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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 11 April 1873


THE PUBLIC SQUARE is beginning to present a better appearance than it did.

MR. WM. P. FAHERTYíS new advertisement will be found in another column.

DR. MURPHY left for Scott county on Sunday to get his family. He locates here.

PROBATE COURT next Monday. -- Be on hand if you have any business for this term.

A FEW MOVERS passed through town this week for the Southwest, in search of homes.

NEW CASES of the measles are reported in town, (one at our house) but they are getting well as rapidly as could be expected.

WORK has been recommenced on the Chester and Iron Mountain railroad, so we are informed, and will now be rapidly pushed forward to completion.

PEACH TREES, in these parts, are in full bloom, and we notice that the peaches are not all killed, either, for we have taken the trouble to examine some of them.

PERSONAL. -- Messrs. Clem. Schinder, John B. Gotto, Herman Binz, William Doerr and Wm. H. Bennett, Esq., left town on Sunday last for the city of St. Louis on business.

WHEN THE RIVER ROUTE RAILROAD passes through Perryville, we will inform our readers of the fact immediately, even if we should be compelled to issue a daily in order to do so. Donít be uneasy.

SCHOOL MONEY. -- The State Superintendent of Public Schools has just made an apportionment of the school money to the various counties in the State, and from it we learn that Perry county is to receive $2, 159.76.

A RUN AWAY. -- On Sunday morning last, while the driver of the hack which runs between this place and Ste. Marys, was putting some harness in to the hack, the horses became frightened and ran away. -- They came in a full lope until they reached the livery stable, when the hack was run against a post, upsetting it, which brought the horses to a halt. Nobody was hurt, but the hack was badly damaged and another injured.

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