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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 12 December 1873


THAT LECTURE. -- We had a temperance lecture at the court house in Perryville on Thursday of last week, but no one signed the pledge, so we learn. The lecturer was Mr. Lane, of St. Louis.

THE MELODEAN [sic], purchased for the use of the Perryville Public School, has arrived, and has been placed in said building. Prof. C. D. Hayden, principal of the school, performs up on the instrument.

THE CEMETERY. -- We understand that the fence around the cemetery, near the Seminary, is in a very bad condition, and that cattle and hogs roam over it at their pleasure. This ought not to be so.

A YOUNG DOCTOR stopped at the residence of Dr. Reubin Shelby one day last week. He is only a little more than a week old, and if he is like his papa, he will live to a good old age. Multiply and replenish, says the Scripture.

THE ORGAN, which Father Rubi has purchased, has not yet arrived. We understand that the complication of its works was such, as to require a man to go to New Orleans to take it to pieces and he will have to "stay with it" until it is finally anchored at the Seminary.

PRETTY GOOD. -- One of our farmers, J. M. Moore, Esq., living near the suburbs of Perryville, has just butchered four hogs, eleven month-old, whose average weight was 185 pounds net. One of the four weighed 220 pounds. Said hogs were of the Burkshire persuasion.

DIED, on Friday, the 5th of December, 1873, at his residence eight miles east of Perryville, Charles Streily, in the 33d year of his age. The deceased was born in Germany and emigrated to the United States in 1847. He leaves a wife, relatives and friends to mourn his loss.

PERSONAL. -- Mrs. Mary A. Noell who had been here on a visit, left for her home in St. Louis on Sunday last.

Father Rubi left for St. Louis on Sunday afternoon on business.

Dr. S. T. Hall arrived in town on Tuesday evening, and will remain one week.

A. H. Cashion and John R. Moore left for St. Louis on Monday.

AN ACCIDENT. -- An accident took place at the Perryville Mills on last Tuesday, which came near resulting in the death of Fred. Schindler, the miller, Chas. Voorde the fireman, and Richard Meyer, a teamster employed at the mill. Whilst they were engaged in setting a valve in its proper place, the hot water, accompanied by steam, made its way through from the boiler, knocking Meyer and Voorde to the ground, while Fred. crawled through behind the engine. They were all scalded more or less. They done well by making an immediate exit, or they would have been scalded to death.

Probate Court Proceedings

Thursday, Dec. 4,
...Augustus Doerr made settlement of the estate of Thomas Phillips, balance due $9,254.45.
...Isadore Horrell had claim classed against the estate of Ignatius Moore for $12.50.

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