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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 11 September 1874


MARRIED, on Sunday morning, September 6th, 1874, at the German Catholic Church in Perryville by Rev. Father Kleisser, Mr. Frederick Schindler to Miss Theresa Reiss.

MARRIED, on Thursday, September 3, 1874, at the German Lutheran Church in Altenburg, in this county, by Rev. F. Koestering, Mr. U. Dietrich to Miss Louisa Schneier, all of this county

JUDICIAL CONVENTION. -- The chairmen of the Democratic Executive Committee of the counties composing the 20th Judicial Circuit will hold a meeting in Farmington, on Wednesday the 16th of the present month, for the purpose of appointing the time and place of holding a Judicial convention to nominate a candidate for Circuit Judge for this district.

A CANDIDATE. -- Mr. C. L. Spencer editor and proprietor of the Chester Valley Clarion, has became a candidate for the office of Representative of Randolph county, Ills., and has therefore withdrawn from the editorial management of the paper and Mr. John H. Lindsey assumes the position. Friend Spencer does not believe in blowing his own trumpet, but prefers to let others do that.

GRAPE CULTURE. -- Mr. Julian Creten, residing about ten miles southwest of Perryville, has a fine vineyard upon his farm. We understand that he has in cultivation some five hundred grape vines that are bearing, and he expects to make at least six hundred gallons of wine this season. We also learn that he has a good many in cultivation that are not yet bearing. Most of his grapes are of the Concord variety.

AN ACCIDENT. -- While Mr. J. C. McBride, accompanied by her little son and Mrs. McCauley, was driving along the road in their wagon last Monday afternoon, on their way to Perryville, and when near Mr. Anton Hunt’s farm, one of the axletrees broke, letting down the wagon, when the mule became frightened and ran away, throwing the occupants of the wagon out into the road, injuring Mrs. McBride quite badly though not dangerously. The other two escaped uninjured.

HARVEST FEAST. -- On next Sunday the 13th of September, will be celebrated by our Lutheran friends at their church in Perryville, the time-honored custom of that denomination of "Harvest Feast," or, in other words, that of offering thanks to the Supreme Ruler of all things for the bountiful crops bestowed up on the people during the present season. The church on that occasion will be handsomely decorated with specimens of all grains, fruits and vegetables raised.

PERRYVILLE PUBLIC SCHOOL. -- The Board of Directors of the Perryville Public School held a meeting on Tuesday evening last, for the purpose of employing teachers for said school the ensuing term, which resulted as follows: For the teacher of the higher department, David W. Crow, of our county at a salary of $60 per month; for primary department, Miss Chase, of Chester, Ills., at a salary of $40 per month. The school will begin on the first Monday in October, and continue eight months.

DIED, on Friday, September 4th, 1874, at his residence at Schnurbush in this county, Mr. Joseph Schnurbush, 52 years 5 months and 13 days old. The deceased was born on the farm on which he died.

DIED, on Sunday, September 6th, 1874, at his residence in Appleton, Mr. John Dambach, aged about 24 years.

DIED, AT 9 O’CLOCK A. M. on Tuesday, the 8th of September, 1874, at the residence of his parents in Perryville, John William, infant son of Mr. John H. and Mrs. Zoe M. Simpson.

OFF FOR SCHOOL. -- Miss Octavia, Mary J., and Louisa Cissell, children of Bernard Cissell, also Christina Cissell, daughter of Mr. Joseph Cissell, Theresa Litsch, daughter of Mr. William Litsch, Theresa Moore, left the town of Perryville on last Monday morning to attend the St. Vincent Academy at Cape Girardeau the present school year.

Robt. C. Waters, Ferdinand Layton, Albert Cissell, Reuben Moore, left our county during the past week to attend the St. Vincent College at Cape Girardeau.

Mr. C. K. Hayden, the former principal of the Perryville public school, left our town last Monday for the city of Cape Girardeau, where he goes to attend the Southeast Missouri Normal School for a term of forty weeks.

Lawrence Moore left our county one day last week for Kentucky to attend college.

PERSONAL. -- Mr. John Mann and lady, of Chester, Ills., parents of Dr. C. A. Mann, arrived in Perryville on Friday last on a visit. Mr. Mann has attained the good old age of seventy-eight years, while his lady is in her seventy-sixth year and both are in the enjoyment of good health.

Mr. M. Biehle was in town this week on Business.

Mr. Henry Schaefer of Appleton, Mr. Zach. Mueller and sons of Altenburg, Mr. C. F. Lawrence and Dr. S. E. Strong of Ste. Marys, were in town on Monday.

Messrs. Luke J. Hutcheson, William Ponder, Joseph Untereiner, and others, of Uniontown, were in town on Sunday last.

Messrs, August Lueders, Charles G. Mueller, Charles Boehme, Joseph Weinhold and George Newbeck, of Altenburg, were in town on Tuesday, attending court.

Mr. Gottleib Stroler, of Erie county, Ohio, brother of Mrs. Geo. Koch arrived in Perryville on Tuesday.

Probate Court Proceedings

... Hayden & Merritt had a claim classed against the estate of Jas. Burns for $22.

... Martha Thorp had claim classed against the estate of James A. Burns for $456.25.

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