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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 13 November 1874


LAND SALES. -- By to-dayís issue it will be seen that several tracts of land are advertised to be sold at the court house in Perryville on Tuesday, the 8th day of December next, it being the second day of the regular term of probate court.

A RUNAWAY. -- The team belonging to Mr. Caleb Abernathy, when near the south side of Perryville on Friday evening last, became frightened and ran away, and before being stopped ran into another team, damaging it somewhat, but nobody was injured.

FINISHED. -- The Andrew C. Gorman school house was completed last Saturday, and the work has been paid for. School opens in this new building next Monday morning, and Mr. C. Moore has been employed as the teacher. A term of four months will be taught.

FISHING EXCURSION. -- A few of our citizens visited Bois Brule bottom and the Mississippi river a few days ago, and caught a considerable number of fish, some of their measuring fully three and a half feet in length. Some twenty-five hundred pounds of fish was caught.

MARRIED, on Sunday, November 8th, 1874, at Cedar Fork in this county, by Rev. Henry Dalton, Mr. Dunleith Ellis to Miss Nancy Robinson.

Married, at Loganís tannery, Nov. 4th, 1874, by Rev. A. R. Height, Mr. John Logan to Miss Annie Venable.

A MAMMOTH BEET. -- Mr. Vincent Hagan, residing in the upper part of Bois Brule Bottom, has raised a beet this year that required considerable labor to get it out of the ground. It weighed just seventeen pounds. We are sure this can not be beaten, not even by Yankeedom.

THE CIRCUIT CLERK. -- Mr. James Burgee, who was elected Circuit Clerk on Tuesday of last week, received his certificate of election last Saturday from the honorable county court. Certificates of election have been given to the county officials, and about all of them have filled their required bonds.

BOIS BRULE. -- W understand that Mr. Austin Drake has about completed the erection of a stave factory, grist and saw mill, and a shingle factory two and a half miles above Allenís Landing in Bois Brule Bottom. We are glad to hear of such improvements going on in our county, and we hope still further substantial improvements will be made.

Senator Shelby

Dr. Reuben Shelby, the Democratic nominee for Senator from the 26th Senatorial district, has been elected. Mr. M. J. Hines, an Independent candidate, was the Doctorís opponent. Dr. Shelby received a majority of six hundred and fifty-eight in Perry county, while Bollinger county gave him a majority of two hundred and forty-seven. Cape Girardeau county gave a majority for Mr. Hines of four hundred and twenty-four, which leaves Dr. Shelby a majority in the district of four hundred and eight-one. A pretty good showing certainly. Every effort had been made during the campaign to defeat our candidate, and even falsehoods were published and circulated against him, for the purpose of turning public sentiment against him, but, as the election returns clearly demonstrated, they did no injury, and the Doctor rides triumphantly into the Senatorship of the 26th district. We are confident that the Doctorís constituents will never have cause to regret the support they extended to him, but, on the contrary, will find that they have elected a gentleman who will not prove recreant to the trust imposed in him.

Judge Robinson

We have received full returns from the five counties composing this the Twentieth Judicial circuit, and the result is a flattering one for John B. Robinson, Esq. There were three aspirants in the field for this position, and each candidate labored assideously [sic] to capture the prize, but two of the three gentlemen were destined to meet with disappointment. As our readers already are aware, Perry county gave Mr. Robinson a majority of six hundred and thirty-three, and Ste. Genevieve county, the home of his childhood years, gave him the large majority of eight hundred and four. The contest in St. Francois, was close, but he succeeded in carrying it by twenty-eight majority, thus carrying three out of the five counties in the circuit, and has secured a majority over Mr. Nalle of one thousand, three hundred and seventy, and a majority of two thousand one hundred and forty-five over Mr. Conway, and has a majority over Nalle and Conway combined of three hundred and thirty...

Circuit Court

Thursday, Nov. 5th -- Wm. Doerr for board of prisoners $2.50; to Thomas Layton for stationary, &c., $8.65; to J. C. Doerr, for jury fees paid $12...

Administrator's Notice

Notice is hereby given that letters of administration on the estate of Leo F. Tucker, deceased, has been granted to the undersigned administrator by the probate common pleas court of Perry county, Mo. hearing date of November 5th, 1874.

All persons having claims against said estate are required to exhibit them for allowance to the administrator within one year after the date of said letters, or they may be precluded from any benefit of said estate, and if such claims be not presented within two years from the date of said letters they will be forever barred.


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