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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 15 October 1875


DR. L. P. RUFF, our gentlemanly dentist, has had his office neatly fitted up.

PERRY COUNTY WHEAT took the first premium at the St. Louis fair last week.

TWO TRAINS leave the depot at Chester daily, one in the morning and one in the evening.

GRAVELLING. -- St. Joseph street is now being gravelled. It will do it no harm. Good streets and roads are in demand.

A CHANGE. -- Mr. Wm. S. McBride and family now occupies [sic] the residence on the Chester road, formerly occupied by Mr. J. E. Aikin.

THE DEMOCRATS of our neighboring county of Randolph across the river held their county convention and made nominations recently

WHEAT THRESHED. -- Messrs. Hoskins & Verschelden, since harvest, have threshed with their machine over seventeen thousand bushels of wheat.

A CONFLAGRATION. -- One day this week a small conflagration occurred in a cooper shop at Ste. Marys, but it was extinguished before much mischief was done.

MORE WHEAT. -- During the present season the machine belonging to Messrs. Jos. S. Duvall & Wm. H. Tucker threshed ten thousand bushels of wheat in Bois Brule bottom.

A YOUNG GOLIO. -- Mr. George Schindler, son of our worthy miller, while drilling wheat last Tuesday, slew two wild turkeys with stones. The marksman with his gun could not have done any better.

KICKED. -- On Friday evening last while Mr. Peter Hoffman, residing some three miles west of Perryville, was endeavoring to lead his horse into the yard, was kicked in the face by the animal, and was quite badly though not seriously hurt.

FATALLY INJURED. -- We are informed that a daughter of Mr. Louis M. Garner, residing some four and a half miles east of Perryville accidentally fell into a cellar recently, and was very badly injured, from the effects of which she has since died.

RUNAWAY. -- A horse belonging in one of our farmers was hitched near the public square last Friday, but did not remain so long, as he tore loose and made double quick time down the street, but no other damage was done than the breaking of a bridle.

MOVED AGAIN. -- We just learn that Dr. J. C. Staley, formerly of Perryville, and recently of DeSoto, Jefferson county in this State, has pulled up stakes and pitches his tent at Hope, Hempstead county, Arkansas. We wish him success in his new field of operations.

FOR CAPE GIRARDEAU. -- Several of our citizens visited the Cape Girardeau fair which commenced last Tuesday. Those from Perryville were Mrs. John Doerr and children, Mrs. William Litsch, Miss Octavia Cissell and Miss Julia Berhle, who left for that city last Monday.

IMPROVING. -- Mr. John W. Thomas, residing about five miles south of Perryville, is making improvements about his brick residence, constructing a cistern, and making other good improvements about the premises. Our fellow townsman, Mr. J. B. Gotto, is doing the mason work.

A NARROW ESCAPE. -- While Mr. John Graef and family were on their way to St. Mary's Seminary last Sunday morning, and when near Mr. John May's one of his children fell out of the wagon and was caught in between the spokes of the wheel, but most fortunately the child received no serious injuries.

OUR RESIDENT DENTIST, L. P. Ruff requests us to state to his friends and patrons that sickness in his family prevented him from visiting Cape Girardeau county the 30th of last month, as stated in a previous issue; but will do so the 18th of this month and will be absent until the 5th of November next. -- N. H. -- Will stop Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the 18th, 19th and 20th.

GOT MIRED. -- A gentleman whose name we did not learn, while on his road home from Perryville on Thursday evening of last week, and when near Mr. James McCauley's farm, met with bad luck. It seems he drove into the pond to water his horses, when they got mired and he had considerable trouble to extricate them, but after working in the water some time, succeeded in gaining terra firma, and proceeded on his way, not rejoicing, however.

MARRIED, at St. Mary's Seminary on Sunday afternoon, October 10th, 1875, Mr. John Hoffman to Miss Ellen Huber.

Married, on Monday morning, October 11th, 1875, at the German Catholic Church in Perryville, by Father Kleiser, Mr. Joseph Wucher to Miss Louisa Endres.

Married, on Monday morning, October 11th, 1875, at the German Catholic Church in Perryville, by Father Kleiser, Mr. William Zahner to Miss Christina Lukefahr.

Married, on Thursday, October 7 1875, at the residence of the bride's mother, Mr. Frank Difani to Miss Roxie Milster.

DIED, one day last week near H. Yount's store in this county, a little child of Mr. Isaac J. Bess, aged about four months.

Died, on Friday, October 8th, 1875, at the residence of its parents five miles northwest of Perryville, a child of Col. R. M. Brewer.

Died, at Silver Lake, on Tuesday night, October 5th, 1875, William, son of Mr. Lafayette Hahn, aged about five years.

Died, on Thursday morning, October 7th, 1875, at the residence of its parents near Brazeau Church, a little child of Mr. Joseph Cook.

Died, at Claryville, on Thursday, October 7th, 1875, John Johnson. He had attended school all day and died suddenly that night.

MESSRS. JOS E. UNTERIEN & Co. threshed wheat the present season in Union Township in this county for the following persons:

For whom Threshed No. Bushels
Casper Ludwig 196
Charles Hesse 420
Fred. Seibert 349
Theodore Sachse 205
Charles Bodenschatz 178
Henry Gross 300
Joseph Bock 679
Lawson Miller 100
August Hemmann 436
Henry Brades 395
Paul Hah 674
Mrs. Buttemann 328
August Franke 533
Wm. Hammann 447
William Brandes 321
Frank Winkler 485
Joseph Leible 336
Magnus Meyer 591
Ben. Bock 636
Ignatius Trapp 550
Moritz Schell 114
Gotlieb Rudert 357
Chas. A. Frentzel 258
Christian Kasten 310
Anton Unterein 533
Emanuel Hopfer 417
Christian Scheafer 529
John Boon 135
Alex. Holl 100
Bernard Voltz 104½
Christian Hilleman 161
Herman Telle 787
Darmrold & Rudert 277
Fred. Sommer 100
And. Bufford 100
Ferd. Gaentsch 332
Ang. Hemmann 507
Julius Hemmann 276
Anton Meister 637
Charles A. Nagel 599
Benjamin Hoffman 100
Martin Engel 37
Thushoff & Bro. 557
Henry Schaefer 150
Grand Total 15,962
Joseph E. Unterein.

Circuit Court Proceedings.

Monday, October 11th, 1875. -- The court met pursuant to adjournment, Hon. John B. Robinson presiding, Mr. James Burgee, clerk, and Mr. Nicholas Guth, sheriff.

The court ordered that an attachment be issued against Jas. B. Young, James V. Manning, Theodore Geil and Joseph V. Moore, who were summoned to serve as grand jurors at this term of court, and who were summoned to serve as grand jurors at this term of court, and who have failed to attend, returnable to next term of court.

The sheriff returned into court the following named persons to serve as grand jurors at this term of court: -- Anton Hunt, who was, by the court, appointed foreman, Peter V. Beauvais, George Hoehn, jr., Gregory Brewer, Ferdinand Chavaux, Jules Panier, Thomas Seemes, Joseph Miles, John Holmes, Christian Hoffsteller, Valentine Bergman, Robert B. McCombs, John F. Miles, Henry Zoellner, John E. Aikin and Joseph M. Moore.

In the case of the State vs. James Huntley, there was forefeiture of recognizance taken, and scire facia ordered, and cause continued till next term.

The case of the State vs. John and Louis Grass was dismissed by the Prosecuting attorney.

In the case of the State vs. H. C. Hardin, the defendant was fined $100 and cost, and ordered to stand commit...

There was a decree of divorce in the case of Willie A. Bell vs. James M. Bell.

In the case of the State to the use of Perry county vs. George Lodes, there was judgment against defendant for ten dollars and cost.

In the case of R. N. Dean, trustee in partition, vs. John C. Farrar, Drury Abernathy and John W. Venable, was dismissed, as to John W. Venable, and judgment rendered against the other two defendants for $1,823.80 and cost.

The court fined Bernard Scholt $20 and cost for hollowing in the court house during sitting of court.

In the case of Margaret Oneal vs. Wm. Oneal, there was a decree of divorce.

Tuesday, October 12th. - Mr. John Holmes was excused from any further service as grand juror at this term.

John H. Nicholson ws allowed an attorney fee of $50 in the case of R. N. Dean, trustee in partition sale, vs. John C. Farrar and Drury Abernathy.

The case of Sarah A. Kennon vs. Elijah Daniels, was dismissed for want of prosecution.

In the case of Moritz Feiber vs. F. Nennert, there was lease given plaintiff to file appeal bond, in vacation, and continued.

In the case of Lewis Dickson vs. James L. Crow, administrator of Jas. M. O'Neal, there was judgment by default for $237.78, and order to foreclose mortgage.

In the case of Chrisopher Popp, administrator of Simon Popp, dec'ed., vs. Jas. L. Crow, administrator of James M. O'Neal, there was judgment by default for $48.70, and ordered that attached property be sold.

In the case of John B. Robinson vs. Fred. Sittner, F. P. Reis and W. F. Rudisaile, there was a written agreement of the parties that the case should be tried before this court filed, and decree of partition and order of sale at some term of the county or circuit courts. The fine imposed upon Bernard Scholt was remitted to ten dollars and costs.

In the case of Leon Bogy, administrator of H. B. Kennison, vs. Jas. L. Crow, administrator of Wm. Allen, there was judgment by default for the sum of $2906.33, and order to foreclose mortgage.

Stephen L. McAtee, curator of Mary J. McAtee et al, minors, obtained an order to sell certain real estate belonging to said minors.

In the case of J. N. Frank vs. Chas. Drenkhahn et al, there was a change of venue granted and case sent to Cape Girardeau county.

The case of Jas. M. Lapat vs. Henry Frazier was dismissed for want of prosecution.

The case of Lucient Crozat vs. Peter Crozat, was dismissed at plaintiff's cost, sum of $50 attorney fee in case of Emanuel Block et al.

In the case of Josephine Freaux et al vs. Jules Gros et al, there was decree of partition and order of sale.

R. N. Dean, late sheriff of Perry county, acknowledged deed from him, as sheriff, to John C. Farrar for land sold in case of Miles Farrar vs. Amelia R. Sowell et al.

In the case of Kreft, Frye & co. vs. A. Estel, there was an order for an alias summons and cost.

The case of R. N. Dean, trustee in partition, vs. John C. Farrar and J. W. Venable, was dismissed as to Venable, and judgment rendered against J. C. Farrar, by consent, for $87,26, and J. H. Nicholson was allowed and attorney fee of $10 in the case.

John H. Nicholson was allowed an attorney fee of $40 in the case of M. M. Jones et al exparte; also at attorney fee of $60 in case of Jas. J. Moore.

In the case of F. L. Jones vs. Leon DeLassus et al, there was leave given defendant to answer on or before March 1, 1876 and cause continued. The same disposition was made with seven other cases.

The sheriff made report of partition sales of real estate, which was approved.

John H. Nicholson was allowed an attorney fee of $50 in partition case of Mary J. Gatewood et al; also an attorney fee in the case of Henry Stelling et al.

Jas. N Garner vs. W. N. Garner, a decree of partition and order of sale.

State of Missouri vs. Jane Logan, indicted for burying her child to conceal birth, was found guilty and sentenced to two years imprisonment.

Wednesday, October 13th. -- Deed to the use of E. J. Smith, amended answer filed.

Johnson & Bennett allowed an attorneys fee of $50 in the case of J. M. Mattingly et al, exparte; also a fee of 425 in the case of T. J. Chadwick et al exparte; also a fee of 450 in the case of E. Nitcher et al exparte.

Harrison Glore vs. John Spray et al, judgment on note for $197.50.

Felix Bey vs. Jacob R. Leonard and Nereus Cissell, judgment for $447.60.

Irenius Brown vs. John Layton, motion in this caused orverruled.

Annie Wagner vs. Barbara Smith et al, motion filed to set aside sale.

Mary C. Abbott et al, decree of partition.

Ignatz Schneider vs. Teresa Schneider et al, decree in accordance with prayer of petition to reform deed.

State of Missouri vs. Chas. E. Wise, formerly arraigned, plead not guilty.

R. M. Dean trustee in partition sale, vs. John Van Ceneght and John L. Lhot, ordered to make deed to J. L. Lhot.

John L. Dippold et al exparte, J. C. Killian allowed an attorney fee of $3.

In the cases of R. N. Dean, ex rel E. J. Smith and J. M. Smith, vs. J. Fenwick, continued at defendant's cost.

Gustave Aurich was admitted a citizen of the United States.

State of Missouri vs. Geo. Lodes, motion for a new trial.

John Blume vs. Clem Schindler, change of venue to Cape Girardeau county.

State of Missouri vs. Wm. Thompson, grand larceny, tried by a jury and sentenced to two years in the State penitentiary.

Irenius Brown vs. John P. Layton et al, alias summons ordered and case continued.

Mary Warren et al vs. Andrew Meyer et al, order of distribution.

L. A. Wilson vs. C. K. Hayden & J. Merritt, interlocutories filed by the plaintiff.


EDITOR UNION: This, heretofore much derided portion of our county, lies between Apple Creek and the south prong of the Saline, extending southwest from the headwaters of Cinque Hommes Creek to White Water. It seems to be the "backbone" between, or "water-shed" of the above named streams, and is almost destitute of springs. Hence the name, perhaps. Twenty years ago the man was thought insane, who would dare pitch his tent on "Drybone," a region abounding in none of the grand requisites necessary to successful husbandry, save flintrocks and scrubby black jacks. It was considered akin to "the city of Peth, where one man lives to starve to death." But, how different now. -- Then, an almost uninhabited region. -- Now a neighborhood of peace and plenty. Neat farms, comfortable farmhouses, and school houses, have sprung up as if by magic, and the solitary recesses, once disturbed only by the warhoop of the Indian, or the scream of the hungered beast, now annually teem with grain, fruit and vegetables, not in rich profusion, but prolific enough for the ample sustenance of its people. Many farmers on Drybone, this year, will have a respectable margin in wheat, and that of excellent quality, and less damaged by rain. Indeed, it seems, that the we weather was an advantage to the small farmer, because he, generally had cared for his grain before the "season of showers;" whilst the large farmer in more productive regions, having overcropped himself, suffered materially.

The Dunkers, Zahners, Frenches, C. Kiefer, Pat. Monaghan, C. Schlatman, John Wilhelm, Anton Lukefahr, Lucian Junct, Julien Creten, Robert Powers, are among the most prosperous citizens of this locality - some of them raising, this year, five hundred bushels of wheat. James Silas and Oliver P. French, Wm. R. Cecil and John Wilhelm are among the best orchardists. Drybone is destined to become a paying fruit region owing to its favorable altitude, scarcely failing any season. Oliver P. French, an enterprising Drybonian, has, for the last few years, received as much ready cash, perhaps, for his orchard and garden products, marketed principally at Mine La Motte, as from his farm.

Grapes, wherever tried, have proved a success, and at present Messrs. Julien and Ferriol Cretin are "the champion vinyardists of Drybone." A new residence has been reared near the center of "the Bone" since our rounds last year, but we will not mention the owner's name, as he requested us last year not to put his name into the papers.

Charley Reinhardt, though not residing on the fattest part of "the Bone," is a clever, warm hearted gentleman, and has our thanks for hospitalities.


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