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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 16 April 1875


IN BLOOM. -- We notice that peach trees and some other fruit trees are in full bloom.

THE GREAT SOUTH. -- An advertisement, headed as above, will be found in another column. Don't neglect to read it.

GRAPE ARBOR. -- We see that Mr. Thomas Hooss has constructed upon his property north of us a neat grape arbor.

THE WHEAT CROP, so far as we are able to learn, promises a good yield in this county. It is said to be looking well.

BIRTH. -- A good looking little boy stopped at the residence of Mr. Henry F. Miles, seven miles northwest of Perryville, last Tuesday.

     Baby buggy

WOLVES ABOUT. -- Mr. Jesse Irwin, residing on Cedar Fork in this county, had eight lambs killed by wolves on Sunday morning.

MORE KILLING. -- Mr. John Zahner residing some six miles south of Perryville, had several of his sheep killed by dogs last Saturday night.

ST. MARYS. -- It is stated that Mr. Henry L. Caldwell, of St. Marys, contemplates the erection of a large brick building in that place the coming summer.

IN EARNEST. -- Mr. Thomas Hooss is now having a cellar dug, preparatory to the erection of his brick residence we recently made mention of in these columns.

LOSS. -- Mrs. Matilda Killian, residing two miles southeast of Perryville, lost a fine horse last Saturday morning, the animal being valued at one hundred dollars.

SCHOOL COMMISSIONER. -- We have not yet received all the election returns from different portions of the county, but enough is known to show that Mr. David W. Crow has been chosen school commissioner.

MODERN ENGINEERING. -- Mr. Clement Schindler, during the past few months has dug a ditch along some of his land situated about one mile southwest of Perryville. The ditch is something near a quarter of a mile in length.

LUTTICE. -- Mr. Richard A. Walker, residing three miles south of Perryville, understands how to cultivate luttice, for we are told that he has furnished one of our hotel keepers with several pecks of this article recently.

GONE TO MARYLAND. -- Miss Mary Moranville, daughter of Mr. Lewis Moranville, residing two miles west of Perryville, left our county a few days since for Emmettsburg, Maryland, at which place she will make her future home.

MOVED AWAY. -- Mr. John Weber, one of our tanners, accompanied by his family, bid our county farewell one day last week. This gentleman has removed to Stephenson county, Ilinois, in which county his son-in-law now resides.

ANOTHER BARN. -- Mr. Andrew Nesslein, residing two and a half miles south of Perryville, raised a commodious barn upon his farm on Monday of last week. It is forty-four feet long, twenty feet wide and twenty feet high.

MINING. -- We understand that Mr. John N. Frank, of St. Louis, has again commenced mining operations upon his iron lands on Apple Creek in this county, and that he contemplates erecting a furnace in that section sometime soon.

A STRONG TEAM. -- A gentleman residing in the southwest portion of the county, having disposed of his team recently, he and his son pulled the empty wagon home, over a rough road, a distance of six miles. This was no easy job.

THROWN OFF. -- Mr. Charles F. Miget, residing two miles west of Perryville, while on his road home on Saturday evening last, his horse became unruly and threw him off, but fortunately, he escaped without sustaining any injuries.

PERSONAL. -- Mr. Robert D. Burns, of the Chester Marble Works, was in town this week on business.

Mr. George Springer, of St. Clair county, Illinois, arrived in Perryville the past week on a visit to his relatives.

IMPROVEMENT. -- Mr. Thomas J. Moore some time ago purchased a tract of land in Bois Brule bottom, upon which he has just completed a comfortable dwelling house, and has got a good deal of land cleared already. Last Saturday he had a log rolling, and considerable land was cleaned off.

ATTORNEYS AT COURT. -- Besides our own bar the following attorneys have been in attendance at circuit court this week: Judge William Carter and Martin L. Clardy, Esq., of St. Francois county; J. Perry Johnson, Esq., of Chester, Ills., Jas. C. Noell of Bollinger county, Judge J. B. Robbins, of Ste. Genevieve.

CAN IT BE BEATEN? -- A young lady named Miss Margaret Boxdorfer, residing some five miles east of Perryville, has a quilt that contains just five thousand six hundred and twenty-five pieces. This beats all the "patch work" spoken of in our columns, and we think it will be hard to beat, if done at all.

FINE STOCK. -- Mr. John Wilkinson residing near Altenburg in this county, is determined to raise fine stock, and as it costs no more to do this than to raise inferior stock, we cannot see why he should do otherwise. He is also prepared to assist others in doing the same thing. Those desirous of raising good stock should remember this.

CONSUMED BY FIRE. -- Mr. Nicholas Counts, residing on the county line near St. Francois, had the misfortune, a few day[s] ago, of having a granary with its contents consumed by fire. Besides the building there were twenty-five bushels of wheat, several hundred pounds of bacon, fifteen bushels of oats, two new saddles, and some other articles burned.

THE PEACH CROP. -- We were lead to believe a few weeks since that the fruit crop in this section would be quite small, and especially that of the peach, but we have since learned that we were wrongly informed in regard to the matter. There is every probability that there will be an abundant fruit crop this year, and that there will be plenty of peaches and other fruit.

NEW FENCES. -- John H. Nicholson, Esq., had a new plank fence put around a portion of his property west of town, and contemplates making other improvements. Mrs. Americus Block has also had a new plank fence put around her property near town, which helps the looks of it very much. Mr. Clement Schindler and Mr. Fred. Schindler have also added new fences to their premises.

OF SCHOOL AGE. -- Mr. John E. Aikin has just finished the work of ascertaining the number of children of school age in this school district, which foots up three hundred and eighteen, an increase of twenty over last year. Whole number of white males 153, while females 154, colored males 7, colored females 4. It will be seen that the colored population is not very largely represented.

A HEAVY STORM. -- On Thursday evening of last week, a heavy rain and wind storm visited this portion of christendom, and done some mischief. At Highland, five miles south of Perryville, a number of fences were leveled to the ground, and several large trees were twisted off near the ground. Mr. John T. Brewer tells us that he had two hundred and twenty-five panels of rail fencing blown down. So far as we are able to learn nobody was hurt.

CIRCUIT COURT PROCEEDINGS. -- The Circuit Court met on Monday, April 12th, 1875, pursuant to adjournment Hon. Louis F. Dinning, Judge of the 26th Judicial Circuit, presiding by request of Hon. John B. Robinson, Judge of the 20th Judicial Circuit; John V. Noell, Prosecuting Attorney; James Burgee, Clerk; and N. Guth, Sheriff, at their respective posts.

State of Missouri vs. James Huntly, indictment for selling liquor without license, fined $40.

The State of Missouri vs. James Huntly, indicted for selling merchandise without license, continued to next term.

The State of Missouri vs. Peter Verschelden, indicted for selling liquor without license, fined $40.

Judge William Carter was enrolled as an attorney at this bar.

James J. Moore et al, exparte, leave granted to file amended petition during this term of court.

Mary J. Gatewood et al, exparte, same as above.

Matilda M. Jones et al vs. Emaline McLane, partition suit, plaintiff granted leave to amend petition during this term.

The State vs. John and Lewis Grass, indicted for disturbing the peace of a family, was continued to next term.

The State vs. James A. Bull, indicted for falling to keep road in repair, dismissed by the State.

Nicholas Rambeau vs. Lunsford Ellis, and the plaintiff, by leave, entered his appearance.

Phillip Popp vs. Christ Popp et al, vendors lein, defendant files his demurer to plaintiff's petition.

April 13th -- Second Day. -- The State vs. William Brown, indicted for assault with intent to kill, indictment quashed.

John C. Farrar vs. Martin Entres ejectment dismissed at plantiff's cost.

John Hackel vs. John Fossold, damages, change of venue to Ste. Genevieve county.

Emanuel Smith vs. Clement J. Fenwick, files motion to strike out part of defendant's offset.

Peter Mr. Bruner vs. John H. Nicholson, damages, dismissed at defendant's cost. Robt. N. Dean, ex. rel. Emanuel Smith, vs. Clement J. Fenwick, action on bond, defendant granted leave to file answer on or before September 1st, and continued.

Robt. N. Dean, ex. rel., James M. Smith, vs. Clement J. Fenwick, the same as above.

J. W. Langlois vs. W. W. Hamilton et al, leave granted to file answer on or before Sept. 1.

J. W. Langlois vs. H. L. Caldwell et al, ejectment, same as above.

Zacharias Mueller vs. Peter W. A. McPike, debt, leave granted to file answer on or before September next and continued.

Thomas G. Chadwick and Julia Block, exparte, partition, leave to file amended petition on or before tomorrow.

The State vs. H. H. W. Baume, indicted for peddling without license not. Pros. entered by the State.

Thomas G. Chadwick vs. Joseph Ellis et al, change of venue to Wayne county, in the 23d Judicial Circuit, whereupon the plaintiff and defendant asked leave to file their bills of exceptions.

Wednesday, April 14 -- Third Day -- Emanuel Smith vs. Clement J. Fenwick, motion to strike out part of plaintiff's offset sustainen.

Geo. Hoehn vs. John W. Course order distribution.

Elizabeth Moranville vs. Jerome Moranville, petition for decree of land dismissed at defendant's cost. Also actin to legalize sale, &c., dismissed at defendant's cost.

F. L. Jones vs. Joseph Hagan ejectment dismissed at plaintiff's cost.

Vincent Tuckeer vs. Joseph Hagan, ejectment dismissed at plaintiff's cost.

Vincent Tucker vs. Henry Verschelden and Bruno Simmons debt, dismissed at plaintiff's cost.

Emanuel Block et al, exparte, partition leave to amend by 10 o'clock tomorrow.

Evarestus Neitcher et al, exparte, leave to amend by 10 o'clock to-morrow.

James M. Mattingly et al, same as the above.

R. N. Dean vs. Daniel Merideth, debt, dismissed at defendant's cost.

Kraft, Frye & Co., vs. A. Estel, attachment, leave given plaintiff to file amended petition instanter.

H. L. Caldwell vs. Thos. Spicer et al, ejectment, leave given defendant to file amended answer by 10 o'clock to-morrow.

F. L. Jones vs. L. E. DeLassus et al debt, death of plaintiff suggested, and executrix enters her appeaance and scl. fac. awarded to defendents [sic], returnable to next term, to show cause, if any they have why this course should not stand revived in the name of said executrix.

F. L. Jones vs. L. E. DeLassus et al, debt, death of Elenor DeLassus, (one of the defendants) suggested and summons ordered against her administrator, returnable to next term, to show cause why this cause should to be made against him and continued.

F. L. Jones vs. J. L. Crow et al, foreclosure of mortgage, ordered that former deed and acknowledgment made by sheriff in April, 1874, be cancelled and set aside, and that the sheriff make a new deed.

R. N. Dean vs. C. Van Keneght and J. L. Lhot, debt, judgment by default for $1,744.32.

John Black vs. Richard Black, debt, tried by the court and taken under advisement.

THE LITERARY. -- EDITOR UNION: A large audience was present at the meeting of the society on last Friday night. Those present as spectators were no doubt disappointed, as the greater part of the programme for the evening failed to be carried,out on account of several members who did not "come to time." This failure on the part of the programme was, perhaps, more than made up by an address delivered by Judge J. H. Abernathy, who being present, was invited to take part in the exercises of the evening. Although taken by surprise, the speaker made a very interesting speech. The thoughts embodied in the discourse were well arranged and presented with force and vigor. The great necessity of the general improvement of the race morally, intellectually and socially was presented as a subject of paramount importance. The age in which we live is one progress and great development. The past is past, and we can not hide in its darkness. We must act in the living present, or become drones in society. Onward and upward is the watch-word of every true man and woman.

The discussion on the resolution was not very interesting, as all the speakers were on one side, excepting A. H. Cashion, who spoke on the affirmative against four on negative. The question was ordered and the house decided that it would not be good policy to divide the school funds among the different religious denominations. A communication from Miss Hattie Bell, requesting to withdraw from the society was read and accepted; also the resignation of J. H. Simpson, Treasurer of the society, and a request to withdraw from the same, was read and referred. The society will feel the loss of such a member as Mr. Simpson. -- He is one of the old guard that has stood by the society through storm as well as sunshine. All honor to him who would not desert the ship when the sea was rough and the winds contrary. -- Their brethren regret that any influences should cause those two valuable and talented members to quit the society.

The music on the programme was carried out very creditably. The subject for discussion on next Friday night is, Resolved, that the Legislature of this State did right in voting and appropriating books,and legal documents for the use of the members thereof.


Card from Rev. P. J. Gleeson.

MR. EDITOR: Permit me, through your worthy paper, to return my sincere thanks to the Rev. Father Kleiser for his kind hospitality, and to his congregation for their great liberality. Father Kleiser has shown me every mark of true friendship, and his people contributed $47 towards my church at Louisiana, Mo. Many of old my friends in and around Perryville contributed toward the same object, for which I beg to return grateful acknowledgments.

I also beg leave to state that if any of the good people of Perry desire to aid me in my efforts to have one of the finest church buildings in the State from being sold for debt, they can hand to Rev. Father Kleiser they contributions, who will send same tome. The following letter from my Bishop, gives a true statement of the present embarrassment of my church.

St. Louis, Mo. April 1, 1875

The bearer, Rev. P. J. Gleeson, has permission to collect in this diocese in order to raise funds to pay the heavy indebtedness on the Catholic Church at Louisiana, in this State. This is a very pressing want, as the church will have to be sold if the generous faithful do not aid Father Gleeson in his great need.

P. J. RYAN, Bishop

The above Rev. P. J. Gleeson came to St. Marys Seminary near Perryville in 1850, and commenced and completed his studies here, and was ordained a priest in 1860. He remained here in active service as a zealous priest during a period of four years. Since his absence from among us (a period of eleven years) he has erected some seven churches and organized several new Catholic Missions. He was located at Louisiana, Mo., in the summer of 1873, and since that time has erected one of the finest church edifices in the State. It cost eighteen thousand dollars.

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