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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 14 May 1875


MR. AUG. DOERR is lying quite sick at his residence with the pneumonia.

THE PUBLIC SCHOOL EXHIBITION takes place on Wednesday evening May 19th. Come one, come all.

MR. ANTON HUNT met with an accident a few days since, from the effects of which he is now confined to his residence.

DIED, on Sunday evening, May 9, 1875, at his residence eight miles north of Perryville, Mr. Perry C. Davis, aged about 27 years.

DON'T FORGET the fall of the Concordia String Band on next Monday evening at Hooss' Hotel. You will miss a rare treat if you fail to be there.

A COTILLON [sic] party was given at the residence of Mr. Nereus Cissell near Claryville in Bois Brule bottom on last Friday night, and a good time was the result.

BUSINESS. -- Mr. Gabriel End, on Monday last, tore away from his shoe shop the rooms on the south and east side, preparatory to the erection of a brick building.

A CONFLAGRATION. -- On Monday night last the plank roof covering the brick kiln belonging to Mr. Henry Holtman, east of town, caught fire and was consumed.

WOOL CARDING. -- Mr. Frank Moranville, residing west of Perryville wants the public to know that he is prepared to do wool carding in the best possible manner and at lowest figures.

A SOCIAL party was had at the residence of our Representative, three miles northwest of Perryville on last Monday, and we understand that a very pleasant and agreeable time was had.

A HEAVY BLOW. -- On Sunday afternoon we were visited with a heavy rain and wind storm, and several trees, some fences, and the sign of the Hooss' Hotel were leveled to the ground.

A NARROW ESCAPE. -- A little girl of Mr. William Hagar, residing three and a half miles south of Perryville while playing about a tub of water a few days ago, accidentally fell headforemost into it, and had not Mrs. Hagar rescued her when she did, would have been drowned.

LOSS OF PROPERTY. -- Mr. Marvin Hinkle, residing near our county line in Cape Girardeau county, while attempting to cross Apple Creek with his two-horse team on Tuesday of last week, had one of his animals drowned, and only saved the other by cutting the harness from him.

Great Reduction in Advertising Rates:

The times being hard and money rather scarce, we have determined to make a Great Reduction in rates for the publication of all description of LEGAL ADVERTISING, and all persons having this class of advertising to publish, should bear this in mind, as it is their duty to do, and thus save many dollars of costs to estates, and to our own county also. Come direct to us and learn our very low rates.

MARRIED, on Friday morning, May 7th, 1875, at St. Mary's Seminary by Rev. M. Rubi, Mr. Thos. Moore to Miss Minerva Dickinson.

Married at St. Marys Seminary on Tuesday morning, May 11, 1875, by Rev. M. Rubi, Mr. Edward Brewer to Miss Louis Starck.

IN JAIL. -- A young man named Charles E. Wise, was arrested by Constable H. E. Caho in Perryville last Wednesday morning, charged with committing a forgery. He was taken before Squire Halbrook and an examination was had, when he was required to give bail, but failing to do so was committed to jail.

     Ball and chain

MRS. JOSEPHINE ROBBINS, wife of Hon. J. B. Robbins, died at the Hooss' Hotel in Perryville on Saturday morning of pneumonia. Her remains were taken to Ste. Genevieve county for interment. The deceased was a strict member of the Catholic Church. She leaves a husband and other relatives to mourn her loss.

NOT SANE. -- A lady, not sound of mind, and a resident of Cape Girardeau county, left the abode of he husband unceremoniously on Friday last, and reached our county on the evening of the same day. On Saturday her husband, being out in search of her, came upon her abut four and a half miles north of Perryville and conveyed her home.

ACCIDENTALLY SHOT. -- Two gentlemen were out hunting recently in the western part of our county, when one of the party named Mr. John Lewis, was hurt. The other gentleman discharged his gun at what he supposed to be game, but proved to be Mr. Lewis. One ball just grazed his forehead and another his throat, but fortunately he was not seriously injured.

ON THE TRAMP. -- A gentleman accompanied by his wife and child, passed through our county on Friday last on foot, hauling all their worldly possessions in a wheelbarrow, en route for Poplar Bluff in Butler county in this State. They came from Indiana, and been some weeks on the road, but soon expect to reach their place of destination.

FISH. -- Mr. Raymond Tucker, residing about two miles north of Perryville, liking the finny tribe, he took the trouble to put a number of live ones in his pond for his own express benefit, but it appears that there those who take the liberty of trespassing upon his property, and he wants it stopped. He politely invite persons to let his fish remain where he took the pains to place them.

THE SPELLING Match on Monday night last was well attended, though some backwardness was exhibited in regard to spelling. The contest was a lively one, both sides being nearly balanced. Miss Alice Block of the public school carried off the laurels in the regular match. The contest, on the last round in class was between Mr. M. F. Eddlemon of Apple Creek, and Mr. Jos Bell of the school. Mr. Bell came off victorious.

A NEW SCHOOL HOUSE. -- A brick school house is to be erected in district five township seven, the building to be twenty feet wide, thirty feet long and one story high. On Saturday last the contract was given to Mr. Lewis Cissell, Sr., he being the lowest bidder. This gentleman is to furnish all the requisite material and complete the structure for the sum of six hundred dollars, the building to be finished by the first of October next. They are to have a good school house.

BIRTHS. -- A handsome little female stopped at the residence of Mr. Varece Reed, seven miles northeast of Perryville on Wednesday of last week. A little male called at the residence of Joseph B. Parres, nine miles northwest of Perryville a few days since.

A good looking little boy put in his appearance at the home of Mr. Gabriel McNew, ten miles west of Perryville on last Sunday.

On Tuesday of last week Mrs. Stevens, residing near Jackson in Cape Girardeau county, gave birth to two boys an one girl, and at the latest accounts the mother and children were getting along well.

     Baby buggy

PERSONAL. -- Mr. John A. Renaud left our county one day last week for the State of Kansas, where he will probably make his future home.

Judge Robinson and family left Perryville last Friday morning for Ste. Genevieve, and will be absent several days.

Mr. R. B. Burns, agent of the Cape Girardeau marble works, was in Perryville last Saturday, and paid our sanctum a visit.

Sheriff Guth and Mr. Pius McCauley left for St. Louis on Sunday on business.

Mr. Benjamin Tackeberry, of St. Louis is here on a visit to his brother.

Our old friend Mr. Charles Hesse of Appleton, was in Perryville on Tuesday on business, and called to see us.

Dr. O. W. Cline, of Frohna, was in town on Wednesday on business.

COUNTY COURT PROCEEDINGS. -- Wednesday, May 5th. -- The following allowances were made: To Mary Vessels for Robert Hagan $14; to Wm. Litsch & Co., sundries $24.15; the sheriff and jailor [sic] $102.70; to Thos. Layton for stationary [sic] $6.65; to C. A. Weber clerk fees $154.85; to same, secretary Board of Equalization $33; to same for freight on a box of stationary [sic] $1.45; to Board of Equalization for $102; to Justices county court $45.

It was ordered that J. B. Young have a deed for swamp lands purchased.

It was ordered that Wm. Litsch draw the State funds for the public schools.

It was ordered that the change of road asked for by R. Milster be continued to the adjourned term for report, also the same for the road from Schreiner's ford to Perryville and Wittenberg road.

The county financial statement was presented, approved and ordered to be recorded and to be published in the Perryville Union, the proprietor of said paper being the lowest bidder at four cents per line.

The distribution for school monies for 1875 was presented by the clerk and approved, also the same in regard to quarterly settlements of Collector J. C. Doerr.

The rate of tax for 1875 was fixed at two days labor for all citizens of 211 years to 50 years old to be discharged by two days work at $1.24 per day. Road property tax is fixed at 1 1/2 mills, to be paid in work at the above raise or in money. Road overseer's perdiem fixed at $1.75 per day. County revenue tax is fixed at 5 mills.

It was ordered that county bonds be issued to the amount of $2,400, to pay for bridge across Apple Creek, the treasurer to be authorized to sell them, said bonds to bear interest at the rate of eight per cent, and made payable in two years.

Court thereupon adjourned to the third Monday of this month, for the purpose of making settlement with the county collector.

THE PERRYVILLE LITERARY. -- EDITOR UNION: A large audience met at the school house on last Friday night to witness the closing exercises of the society, previous to its adjourning over until next fall. A special programme had been prepared for the occasion, which should have been presented at the meeting of April 30th, but owing to the bad weather that meeting was a failure, consequently the programme was not presented, therefore the regular outline for the last meeting was taken up, however, with the very important addition of four pieces of music kindly offered by the Concordia String Band, present by invitation -- a presence that added to the interest of the occasion.

The exercises were opened with music by the band. The two Miss Blocks read in a very good style of articulation and inflection, which, however, would have been improved by a little deliberation. Miss Minnie Chase read an essay on the development of the mind. The subject was handled nicely. The points in the discourse were well arranged, and established by correct reasoning. The sphere of woman was enlarged upon; her present status in society was noticed, and what it is to be in the future received due consideration. Her task will be to solve problems upon which our social happiness or misery depends; problems that have puzzled the minds of the wisest men of the age. Mr. C. A. Killian's essay upon the duties we owe to our fellow men, was an embodiment of good ideas and wholesome doctrine. A disregard of the golden rule is the cause of all the difficulties between man and man. This has been the cause of all the estrangement in our society. Confusion was mentioned in connection with the subject where our Savior would have been a better example. He not only enforced the rule by precept, but he exemplified it by his life. An oration by Judge Wm. H. Bennett was delivered in the Judge's peculiar style -- logic, sentiment, wit and humor, happily diversified. The oration was entitled " One Hundred Years Ago." The speaker confined his remarks to our own country , the rapid advancement in every department of industry, Arts and sciences was the leading topic of thought in the discourse. In noticing the advancements in our social relations, the Judge struck upon a vein of humor which carried us back to the days when carding, spinning, knitting and courting, all at the same time as no sin. The song and solo was a success. The solo was sung by Miss Alice Block.

The music by the Concordia String Band was very good, especially the second and fourth pieces which, although difficult, were executed in a masterly manner. After some business of a special character the society adjourned to meet again on the first Friday night in September.


Annual Statement

of the condition of the various funds belonging to Perry county in the State of Missouri, on the 8th day of February, 1875, together with a detailed account of the expenditures our of said funds during the fiscal year ending on the 8th day of February, 1875:

Name or Designation of Fund - What it Consists of.

Fund of School Town. No. 1.

Interest Due Total Due
Money in Treasury February 8,1874
$   27.10
Bal. of judgment vs. Smith et al $   31.46 181.30
Law. V. Moore, bond 190.79 769.39
J. A. Rutledge's " 45.00 295.00
Total . . . 1,272.79
Less appropriation for schools in 1874 67.80
Total bal. of this fund
Fund of School Town. No. 2.
Wm. R. Cecil's bond $   75.25 $  156.91
R. J. Maddock's " 56.91 155.91
Joseph Klump's " 98.59 418.59
Less appropriation for schools in 1874 52.00
Less deficit due treas. February 8,1875 5.66 57.66
Total bal. of this fund
Fund of School Town. No. 3.
Money in treasury
$   152.93
Jos. Kider's bond 45.24 1040.21
R. J. Maddock's bond 314.20 714.20
J. L. Duggin's bond 14.81 164.81
J. A. Rutledge's bond 45.00 295.00
Wm. Stewart's " 19.43 119.43
John F. Miles' bond 16.62 116.62
Less appropriation for school in 1874,
Less deficit due treas. February 8, 1875 58.28 228.68

Fund of School Town. No. 4.
Money in Treasury
Spicer Cochran's bond
Jas. B. Abernathy's " 13.83 313.83
Peter M. Dean's " 1.10 251.10
Narcisse Petot's bone 121.40 363.40
Wm. Drury's bond 53.39 403.39
Alex. Grass' " 14.81 114.81
Less appropriation of 1874
Total bal. of this fund
Fund of School Town. No. 5.
Money in treasury
J. Monaghan's bond
Joseph Dubois bond 58.47 320.56
L. V. Moore's bond 256.85 1032.03
R. N. Dean's bond 39.83 639.83
Less appropriation 159.60
Less deficit due treas. 21.65 181.25
Total bal. of this fund
Fund of School Town. No. 6.
Money in treasury
John Graef's bond 51.16
Robt. Cambron's bond 8.01 178.01
E. Estel's bond 5.76 59.13
Martin Burke's bond
R. N. Dean's bond 46.47 746.47
Wm. Hudson's bond
Less appropriation
Total bal. of this fund
Fund of School Town. No. 7.
Money in treasury
Aug. Mercier's bond 14.65 114.65
E. Estel's bond 12.85 157.85
J. M. Sandler's bond 5.57 55.57
N. J. Tucker's " 5.11 95.11
John Elder's "
R. N. Dean's " 46.47 746.47
Judgment vs. M. Votau and others 129.77 305.72
Mat. Brewer's bond 87.81 335.81
J. A. Blandford's " 27.73 327.73
Less appropriation
Total bal. of this fund
Fund of School Town. No. 8.
Money in treasury
Joseph Dubois's bond 32.58 178.69
H. A. Little. bond 64.90 364.90
Wm. Hutson's " 57.09 247.09
Spicer Cochran's bond 21.51 236.62
Joseph Taylor's " 2.50 152.50
Less appropriation
Total bal of this fund
Fund of School Town. No. 9.
Money in treasury
Robt. Cambron's bond 11.90 521.90
H. A. Little's 43.21 243.21
James McCabe's " 16.90 416.90
J. T. Tucker's 56.27 115.27
Less appropriation
Total bal. of this fund
Fund of School Town. No. 10.
Money in treasury
David Johnson's bond in circuit court
P. J. O'Mara's bond 32.98 366.48
Eli Addler's " 7.00 457.00
Less appropriation 60.94
Less deficit due treas. 65.50 126.44
Total bal. of this fund
Fund of School Town. No. 11.
Money in treasury
$   160.34
Joseph Dubois's bond $   56.03 $   307.47
G. S. D. Shaw's " 8.30 115.23
George Killian's bond in attorney's hands
Less appropriation
Total bal. of this fund
Fund of School Town. No. 12.
Money in treasury
C. J. Beauvais' bond 25.50 325.50
Sion Abernathy's bond
Ed. Palleran's " 23.91 123.91
E. E. A. Wolford's " 37.08 187.08
John Lee's "
Less approprition [sic]
Total bal. of this fund

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