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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 12 March 1875


WANTED, a number of good workmen. Apply to Thomas Doyle foreman on St. Marys Seminary farm, Bois Brule Bottom.

FLYING KITES. -- Little boys and big boys have been amusing themselves lately in flying kites in these parts.

MOLASSES. -- Mr. Hilary Moore, residing three miles west of town, has our thanks for a bottle full of nice maple sugar molasses. It was good you bet.

WHEAT GRANARY. -- Mr. Sebastian Regelsberger, residing four miles north of Perryville, has just erected a two story wheat granary, size 22x20 feet, on his farm.

THE UNION LITERARY Society near Landing No. 76 in this county, have begun the erection of a hall for their own especial benefit. The society is in a prosperous condition.

A POST OFFICE has been established at Water's Landing in this county. The name will be Bois Brule, and we learn that William R. Allen has been appointed Post Master.

MARRIED, at the residence of the bride's parents in Brazeau township in this county, by Squire Greenwell, on Tuesday, February 23d, 1875, R. Robert A. Barber to Miss Emma Cowan.

SCALDED. -- One day last week Miss Miles, now residing with Mr. Hilary Moore, three miles west of Perryville, had one of her hands badly scalded by the upsetting of a kettle of hot water.

REAL ESTATE TRANSFER. -- Mr. Lunsford Ellis, on Monday last, purchased the farm belonging to Mr. William S. McBride, situated a quarter miles east of Perryville, paying for the same $1,850.

NEW BARNS. -- Mr. Michael Zink is getting out timber for a large barn on his farm in Bois Brule bottom. -- Mr. Charles Cagle, whose farm adjoins the above, has just completed a good barn on his place.

MR. GEO. A. HAYDEN, who has been teaching school five miles north of Perryville, finished the term on the 26th ult. Our special reporter went back on us, therefore we cannot give a report of the school.

REMOVED. -- The Perryville Cornet Bank have removed their office and rehearsal room from Mr. Burgee's Hall, and will hereafter together with the String Band, occupy Philharmonic Hall on Spring street.

TWINS. -- Mrs. Rufus Abertnthy gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl week before last.

A little boy stopped at the resdence of Mr. Jesse Law, five and a half miles west of Perryville a few days ago.

     Baby buggy

HOWORTH & BURNS. -- The advertisement of these gentlemen will be found in another column of to-day's paper. They are manufacturers of marble monuments, tomb stones, counter tops, &c. Mr. Thos. Bridgman of our town is their agent for this county.

THE SCHOOL taught by Mr. Geo. Crow at the Guyot school house closed last Friday. An examination of the pupils in the several studies took place which gave satisfaction. He taught a term of four months, and as high as thirty-five scholars attended it.

DUCKS. -- Mr. A. L. Hagar, residing four miles southeast of Perryville, a few days since killed thirty-one duck, and it wasn't much of a day for duck hunting either. Mrs. Martha Hagar also knows how to Handle a gun, for she killed a "mess" of ducks last week.

MR. S. H. ELLIS, who has been teaching a school near Mr. Peter M. Dean's closed on the 27th ult., and a pleasant time was had. The closing exercises consisted of examination of classes in the various branches of study that had been taught in the school, and passed off very creditably.

CATTLE KILLED. -- On Sunday night February 28th, while a number of cattle were standing near a large straw stack, it was blown over on to the cattle, killing three of them outright. The ones that were killed belonged to Mrs. Margaret Mattingly, residing near Biehle's store. Mrs. M. seems to be unfortunate this winter.

NEW STORE. -- Mr. E. M. DeLassus has purchased the store at waters Landing, formerly occupied by Messrs. Layton & Yount, and has filled the same with a stock of dry goods, &c. He has also commenced the erection of a dwelling house, 32 feet by 24 feet, and two stories high, on a lot purchased from Mr. Isaac Meredith. Mr. DeLassus evidently intends to stay.

MOVING. -- On Wendesday [sic] John b. Cashion moved into the house recently occupied by J. T. St. Vrain. Judge Robinson took possession of the dwelling belonging to Bernard Cissell's estate, while Mr. Lunsford Ellis moved upon the farm he purchased from W. S. McBride, and the latter gentleman occupies his father's residence in town.

THE SCHOOL taught by Mr. Wm. E. Dean closed on the 26th ult. The exercises, which consisted of declamations, dialogues, &c., were well appreciated by the audience. The bestowal of reward premiums was the leading feature of the occasion. The following were the recipients of the premiums: Miss Caroline Feltz in the first class, and Miss Louisa Feltz in the second class.

THE CIRCUS FEVER has just claimed another victim. A cow belonging to Mrs. Margaret Mattingly, that probably witnessed some of the agile performances of the "leap frog association" undertook to equal one of the star performers by turning a hand spring, but unfortunately for the bovine, her fore feet wouldn't act as well as the hands of the "star" and she struck on her head, breaking her neck, and causing instant death.

PERSONAL. -- Judge Robinson left for Marble Hill, Bollinger county, on Sunday last, at which point he opened circuit court last Monday.

Mr. Charles A. Weber left for DeSoto, in Jefferson county, last Sunday on business, and returned on Tuesday evening.

Mrs. St. Vrain and family left for Chester, Ill., last Sunday, to join her husband.

Hon. Reuben Shelby, after absence of three months at the capital of the State helping to make laws, returned home on Wednesday.

FINANCIAL Statement of the Treasurer of the town of Perryville, Mo., March 1, 1875:

To balance due by treasurer as per last settlement $  227.02
To total amount received of John e. Aikin, collector, 790.39
To total amount borrowed fire department 1700.00
By total amount of warrants paid 2399.73
To balance due by treasurer $  317.68

WM. P. FAHERTY, Treasurer

DIED, at 12 o'clock on Saturday morning, March 6th, 1865, at the residence of her husband, one mile north of Perryville, Mrs. Rosella P. Tucker, wife of Mr. Henry J. Tucker, aged 43 years 6 months and 6 days. The deceased leaves a husband, five children, and other relatives and friends to mourn her loss.

Died. March 4th, 1875, at the residence of her parents eight miles northwest of Perryville, Mary A., daughter of Mr. Francis X. and Mrs. Mary Miles, aged 1 year 4 months and 5 days.

Died, March 2d, 1875, at the residence of his parents in Bois Brule bottom, a son of Mr. Rufus Abernathy, aged six years.

AN AFFRAY took place on Monday last at the residence of Mr. Thies, about four miles northwest of Perryville, between H. H. Ramme and John and August Cristenson, and latter of whom are brothers. -- The affray was commenced by the two brothers, who made an assault upon Mr. Ramme with the stalk of a gun and the fire shovel. Mr. Ramme was quite badly hurt, having received several severe wounds about the face and head. The difficulty grew out of a dispute which the parties had about a watch. The Cristenson brothers were arrested and taken before a Justice of Peace when an examination in to the matter was had. The prisoners were required to give bail for their appearance at the April term of our circuit court, but failing to do so they were committed to jail.

WINTER WEATHER OF 1874 AND 1875. -- Editor Union: I have kept an account of the weather since last October, which may be of some interest to your readers. Here it is: White frost October 12th, following 13th with 5 degrees below freezing killing vegetation. November 20th light snow, and on 21st 4 degrees below freezing; 23d snow, 24th 12 degrees below freezing; 28th heavy icycles [sic] and snow 5 inches deep; 29th 15 degrees below freezing and 30th the same. December 20th snow seven inches deep; 29th snow and 8 degrees below freezing. January 2d light snow; 3d nineteen degrees below freezing; 5th, 28 degrees below freezing with light snow; 6th, 19 degrees below freezing; 9th 7 degrees below zero and the coldest day of the year, with light snow; 10th, 2 degrees above zero; 15th 7 degrees above zero, and 16th 4 degrees above zero; 29th snow, 31st snow and 21 deg. below freezing. -- February 3d. 22 deg. below freezing; 4th 28 deg. below freezing with a bleak cold wind all day; 5th 6 deg. above zero; 7th 6 deg. below zero with three inches snow; 9th 2 deg below zero; 11th light snow; 12, 15 deg. above zero; 18th, 20 deg. below freezing'; 25th snow and 5 deg. freezing. March 3d, snow 6 inches 4th, 20 deg. freezing.


THE LITERARY. -- EDITOR UNION: That which was considered by some to be as impossible as the changing of the leopard's spots, was accomplished on last Friday night, when the Perryville Literary Society organized under the new constitution, and changed its name to the "Platonian Debating Society." Although outward circumstances were unpropitious, and some were looking forward with misgivings, to the time when this important event was to take place; but few of the old guard that has so bravely clung to the fortunes of the society during the trying scenes of the last two months, were missing.

The house being called to order, the members present came forward and signed the new constitution. -- The next thing in order was the election of officers, which resulted as follows: Dr. C. A. Mann, President; A. H. Cashion, Vice President; Wm. A. . Cashion, Secretary; Ca. A. Killian, Corresponding Secretary. Who should be treasurer was not so easily decided. After some time spent in ballotting. J. H. Simpson was declared duly elected. P. F. Halbrook was elected Sergeant-at-arms; D. W. Crow, Miss Minnie M. Chase and J. L. Crow, committee on programme.

Mr. J. H. Simpson, the treasurer for last quarter, made an itemized report of all receipts and expenditures of the society from its commencement down to March 5, 1875; also a statement pertaining to the individual interest of members, or those who have been members of the society. The committee on programme reported an outline for next Friday night, after which the society adjourned.


Probate Court Proceedings.

Thursday, March 4th. -- James L. Crow, administrator of James A. Burns, had claim classed against the estate of Thomas Sanders for $19.21.

Matilda M. Jones was appointed curator of Francis J. Nicholson and Mary A., L. P. and F. D. Jones -- bond of $1800.

Alonzo Farrar, curator of A. E. and Girard Farrar, made settlement, balance due 421.64.

Henry T. Tucker, administrator of F. E. Tucker, was ordered to pay over to the widow, as part of her dower, $320.

Joseph Miles, administrator of Josephus Moore, made settlement, balance due $177.10.

John G. Darnstedt, guardian and curator of Martha Kaufman, made settlement, balance due $285.92.

Benjamin Cambron, guardian and curator of Wm. and Louis Potier, made settlement, balance due wards $211.58 and $439.93.

Leon Bogy, administrator of H. B. Kinnison, had note class against the estate of Thomas Sanders for $10.25; also was ordered to turn over to guardian and curator of the minor children of said deceased, $800 each.

Henry T. Tucker, administrator of Felix E. Tucker, made settlement, balance due $1109.61.

John B. Everett, guardian and curator of Henry Burgett, made settlement, balance due $225.29. Ward acknowledged satisfaction. Also made settlement for Catharine Burgett, balance due $612.64, and ward acknowledged satisfaction.

James L. Crow, administrator of Jos. L. DeLassus, was ordered to pay to the widow $52 for tomb stone for said deceased.

Joseph Cissell was appointed curator of Mary B. Kinnison, and bond approved in the sum of $10,000.

Henry Huber had claim classed against Christian Swink for $877.85.

Joseph Cissell made settlement for Octavia, Mary J., Mary L., and Mary G. Cissell, balance due respectively $2805.88, $2843.73, $3054.45 and $3408.41.

Joseph H. Walker had claim classed against the estate of M. V. Moore for $4.50.

Joseph A. Sauer, guardian and curator of John T. Sauer,made settlement, balance due $61.86; also for Wm. J. Sauer, balance due $51.86 for Joseph Sauer, balance due $185.51.

Henry T. Tucker, administrator of Felix E. Tucker, filed petition for sale of real estate.

James Burgee, curator of Oliver and Henry S. Thorp, made settlement balance due wards $1240.73.

Elie M. DeLassus. Bond approved.

John Black, administrator of the partnership estate of John Black & Co., had bond approved.

Friday, March 5th. -- Ambrose J. Moore, administrator of Wm. Moore made settlement, balance due $1113.

Christopher Popp made settlement of the estate of Simon Popp, balance due $849.39.

Joshua Hudson, guardian and curator of Charles Hudson, made settlement, balance due $369.97.

Anna Welker had claim classed against the estate of Joseph Schnurbush for $55.15.

Sarah G. Welker had claim classen [sic] against the estate of Jos. Schnurbush for $455.15.

Caledonia Cagle had claim classed against the estate of S. B. Kinnison for $54.45.

Dr. C. A. Mann had claim classed against S. B. Kinnison for $5.

Matilda M. Jones, curator of Lonidus Jones et al, petition filed for sale of real estate; also order to file inventory and appraisement [sic] in the estate of Jules Rozier & co., by April 11th, 1875; same order in case of Rozier, Prost & Co.

George W. Hudson was appointed and gave bond as curator of Leon Hudson.

Thomas Elder made settlement of the estate of Louise and Felix Holster.

Isidore Layton made settlement of partnership estate of M. C. Manning, balance due $947.38.

Paul Hoeh and William Brandus, executors of Henry Bulteman, made final settlement.

George W. Hudson, curator of Leon Hudson, petition filed for sale of real estate.

Johanna Buttner vs. Simon Popp, objections of defendant filed to report of commissioners to set out her homestead, are taken up, evidence and arguments heard, and taken under advisement.

Saturday, March 6th. -- James Crow, administrator of the estate of Matilda Taylor, notice for final settlement filed and continued. Same in estate of M. S. Eddlemon.

J. C. Farrar, curator of Elizabeth Wood, made settlement, balance due $328.60.

William Litsch, guardian and curator of Moritz Berhle, made settlement, balance due $6553.43.

James L. Crow made settlement of the estate of J. W. Bright, balance due $294.50.

Jas. L. Crow. administrator of Sarah May, made settlement, balance due $10.20. Same for F. D. Brewer balance due $25.31; same for Jos. A. Burns, balance due $214.85; same for Ann Clifton, balance due $32.36; same for B. F. Clifton, balance due $172.20.

Johanna Buttner vs. Simon Popp objections to commissioners report was over ruled.

Jas F. Tucker made final settlements of the estate of Jon W. And Nancy M, Hudson, and curator was discharged.

James Burgee, administrator of Thomas Sanders, made settlement balance due $571.71.

J. L. Crow made settlement of Chas. Schieferdecker's estate, balance due $3426.17, and was ordered to pay ten cents on the dollar; also made settlement of Wm. Manning's estate, balance due $653.78, and ordered to pay 30 cents on the dollar also presented petition for an order of sale of real estate of J. W. Bright.

Jon J. Seibel, administrator of Henry L. McArthur, made settlement balance due $7.21, and ordered to pay 42 cents on the dollar.

Robt. H. Bush had claim classed against the estate of M. J. Tucker for $7.50; Sarah Tucker had claim classed against same estate for $10.

Jas.L. Crow, administrator of the estate of Jos. L. DeLassus, was ordered to distribute all money on hand to the heirs.

Raymond Tucker, curator of Wm. V. Brewer, made settlement, balance due $72.86.

Joseph Miles was appointed guardian and curator of Mary E. Layton, ordered to give bond.

As a great deal of business could not be transacted, and adjourned term is ordered, to be held on Thursday, the 1st day of April next.

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