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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 14 March 1873


THE County finances speak for itself. Read the statement.

MESSRS. COBBS & McCAULEY have had their saloon nicely fitted up and looks neat and clean.

SMALL POX. -- Several cases of this disease are reported in the county and some of them have died from the effects of it.

IT THUNDERED, lightened, blew and rained considerably on Monday night. The wind blew very hard, but no houses were capsized.

PERSONAL. -- DR. C. A. MANN, Rev. J. B. Danials and family and Mr. Wm. A. Cashion arrived home on Wednesday.

MESSRS. LAWRENCE & MOORE. -- The advertisement of these gentlemen will be found in another column of the issue. read it. They are selling good remarkably low in Ste. Marys, Mo.

MR. CHARLES HESSE, formerly of Perryville, and recently of Wittenberg, has just purchased the flouring and saw mill, known as the McLane mill, located near Appleton in this county.

NEW LAW FIRM. Hon. J. Perry Johnson, of Chester, Ill., and Hon. Wm. H. Bennett, of Perryville, Mo., have formed a law partnership. -- Their card will be found in this issue. all business entrusted to their care will have prompt attention.

BURNED OUT. On Thursday night of last week the residence of Matthew Brewer located four miles north west of Perryville, was entirely consumed by fire, only three beds were saved. His smoke house, containing a large amount of bacon was also burned up. His loss will reach fully $1,700.


...James Burgee, curator of Caroline Throp [sic], (now Madham[sic]) made final settlement and was discharged on acknowledgment of satisfaction. James Burgee, executor of John Bridgman, got order to sell personal property. Also made settlement as guardian and curator of O. Throp, also Henry Throp.
...Joshua Hudson, guardian and curator of Chas. Hudson, made settlement; also for Robt. Hudson. ...

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