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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 17 June 1873


MR. WM. FURTH has purchased the late residence of Jas. C. Noell, in the suburbs of Perryville.

TWENTY CHILDREN made their first communion in the German Catholic Church in Perryville last Sunday.

MR. WM. BLECHLE, of Illinois, has become a citizen of our town, having moved here during the past week.

THE FIRST STORY of Mr. George Koch’s brick building is up, and ere long the second story will be completed.

THE PERRYVILLE CORNET BAND still liveth, for we heard it play some good music during the past few days.

THE WEATHER, during the past week,m has been very warm, a little too much so to be agreeable, but we may expect still warmer weather.

LEGAL. -- The Sheriff, Mr. Robert N. Dean, has five notices in to-days paper. He will sell several tracts of land at the August term of the county court.

THE CATHOLIC SCHOOL. -- The Sisters closed this school in town last Friday evening. It was in session four months, and during that period had as many as seventy scholars in attendance at one time.

FATHER E. BLUME, formerly of the German Catholic Church of this place, but now of Palmyra, Mo., is in Perryville on a visit. He looks well and enjoys good health, from which we infer that he is kindly cared for at his new home.

HARVESTING. -- The farmers in this vicinity have been busy the past two weeks harvesting their hay and wheat, some of the former has already made its appearance in our market. The wheat crop of this county is very good, and if all reports are true, probably the best that has been raised for several years.

MR. JOHN V. NOELL, who has just graduated at the St. Vincent College in Cape Girardeau, Mo., returned home on Thursday of last week. He will remain here until September, when he will go to the city of St. Louis to attend the law school. Mr. Noell is a promising young man, and we wish him every success.


To all men who shall see these presents greeting: You are hereby notified that I the undersigned, have ceased to live with Nancy Vessels, formerly Nancy Manning, as her husband, on account of indignities by her offered the undersigned such as to render his condition intollerable [sic], and you are hereby warned not to sell to or trust her on my account, for I will no longer stand responsible for or pay any debt which she may contract on any account whatever.


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