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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 15 October 1869


THE FAIR. -- Burgee, Rice & Co. and John Gotto have donated a splendid Howe Sewing Machine, to be raffled at the fair on the 25th instant, for the benefit of the German Catholic Church. Tickets are now for sale at their store. Only one dollar for a chance.

NOT ENDORSED. -- We must apologize to our numerous readers, for noticing and publishing in our last issue, an advertisement, which, for obvious reasons, we forbear naming. We were not aware of the contents of said book until after our issue was out. We have taken it from our advertising columns, and remitted to the advertiser his money, as we did intend, and do now intend never to permit the advertisements of such books to find a place in our paper.

FRUIT. -- Perry county is certainly all right on the fruit question, for she grows fine fruit. We have heretofore spoken of the large peaches and apples that have, at different times, been presented to us by some of our farmers, and then asserted that we did not believe any of our sister counties could beat them. On last Saturday Mr. Leo Moore gave us some apples, many, of which weighed over fifteen ounces. and he has others that will even beat that weight. Can any of our neighbors beat these apples?

PERRY COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT. -- The circuit court for this county convened at the court house on Monday evening last, Judge William Carter, of St. Francis county, presiding, John B. Robinson, Circuit Attorney, was on hand to do his duties, and the Clerk, James C. Noell, was at his post, ready for work, while Sheriff Dean and his deputies were present to answer to every call. After court was opened the Grand Jury was empannelled and then sworn in.

The following are the names of the Grand Jurymen: James Burgee, Nereus Moore, Daniel Seibert, Sila French, William Flynn, Vincent D. :Layton, Jos. M. Moore, Austin Mattingly, William Doerr, Henry A. Little, Christopher Geight, F. Neibert, Andrew Huber, W. G. Martin, Richard Swan and R. M. Brewer. It will be seen that the Grand Jury is composed of good men.

The following names compose the Petit Jury: Charles Vessels, A. H. Cashion, Eze[c]hiel Reddick, Raymond Tucker, John C. Doerr, John Hooss, Thomas Layton, Antone Hunt, Nicholas Guth, Stephen Miles, Vincent Jarveaux, John Bridgman, Joseph A. Cook, Francis Cashion, George Tucker, Jule Duneasy, Isadore Moore, jr., Frederick Nennert, Guy Elder, Sen., and Bernard Vermast. A large number, and all good men.

There are a goodly number of lawyers present, as will be seen by the following: Jesse B. Robbins, General F. A. Rozier and John C. Watkins, of St. Genevieve county; John F. Bush, of St. Francis county; William N. Nalle, of Madison county; Johnson, Hartzell & Gall, of Chester, Illinois; of our own county, there is John H. Nicholson, W. F. Davis, William H. Bennett, Bernard Cissell and Joseph C. Killian.

As yet, not many cases have been up before the court. On Monday afternoon, the case of the State vs. Barley, for disturbing a camp meeting, was up, and a nol. pros. entered.
The case of the State vs. Ann Zorman, charged with bigamy, was continued.
The case of the State vs. Victor Boeuff, charged with steeling sheep with intent to convert them to his own use, is now pending.

On Tuesday the case of Sarah Statler vs. James M. Howard was up before the court. The jury in the case failed to agree.
The case of Solomon G. Kitchen vs. L. E. Whybark et al was next taken up and a change of venue to Cape Girardeau county taken.

On Wednesday to case of Ellen Cox vs. William Cox, deceased, was argued by the lawyers in the case, and late in the evening was taken under advisement by the Judge.

PERSONAL. -- Mr. M. A. Gilbert, of Ste. Mary’s was in town on Wednesday, and paid us a visit.

We understand that Father Goll, of the German Catholic Church, is lying sick at his residence.

Dr. J. G. Roberts, who came to our town a few weeks since, to locate, has changed his mind, as he has removed to Cape Girardeau county to practice his profession.

Charles Courtois, who left this county for California in the year 1852, returned home on Wednesday.


We are authorized to announce the name of HERMAN BURFEIND as a candidate for the office of County Surveyor. The election will be held on Saturday the 30th of October, 1869.


We are authorized to announce the name of JOHN H. SIMPSON as a candidate for the office of County Surveyor. The election will be held on Saturday the 30th of October, 1869.


There will be a Fair given for the benefit of the German Catholic Church, at Burgee’s Hall in Perryville on Monday, October 25th, 1869. Father Groll, the proprietor of the same, invites every body to attend. The ladies of the congregation will prepare a sumptuous dinner. The tickets can be procured at Father Groll’s residence or at most of the business houses in town. American and Germans ladies will arrange tables, filled with nice articles, for which they will give out tickets, hence every holder of a ticket will have a chance to draw something. The Perryville Cornet Band will be present to enliven the scenes of the occasion. Let all attend that can possibly do so.

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