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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 13 February 1874


EMANUEL URBAN. -- Read this gentlemanís advertisement in another column.

GREAT REDUCTION in stoves and tinware at O. C. NABERT.

PRETTY OLD. -- We, this week, received a copy of the New York World, which was printed on the 16th day of June, 1841.

NEW FIRM. -- Messrs. Jacob Dewein and William Blechle have purchased the saloon, formerly owned by McCauley & Schearer.

MARRIED, by Rev. H. Dalton at the residence of the brideís parents, on the 8th inst., Mr. Josephus Mc New to Miss M. E. Hudson.

MRS. SARAH L. MOORE, wife of Simon Moore, residing five miles southeast of Perryville, departed this life on Sunday last, in the 33d year of her age. She died from the effects of the tubercular ulceration. To mourn her loss she leaves a husband, children and many friends.

DEMPSEY & GRADEN. -- We call the attention of our readers to the advertisement of the above firm, who have just opened a new stock of goods at the stand recently occupied by A. H. Cashion & Co. They intend selling goods cheap, their too being: "Quick sales and small profits."

IF YOU WANT any thing in the tin or stove line, you will find it to your interest to call on O. C. NABERT.

PERSONAL -- Mr. John H. Simpson left for St. Louis on Wednesday morning to purchase goods. He said he has changed his mind about closing out, but means to sell goods cheaper than ever.

Mr. Wm. Furth and family left for St. Louis on Monday on a visit to their relatives.

BADLY BURNED. -- On Monday last the little infant boy of Wm. Blechle, who resides in Perryville, was quite badly burned. It would seem that the cradle in which the child was sitting, turned over on the cook stove, and the little boy was thrown against the same, burning his face and head fearfully though not dangerously. The parents were not in the room at the time of the accident occurred.

MR. WILLIAM MOORE, an old and respectable citizen of this county, died at his residence some three miles north of Perryville, one day last week. He was about sixty-two years of age. The deceased was a well to do farmer. He raised a large and respectable family. Mr. Moore was a member of the Catholic Church, and lead a Christian life. He leaves a large family and circle of relatives and friends to mourn his demise.

MR. THOMAS SANDERS, who resided about seven miles north of Perryville, died at his home last week. Mr. Sanders was one of our most useful citizens. The deceased went to California when he was quite a boy, and returned to Perry county in 1860. In the spring of 1862 he married Miss An Burgee, daughter of Judge Burgee. He was a congenial companion, a steadfast friend and an honest man. He leaves a wife and several children, and a host of friends to mourn his loss.

ALL ARTICLES in my line sold at low figures, and I defy competition. O. C. NABERT

County Court Proceedings

Other allowances: To Wm. Doerr jailor, for boarding prisoners...

Austin Phillips vs. Lucretia Phillips; petition for a writ of habeas corpus filed and writ issued; defendant makes return to writ of habeas corpus, and cause set for trial at 10 o'clock Friday morning; on writ of habeas corpus; decision of court: Margaret J. Phillips, minor child of plaintiff is taken from the custody of defendant and given to plaintiff for the purpose of raising and educating the same in a Christian-like manner.

Local Communications

MR. EDITOR: A part of our County Court's time was occupied last week, in trying another habeas corpus case. Austin Phillips and his wife, Lucretia Phillips, it appears, have been separated for some time, and there has been a dispute between them about who should have the care and control of an only child. One day last week Mr. Phillips came in and filed a petition in the county court, praying for a writ of habeas corpus, to procure the liberation of his daughter from the control of his wife, which prayer was granted, and the trial set for last Thursday. For some cause, on Thursday it was continued until Friday.

On Friday morning both parties appeared promptly, and the trial commenced. By Friday night the evidence and arguments were concluded, and the case submitted to the court, who kept it in their hats all night. Next morning they rendered their decision, giving the care and custody of the child to the father, for the reason that he was found to be the most suitable person for that purpose;

and Mr. Editor, I think the decision rendered by the court, was just right; but when the time came for the mother and her child to separate, and for the strong hand of the law to come in and sever the tie of affection which seemed to be inseparably connected, it was a scene sad to behold, yet I believe it was right and proper, and I hope it will cause a reformation of the mother, and the union of the husband, wife and child in harmony and love, and that the citizens of Perryville may never be called upon to witness such a scene again.


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