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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 17 April 1874


RAIN, Rain, beautiful rain has been to[o] plentiful in these parts.

PROPERTY has recently been changing hands about Wittenberg in this county.

SAMUEL GRADEN, -- Read this gentleman's new advertisement in this week's paper.

COUNTY COURT will assemble at the court house on the 13th inst. to transact some business.

MISS LOUISA LANG has our thanks for that nice present to our little girl, and she is well pleased.

DONíT forget the Perryville Literary Society on the 17th inst. The womenís crusade is to be debated.

THE SALINE creek was on high Wednesday, and the consequence was that we had no St. Louis mails on that day.

PEACH TREES, in this neighborhood, are in full bloom, with a promise of a pretty fair yield of peaches this fall.

LAST CALL. -- Those wanting Pictures cheap, rush in. Mr. Fortin will leave in a few days. Gallery at Burgeeís Hall.

MR. HENRY J. TUCKER is putting up a shop on his lot, just back of Simpson & Co.ís store, which will soon be completed.

A NEW residence is being erected one and a half miles southwest of town by Leo T. Dean, which will be a neat dwelling when finished.

TOWN LOTS. -- Christopher Popp has laid off some town lots at the edge of town, and is disposing of them cheap. Perryville is steadily growing.

NEW STORES. -- We understand that a store has been started at Brazeau Church by E. Walker, and another at Blackís old stand by F. Smith in this county.

OWING to the we weather we have had during the past few weeks a number of the cellars in our town have been flooded with water, which has not happened before for a long time.

SPRING, beautiful spring, has made its advent at last, and the earth is fast being robed in green, and the trees are commencing to put forth their foliage. Spring is recognized as the most lovely and cheerful of all the seasons of the year.

BIEHLEíS CHURCH -- We understand than [that] the organ, formerly belonging to the Ste. Marys Seminary, which was purchased by the Biehle Church a few weeks since, was put up in the latter church this week, and will soon be ready for use.

DIED, on the 13th of April, 1874, at her residence in this county, Mrs. Celia Moore, in the 58th year of her age. The deceased was born and raised in this county, and was a good, Christian lady, and leaves many relatives and friends to mourn her demise.

LAWYERS. -- The following lawyers have put in their appearance at our circuit court, up to Wednesday night: J. Perry Johnson and Judge Nevelle, of Chester; Wm. N. Nalle, of Fredericktown; James C. Noell, of Marble Hill; L. H. Davis, of Jackson, and the Perryville bar.

THAT BARN. -- Mr. John P. Moore, one of our well to do farmers, has just erected a large and commodious barn upon his farm, three miles north of Perryville. It is a frame building. Friend John is an enterprising farmer, and a good granger, too. He thinks that his barn cannot be beat in these parts.

MESSRS. TUCKER & LAYTON, proprietors of the Abernathy Mills near Longtown, in this county, have recently refitted the mill, and are now prepared to do all work in their line. Sawing as well as grinding. The firm is composed of two live, go ahead young men, and they deserve to get all the work they can do.

MORE MUSIC. -- Not long since Mr. John Hooss purchased a fine piano for his better half, and a short time after Mr. John C. Doerr also purchased an excellent piano for his family, and now Dr. J. C. Staley has just bought a splendid Melodeon for his family. Music is a nice thing and some of our citizens are determined to have it.

STRUCK BY LIGHTNING. -- The residence of Mr. John Lorenz in the northern part of our county was struck by lightning a short time since, but as Mr. Lorenz had taken the precaution to protect his buildings, by having the celebrated star galvanized lightning rods put on them by H. G. Kiesler, of our town, no damage was done.

EDITOR UNION: On last Sunday the congregation at St. Marys Seminary held a meeting after mass, which resulted as follows: On the 14th of May next (ascension day) there is to be a grand concert given at the Seminary by the famous organ builder, Mr. Pitcher, of St. Louis. This great musical genius is to put the finishing touch on our organ and furnish musicians and singers for the occasion. It will no doubt be the grandest thing in the way of music ever heard in the quiet regions of old Perry. There is to be a splendid dinner given immediately after mass by the parishioners on this occasion, after which the concert will begin. Perry county is famous for musicians and music-lovers, and, as a matter of course, every one who possesses a single spark of this soul transporting gift will avail himself of this opportunity of getting his fill of this heaven born melody.

Y. Z.

MRS. CATHERINE SCHINDLER (her maiden name was Boehlert) departed this life at twelve o'clock on the night of the 8th of April, 1874, at her residence in Perryville, aged 44 years 6 months and 28 days. It has only been but a few short weeks since she, with her husband, children and many friends, celebrated her silver wedding.

The deceased was born in Baden, Germany, on the 11th day of September, 1829, and at an early age, in company with her parents, emigrated to the United States. Some time in the year 1831, they removed to Perry county, and, with the exception of a few years, resided here ever afterwards. The subject of this notice was raised in a quarter of a mile of Perryville.

Mrs. Schindler was a strict member of the Catholic Church in which faith she died. She was married on the 7th day of January, 1849. She was an affectionate wife and devoted mother. She leaves a husband, seven children, many relatives and a large number of friends to mourn her absence from the family altar and home circle.


Rev. Mr. Besel, formerly pastor of one of the German Lutheran Churches of our county, was here on a visit last week.

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