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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 01 August 1873



This gentleman, who is a citizen of Madison county, has just issued a circular to the voters of the Twentieth Judicial circuit, composed of the counties of Madison, Bollinger, St. François, Ste. Genevieve and Perry, declaring himself a candidate for the office of Circuit Judge. We have known Mr. Nalle for a number of years, and we know him to be an honest, trustworthy gentleman and a good lawyer, and if elected Judge of this, the Twentieth Judicial Circuit, he will fill the position with credit to the district. In our next issue we shall publish his circular. We shall have more to say in the future.

CANDIDATES. -- More new announcements will be found in another column.

NEW SIGN. -- Mr. F. Springer has painted a new sign for Mr. J. T. St. Vrain.

SILVER LAKE. -- Remember the picnic at Silver Lake next Saturday. Those wishing to have lots of fun and pleasure should not miss this treat.

BITTEN BY A DOG. -- On Sunday evening last while a little son of Mr. Stephen Miles was playing with a dog it bit him though it did not inflict a serious wound.

MR. ANDREW HUBER, residing about three and half miles north of Perryville, is fitting up his dwelling house considerably -- making it almost as good as new.

BITTEN BY A SNAKE. -- Mr. George T. Tucker, residing about five miles north of Perryville, had a mule bitten by a rattle snake on Saturday last. The snake was killed.

WAGON MAKERS. -- Messrs. John Wagner & Gotlieb Vogt are running the wagon making and blacksmithing shops at Fred. Hoehn’s store, and are doing a good business.

TRANSFER. -- Mr. Alben Prost sold on Monday last, forty acres of land located three and a half miles southwest of Perryville, to Mr. Charles Carlat for the sum of $250. That is cheap land.

LEISURE. -- Quite a number of our citizens spent last Sunday at Mr. Biehle’s store, where a very nice time was had. The Muelheim brass band was present and furnished music for the occasion.

CHANGE. -- The citizens of Saline township will meet at Gregory Brewer’s to hold their township convention on the 22d of the present month, as the county court has .named the voting precinct to that place.

ARM BROKEN. -- Mr. Frank Reed, residing in Bois Brule Bottom in this county, while engaged in scuffling on Thursday evening of last week, accidentally had his left arm broken. It was set and he is getting well.

THOMAS HOOSS was elected to the position of Foreman of Fire Company No. 1 at the special meeting of the company, held last Saturday. -- Mr. Hooss received a unanimous vote, and will make an able and efficient foreman.

NOT PROFITABLE.-- Mr. Robert M. Slaughter tells us that he planted five bushels of seed potatoes in the spring, and last week he concluded to dig his crop. The crop yielded him just two even bushels. How is this for a big profit?

DIED, on Tuesday evening the 11th of August, 1874, at the residence of his parents at Silver Lake in this county, the youngest son of Mr. Robert A. and Mrs. Melissa McCauley, age about six months.

MARKSMEN. -- We have frequent shooting matches in these parts, and some good marksmanship is shown. We understand that Mr. S. D. Meranda, our nurseryman, stands high as an efficient marksmen [sic] -- nearly a center shot every time. He will do.

AN ACCIDENT. -- On Friday afternoon last while the eldest daughter of Josiah McCauley was playing up on the roof of a chicken house, she accidentally slipped and fell to the ground, injuring her right arm and wrist, and also bruising her head but not seriously.

LOSS. -- Squire A. H. Garner lost a fine mare one day last week valued at one hundred dollars. Simon Moore, residing six miles southeast of Perryville, lost a good mare a few days since. Also Herman Koenig and Josiah Cotner lost fine mares recently.

JOSEPH KLUMP, in trying to water his team at the mill pond here last Saturday, drove in a little to[o] far and came near losing his mules, as they had to be unhitched from the wagon before they could be got out. Persons driving into these ponds should be careful.

RATHER MUDDY. -- A gentleman by the name of Lewis Dosenbach, while watering his horses at a pond near Mr. James McCauley’s, three and a half miles north of Perryville on Friday last, one of his horses got mired in the mud, and it required considerable labor to extricate the animal from it.

HUGE STOVE. -- Mr. O. C. Nabert, on last Monday, received the largest stove ever brought to Perryville. -- This monster stove (it is large enough to cook for one hundred men, and weighs 800 pounds) has been ordered by Father Rubi for the Seminary to take the place of the range they have been using.

AN ASSAULT. -- On Wednesday of last week, Mr. Rank, of Bois Brule Bottom, was arrested for an assault with attempt to kill one Edward B. Canada, also of the same place. -- The prisoner was brought to Perryville, and waiving his examination, he gave a bond of $200 to appear at the next term of our circuit court.

MARRIED, on Friday August 7th, 1874, at the Ste. Marys Seminary by Father Rubi, Mr. Napoleon Carlamey to Miss Milfeld, all of Perry county.

MARRIED, on Sunday, August 9th, 1874, at Ste. Marys Seminary, by Father Rubi, Mr. Clement Brown to Miss Matilda Miles, all of Perry county.

LARCENY. -- On last Wednesday Felix McAtee was brought into Perryville under arrest, charged with grand larceny, that is, with having taken a pocket book containing from $15 to $20, belonging to Pius Cameron. Mr. McAtee waived his examination, and gave a bond of $200 for his appearance at the next term of our circuit court.

A BASKET PICNIC will be held at Mr. Gregory Brewer’s some eight miles northwest of Perryville, on Thursday the 20th of August, and a general good time is expected. Let everybody and their family attend and enjoy themselves. Speeches will be made by Dr. R. Shelby, Judge John H. Nicholson, John V. Noell, Esq., J. B. Robinson and others.

CONGRESS AND SENATE. -- In another column will be found the proceedings of the congressional and senatorial convention, which bodies convened in Charleston, Mississippi county last week. It will be seen that Hon. Robert A. Hatcher was declared the nominee of the Democratic convention by acclamation, while Dr. Shelby, of this county, was the unanimous choice of the senatorial convention for State Senator from this district. Both of these gentlemen will be elected by large majorities and both of them will fill their offices with credit.

JUSTICE COURT. -- On last Saturday one John F. Robinson was brought into town, under arrest charged with having committed an assault and battery upon one Henry Lukefahr. He did not stand a trial but plead guilty, and was thereupon fined five dollars and cost by Squire Halbrook. Henry Lukefahr had also filed an affidavit against John F. Robinson to the effect that Robinson had threatened to kill him. A trial was had by a jury of six men, who brought in a verdict of guilty, and Robinson was bound over in a bond of $200 to keep the peace for one year.


PERSONAL. -- Mr. C. H. Buck of Fredericktown, agent for the New York Life Insurance company, was in our town on Saturday, and on Monday left for St. Joseph, Mo.

Mr. Clement J. Gotto left our town on Sunday last for Laporte, Ind.

Mr. J. T. St. Vrain arrived in Perryville last week and opened a nice saloon. Jack knows how to run such an institution.

DR. R. SHELBY. -- The St. Louis Times has the following to say: --

"After the adjournment of the congressional convention at Charleston Mo., on Wednesday, which nominated Hon. R. A. Hatcher for re-election to congress, the Democratic senatorial convention of the Twenty sixth senatorial district was organized, and nominated for the State Senate, Dr. Shelby, of Perryville, an excellent selection, who will be elected almost without opposition. he is of the old Jefferson school of politics, and many years ago represented his county in the legislature."

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