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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 13 March 1874


WE LEARN that there are a couple of cases of the cerebro-spinal meningitis in Bois Brule Bottom.

FIRE AGAIN. -- The soot in the chimney of Mrs. Liebler’s residence burned out on Saturday morning inst. -- No damage done.

PICTURES. -- Jos. Fortin the photographer, can be found at Burgee’s Hall, where he is doing good work at low figures.

REMOVAL. -- We are reliably informed that Squire P. S. Bruner has removed to Claryville, opposite Chester, Ills., and will there continue to exercise the functions of Justice of the Peace at that place. Mr. Bruner is a clever man.

WHILE MISS ZORA BLOCK was on her road home, one day last week, the horse upon which she was seated, became unmanageable, and she fell from the horse to the ground, and though she received some bruises, she was not seriously injured.

A NEW CABINET MAKER arrived in our town on Tuesday evening last. he is stopping at Mr. John Kiefner’s residence, where he will likely remain for some years. He is only a few days old, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kiefner, will provide for him.

TRANSFER OF REAL ESTATE. -- Pius McCauley has purchased from H. G. Kiesler the property on Ste. Marys street where Kiesler & Hooss formerly kept their lightning rod office and tin shop. We understand that Pius is going to open a saloon there.

PERSONAL. Jos. C. Killian, Esq. left for St. Louis on Sunday morning on business.

Dr. M. V,. Moore, after several weeks absence in St. Louis, returned home a few days since.

THAT LETTER. -- There is a letter in the Perryville Post office with the following rather eccentric intimation after the usual super scription on letter: "The man the hogs eat up." Suggestion: If this young man has fallen among swine and been violently torn to pieces, had not his relatives better be looking after this letter, for it might contain some valuable information?

Probate Court Proceedings.

...James Burgee made settlement of the estates of Oliver and Henry L. Thorp, minors, balance due each minor $596. 13.

...Two claims were classed against the estate of James A. Burns for $166.20.

...Nine claims were classed against the estate of James A. Burns, amounting to $798.75.

...Joshua Hudson made settlement of the estate of Chas. Hudson, balance due $354.99; also of Robert Hudson, balance due $355.

...Doerr & Bros had claim classed against the estate of Jas. A. Burns for $1.25.

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