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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 16 October 1868


THE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION. -- meeting of the teachers association of Perry county will be held at the Abernathy School House on Saturday the 24th of the present month. All teachers are politely invited to attend.

STRANGERS. --We noticed quite a number of strange faces in town the past week, also many familiar one.

DR. PHILLIPS was in town during the week attending to business. He looks well and in the enjoyment of good health.

THE LEGAL PROFESSION. -- The following members of the legal profession are in Perryville attending circuit court: John F. Bush, of St. Francis county; Wm. M. Nalle and Mr. Cahoun, of Fredericktown; Judge Geo. He. Green, of Cape Girardeau; Mr. Davis and Mr. Sanford, of Jackson; Judge McWilliams, of Cape Girardeau; Mr. Waterbury, of Commerce, Scott county; Judge J. B. Robbins and John C. Watkins, of Ste. Genevieve; J. P. Johnson and W. Gall, of Chester, Illinois; J. B. Robinson, J. C. Killian, B. Cissell and W. H. Bennett, of Perryville.

PERSONAL. -- Capts. Williams, Nevelle and Cadwick, of Chester, Illinois, were in town this week on business.

Judge William Carter, of Farmington, arrived in town last Sunday. He looks well and in fine spirit.

JACK FROST paid us a visit on Thursday night of last week. On Friday morning every thing assumed a whitish appearance, looking as though a light snow had fallen.

DIVINE SERVICE. -- Rev. R. R. Witten, the Methodist Minister, will preach at the court house in Perryville on next Sunday evening at 3 o’clock.

TURNERS’ HALL. -- The Turners of Perryville have erected a hall for their use on the Ste. Mays road northwest of town.

BOUGHT A MILL -- William Thomas, former miller of the Perryville Mills, and Augustus Doerr have purchased the mill in the Abernathy settlement, known as the Abernathy mill.

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