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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 15 September 1871


A SMOKE HOUSE BURNED. -- The smoke house of Henry Fassold, a short distance east of town, was consumed by fire on Saturday last. We have not learned the amount of loss sustained.

A BOUNTIFUL CROP. -- We are informed that the crop of walnuts, hazel nuts and hickory nuts is quite large in this county the present season, and some of them are being gathered and stored away for inter us.

BROKE AN ARM. -- On Monday of last week while Mrs. J. N. Moore was engaged in fixing some fruit to dry, her foot slipped and she was thrown to the ground, a plank falling across her arm, near the wrist, breaking the same.

AN OLD SOLDIER DEAD. -- Francis Erwin, long a resident of this county and a soldier of the War of 1812, died at his home in St. Mary’s Township, last week. This is probably the last of the soldiers who fought in that war, and who afterwards settle in this county.

COUNTY FAIRS. -- On the first page of this week’s issue will be found an article on the subject of agricultural fairs. It will be seen that such institutions are beneficial, and we should be glad if we had one organized and in a healthy condition in Perry county.

SCHOOL TRUSTEES. -- An election took place on Saturday last in Perryville for the purpose of electing school trustees. The contest seems to have been a warm one, if all reports are true. The following gentlemen we elected: For the long term - James C. Noell and John C. Doerr; for the short term: William Doerr and Chas. A. Weber.

A PIN IN HER NOSE. -- A young lady by the name of Miss Prevalett a resident of this county, accidentally got a pin up her nose one day last week. She made an effort to extract it, but failed to do so. On Sunday the young lady went to St. Louis, where, we trust, she will succeed in getting the pin taken out.

THE DISTRICT FAIR. -- We have just received a complimentary ticket to the sixth annual fair of the Southeast District Agricultural Fair, to be held at Cape Girardeau on the 12th, 13th and 14th of October, 1871. We have received a number of complimentary tickers to various fairs, but sorry to say we shall not be able to attend any of them.

HYMENIAL. -- Married at Ste. Marys Seminary at 7 o’clock A. M., on the 5th of September, 1871, by Rev. Father Brennan, MR. W. P. FAHERTY and MISS NINA DELASSUS, both of Perryville, Mo.

Having made some errors in the above notice in our last issue, we republish it. We also here return our thanks to the young married couple for that large nice cake presented to us. They can rest assurred [sic] that is was hugely enjoyed by us and all the rest of the printers of the Union office. We with them an ocean of happiness, and everything else that goes to make up a peaceful and contented wedded life.

PERSONAL. -- John B. Robinson, Esq. accompanied by his lady, left town for Marble Hill in Bollinger county, on Saturday last. Mr. Robinson goes there to attend the circuit court.

Mssrs. Bernard Cissell and Jas. C. Noell left Perryville on Sunday morning to be present at the Bollinger county circuit court, which convened last Monday.

Dr. S. T. Hall arrived in town on Monday evening, and will be found at the office of Dr. C.A. Mann.

Mr. C. L. Staley, of Chester, Illinois, was in town on Tuesday on business.

TEAM RAN OFF. -- On Tuesday of this week, after Mr. Edward Rodawalt had loaded his wagon with dry beef hides with intention to drive to Ste. Marys, his mules became frightened and unmanageable, Mr. Rodawalt falling off the wagon, left the team at liberty to go where they pleased, of which privilege they made free use, going helter skelter down Ste. Marys street towards the blacksmith of Bittner and Long, at which place the wagon capsized, spilling the contents in the street. With the exception of a big scare, a broken axle tree, and a damaged post on front porch of James Greenwell, Esq., no serious damage was done.

DR. M. G. PARSONS. -- We take great pleasure in drawing the attention of our numerous readers to the card of Dr. Parsons, which will be found elsewhere in our columns, -- Besides being one among our best physicians, Dr. Parsons has made they eye a particular study, and has made himself thoroughly acquainted with the diseases to which it is subject, and the proper treatment thereof, and will, for that reason, always be found the safest person to trust with the treatment of this delicate organ, and we feel confident that the Doctor will give entire satisfaction to all persons who will subject themselves to his treatment, and they will be surer of a quicker and more certain cure at his hands than from a Doctor who has not made the subject a special study.

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