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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 15 January 1875


JAMES C. NOELL. -- It is said that James C. Noell, Esq., is an independent candidate for the State Convention from this district.

MAIL. -- We received no St. Louis mail on Saturday evening last. The creek was frozen over, and "navigation" was stopped for that day at least.

A COTILION [sic] party was given at Mr. Matthew Brewer's residence, three and a half miles west of Perryville, on last Friday night, and a pleasant time was had.

A SOCIAL party was had at Mr. Frederick Klein's residence, west of the corporate limits of Perryville on Thursday evening of last week, and a gay and festive time was the result.

BIRTHS. -- A little boy stopped at the residence of Mr. Andrew Gorman near Perryville, on Wednesday of last week.

A little girl called at W. Blechle's residence in town one day last week.

     Baby buggy

TRAVEL having been stopped between St. Louis and Perryville, by way of the Mississippi river, that stream having been closed by ice, persons are now visiting that metropolis via Fredericktown and the Iron Mountain railroad.

AN ACCIDENT. -- John Moran, Jr. residing three and half miles south east of Perryville, while handling a loaded pistol on New Years evening, it was accidentally discharged, the contents of which passed through the fore finger on his left hand, but will not prove serious.

FIRE. -- On last Friday, just after dark, a considerable blaze was seen to issue from the residence of Mrs. Leibler in town, and in a very short time a good many of our citizens were upon the ground to aid in putting out the flames, when it was discovered that the soot was only burning out the chimney.

EXTREMELY COLD. -- We are having a cold, rugged winter. Last Friday night was unquestionably the coldest we have experienced in these parts for many years. The father of waters is froze tright [sic], and is said to be very thick. It is feared that it will be several weeks before navigation will be opened.

THE ICE harvest is over for this season, and all the ice houses in our town have been filled. There were two hundred and thirty-two wagon loads got in, which will average two thousand pounds to the load, making four hundred and sixty-four pounds of ice that have been stored in Perryville during last week.

WOLVES AGAIN. -- On Monday of last week, some five miles east of Perryville, six good size wolves were seen by one of our farming friends. It was soon after discovered that they had killed a hog, worth at least sixteen dollars, and were about preparing to devour it when seen. Others have been seen in the same neighborhood recently, prowling about for food.

A LEG BROKEN. -- On last Friday evening while some of the men who had been assisting F. Stroble & Co. getting in ice, were amusing themselves by wrestling, one of them, Mr. Joseph F. Huber, fell and broke his left leg between the knee and ankle. Dr. C. A. Mann was called in and promptly set the broken limb and Mr. Huber is now doing as well as could be expected.

PERSONAL. -- Mr. Lewis Tucker, who has been absent two and a half years in the far distant West, returned home last week.

Dr. S. T. Hall left for his home in Fredericktown last Wednesday morning.

Martin L. Clardy, Esq., of Farmington, St. Francois county, was in town on Tuesday and paid our sanctum a visit.

MARRIED, on Wednesday, January 6th, 1875, at the Catholic Church at St. Marys, by Rev. Father Lilly, Mr. Henry Tomeo to Miss Emmie Callier.

MARRIED, by Squire Allen, at the residence of the bride's parents, three miles west of Eureka, in this county Mr. Robert H. Wadsworth to Miss Mary L. Cox.

EXHUMED. -- It will be remembered by our readers that the son of Mr. George Bergman, who was accidentally drowned at Bailey's Landing in this county some months since, and whose body was taken out at Cape Girardeau, was interred at that point. On New Year's day his father, accompanied by another person, visited the place of his burial and exhumed the body and removed it to the German Lutheran graveyard, two miles east of Perryville.

A SMALL CONFLAGRATION. -- Mr. Francis Parres, residing about three miles west of Perryville, has met with a loss. On last Saturday night after the family had retired, they were awakened from their slumbers by smoke and fire, between ten and eleven o'clock, when two of their beds were discovered to be a fire, one of which was entirely consumed by the flames. By hard work the fire was extinguished, and no other damage was done.

THE SMALL POX. -- This disease has carried off a number of persons in Bollinger county during the past few weeks, and it is said to be spreading. It is reported that the same disease has made its appearance in some portions of Cape Girardeau county, but the number of deaths occurring we have not learned. -- Perry county, too, has a couple of cases in it. Mr. Joseph Morgan, residing two and a half miles north of Perryville, was taken sick last week with the small pox, from the effects of which he died last Sunday. We also understand that Mr. Mr. [sic] James Manning (living at Mr. Tim. Dean) is confined to his bed with the same disease.

DIED, on Friday, January 8th, 1875, at the resides [sic] of his parents, near Longtown in this county, the infant son Mr. F. J. Hoffman.

DIED, on Friday January 8, 1875, at his residence eight miles south east of Perryville, Mr. R. H. Black, aged -- years.

DIED, at his residence two and a half miles east of Perryville, Mr. John Dewein, Sr., aged 69 years. -- Mr. Dewein was the father of Mr. Jacob Dewein, at present in the liquor business in our town, also of Mr. John Dewein, who was formerly in business here, but is now farming near Frankenberg Church, two miles east of Perryville. Mr. Dewein came to this county some seven years ago from Indiana, and during his stay here made many friends.

Union Debating Society

MR. EDITOR: Thinking you would like an item from this part of Perry county, I send a short account of an exhibition given on the evening of December 26th by the above mentioned society.

The Union school house was well crowded for the occasion with both ladies and gentlemen, old and young. There was a temporary stage erected with a drop curtain. The programme consisted not only of debate dialogue, lecture and declamation, but as it was holidays the performances were made still more entertaining to the young folks by music songs, and by some short plays in character, among them, "The Spanish Supper," "Pomper Snow", "The Educated Darkey" and an Irish dialogue. These were highly amusing and elicited roars of laughter. Indeed, one or two of the members would make good minstrels.

The unanimous opinion was that this exhibition was an improvement upon all the others, and some persons remarked that "They would not mind if there was an exhibition every week."

Respectfully, SCRIBBLE.

Probate Court Proceedings

Proceedings of the Probate Court at the adjourned term, held on Monday, January 11th, 1875.

The bond of G. F. Winter, administrator of John Renkin, was approved.

Joseph A. Elder, executor of Mark Brewer, filed receipts of distribution and was discharged.

Thos. R. Moore was appointed curator of Mary R. Moore, and his bond was approved.

Bond of John E. Aiken, curator of the heirs of Jas. DeLassus, was approved.

Bond of Wm. Cambron, curator of L. and W. Cambron, was approved.

Bond of Joseph Cissell, Jr. guardian and curator of minor children of Bernard Cissell was approved.

Mary C. Layton, ward of Martin Layton acknowledged to have received full satisfaction and guardian and curator discharged.

E. and F. DeLassus, had claim classed against the estate of B. F. Clifton for $8.20.

George M. Shaner, administrator of Lucinda Robb, made final settlement; also made final settlement of the estate of Elizabeth Shaner; also made report of sale of real estate of the Robb heirs which was approved.

Sarah A. Milster had claim classed against the estate of Amzi Milster, for $50.

J. Black against Joseph Murray guardian and curator of the Kluck heirs, said guardian and curator being ordered to give a new bond.

J. C. Killian had claim classed against the estate of Dr. M. V. Moore for $7.98.

Austin Miles had claim classed against the same estate for $9.20.

John J. Seibel made final settlement of the estate of N. A. Burns, and distribution was ordered among creditors.

Matilda Jones, executrix of F. L. Jones, was ordered to sell personal property at private sale.

Eli M. DeLassus was appointed guardian and curator of John F. DeLassus. Bond ordered.

Joseph Munier had claim classed against the estate of M. V. Moore for $3.25.

Joseph Miles, administrator of Josephus Moore, made report of sale of real estate, which was approved.

Jas. Rice against Catharine Layton curator of Mary Layton. Said curator was ordered to give a new bond.

Thos.Layton had claim classed against the estate of V. D. Layton for $6.15.

Robert A. Luckey, administrator of Amzi Milster, made settlement; balance due $2.93, which is ordered to be paid to the widow.

Letters of administration were ordered to be granted to Matilda M. Jones on the partnership estates of Jules Rozier & Co., and Rozier, Prost & Co. Bonds were approved in both estates.

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