GREY EAGLE KILLED, -- One day last week Mr. Oliver P. French, one of our enterprising farmers, while out hunting, came upon a grey eagle eight miles southwest of Perryville and shot and killed it. It measured eight feet and two inches from tip to tip of its wings, and weighed over sixteen pounds. Mr. French informs us that this is the largest grey eagle he has seen for a number of years.

AN ACCIDENT IN STE. MARYS. -- We learn that the cornice on the southeast end of the Ste. Marys flour mill, which was some forty feet in length, and contained at least five thousand brick[s], fell on Friday last passing through the tin roof of the engine room, and burying up the fireman, who is a colored gentleman. He was extricated from the ruins, and was found to be badly hurt, though it is thought his injuries will not prove fatal.

NOT A GOOD DAY FOR HUNTING. -- Rev. W. O. Short, the Methodist Minister of this place, had occasion to pay a pastorial visit in the country, one day last week, and while doing so took along his gun, that in case he should come across game, he might shoot it. He was out hunting about half a day, and killed thirty-one quails, two rabbits and two squirrels, and it was not a good. day for hunting either! Mr. Short presented us with a half dozen of the quails, and we tell you they were really good. Can any of the marksmen in these parts do as well? We think not.

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