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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 13 December 1872


MR. BERNARD VERMAST is laying very sick at his residence in town.

WHEN IT "RAINS" water we will inform our readers of the fact immediately.

SNOW. -- We were visited with a snow storm on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

A DROVE of cattle passed through town on Sunday last en route for the northern market.

SKATING. -- It is cold and "icy" times, and a few of our citizens have already enjoyed the pleasure of skating.

THE PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE will be found on the first page of to-day’s paper. Let our readers give it a careful perusal.

THOMAS HOOSS & BRO. have just received from St. Louis a large and well selected stock of Christmas toys, candies, &c., which they are selling very cheap.

The Mississippi river has ceased to be the father of waters. It is said to be lower at the present time than it was ever known before. Only small boats are able to navigate it, so we learn.

MR. LOUIS SCHAAF left our town this week for Ste. Marys' where he goes to take charge of the steam flouring mill at that place. We regret very much to lose him, yet our loss is Ste. Marys's gain.

KILLED. -- One day last week we understand that a boy, about eleven years old, the son of Koenig, a citizen of the town of Altenburg, in this county, was burned to death by the explosion of a coal oil lamp.

ATTENTION TEACHERS. -- The Perry County Teacher’ Institute will convene on Monday, the 23d of December, 1872, at the Perryville Public School House, organize, &c. and then adjourn to the 16th inst., and remain in session three days, viz: -- Thursday, Friday and Saturday. -- All teachers and friends of popular education are earnestly solicited to attend. By order of the executive committee.


The undersigned are closing up the business of the Perryville Mille, and request all persons indebted to them to pay up immediately and save cost. Persons having accounts with us, will please have them presented for settlement, and those having claims will present them for payment.


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