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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 10 September 1875


RYE. -- Some excellent seed rye for sale by Christ. Popp near town; call soon.

BIRTH. -- A little boy stopped at Mr. Ferd. Voelker's residence last Saturday.

     Baby buggy

BOARD OF TRADE. -- They have organized a board of trade in the city of Chester.

Second hand Cook Stove for sale cheap at this office. It is in a good condition.

AT COST. -- McBride & Prevallet at Silver Lake, are selling at cost. -- A chance to get bargains.

TRANSFER. -- Mr. Moritz Schall has sold his property in Uniontown to Mr. John G. Amachler for $1,765.

MARRIED, August 24th, 1875, in Bois Brule bottom by A. C. Pearson, Mr. Felix Tucker to Miss Mary A. Deilies.

PROFESSIONAL. -- Dr. J. W. Hall's card will be found in another. The Doctor has located here, and has his office in Burgee's hall.

A BROKEN LIMB. -- One day last week a little son of Mr. Ferd. Voelker fell from a horse and broke his arm. This occurred fifteen miles northwest of Perryville.

KICKED. -- Mrs. Sarah A. Barks, residing seven miles south of Perryville, while engaged milking her cow was kicked by the animal, and from the effects of it had to go on crutches a few days.

LOSS. -- Mr. Raymond Schindler, residing near Perryville, lost a valuable horse last Saturday.

Mr. George W. McNew, residing ten miles northwest of Perryville, lost a fine cold one day last week.

AN ACCIDENT. -- Mr. Henry Huber who resides near Perryville, while going to the house from a friend where he was having some wheat threshed one day last week, was run over by a horse, and received some injuries, though not serious.

DESTROYED. -- On Monday of last week some unknown person set fire to the residence and barn of Dr. J. H. Luttrell at Rockwood in our neighboring county across the river both of which buildings were consumed by the flames. The loss is quite heavy.

A BREAK DOWN. -- On last Saturday while Mr,. J. W. Abernathy accompanied by three ladies, was on his way to Perryville, his carriage came in contact with an obstruction in the road, and a portion of the vehicle was broken, but fortunately nobody was hurt.

A GOOD YIELD. -- We are told that Mrs. John Bergman, residing two miles north of Perryville, finished threshing her wheat crop last Friday, and it turned out well. From sixty acres of wheat she received over one thousand seven hundred and thirteen bushels of wheat. Who will do better?

PERSONAL. -- Mr. John F. Dickinson left Highland for St. Louis a few days ago to purchase goods.

Mrs. Lena Cobb, accompanied by her son, left for St. Louis Wednesday last.

Mr. George Campbell and family left for their home in Illinois last Wednesday.

A NARROW ESCAPE. -- On Tuesday evening of last week Charles C. Lorenz, residing ten miles west of Perryville, while working about a threshing machine, a portion of his clothing was caught in the machinery, and all his clothing was torn from his body and one of his arms was quite badly hurt.

CUT OFF. -- A little daughter of Mr. John Manning, who is residing with Mr. Joseph Dubois, near Perryville, while playing about as oat cutting machine one day last week, accidentally had her fingers caught in the machine, and two of them were cut off. Such tools are dangerously playthings.

... last Friday morning while Vincent Z. Layton, son of Mr. Vincent D. Layton, residing about two and a half miles northwest of Perryville, was engaged cutting oats, had the fingers on his left hand caught in the machine, and one was cut off and another one nearly so. The injured members were immediately attended to.

WHOLESALE BAPTISM. - A lumberman, driving a four mule team, concluded to water his "critters" in the mill pond last Wednesday, and while doing so one of the mules slipped and fell, in its fall bringing down two others, including the one the man was riding, and it was with some difficulty and the loss of part of the harness that they were got out.

AN INJUNCTION. -- On last Saturday several attorneys from our neighboring county of Cape Girardeau visited Perryville on legal business. An injunction was asked for by the Board of Education of the city of Cape Girardeau to restrain the sheriff of said county from selling town lots 14,15, and 16, upon which stands the public school buildings, on the ground that said property is exempted from execution. The injunction was granted by Judge Robinson, before whom the case was brought.

OFF FOR SCHOOL. -- On last Sunday morning Charley Litsch and Moritz Berhle left our town for the city of Cape Girardeau, where they go to attend school.

On Monday, last Misses M. J. Cissell and M. L. Cissell, daughters of Mr. Bernard Cissell, and Miss Theresa Moore, daughter of Mr. Isidore Moore, left for the St. Vincent convent at Cape Girardeau, also Augustin Cissell, son of Mr. Joseph cCiossell left for St. Vincent college at the same point

Miss Julia Doerr, daughter of Mr. John C. Doerr, left for the St. Vincent convent at Cape Girardeau last Sunday.

The son and daughter of Mr. Martin Burke left for school in St. Louis last Wednesday.

A SUSPICIOUS AFFAIR. -- On Friday morning last, William Logan, residing in the north part of Perryville, while going through his orchard, discovered freshely dug ground, and not knowing what it meant, concluded to examine the spot. On removing a small quantity of earth he found the body of an infant child, supposed to have been born the previous Monday, when he notified the coroner of the discovery. A coroner's inquest was soon after held upon the body of the child, and the jury returned a verdict that it had died a natural death but was secretly interred. A colored woman by the name of Jane Logan, mother of the deceased, was arrested and required to give bond for her appearance at the October term of our circuit court , but failing to do so, was lodged in jail, but has since been permitted to vacate the jail on account of sickness.

DIED, on Thursday, September 2, 1875, at the residence of its parents, two miles south of Perryville, an infant child of Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Justina Nesslein, aged eight days.

Died, on Thursday night, September 22, 1875, at her residence twelve miles northwest of Perryville, Mrs. Mary A. Duvall, aged 37 years.

Died, on Friday, September 3d, 1875, at the residence of Dr. Smith in Bois Brule bottom, an infant child of Mr. Thomas McLane.

Died, on Friday night, September 3d, 1875, at the residence of its parents one mile northeast of Perryville, and infant child of Mr. Ferd. Klump.

Died, on Friday, September 3d, 1875, at her residence near the Abernathy mill in this county, Mrs. --- Abernathy, aged about one hundred year..

COUNTY COURT met on Monday last, pursuant to adjournment, present, Hons. John H. Abernathy, and William Conrad, N. Guth, Sheriff, and C. A. Weber, clerk.

In the change of the Farrar Landing road, prayed for by M. H. Milster, a new report was filed, the change ordered and the old road vacated.

In the new road from Schreniers ford, commissioner filed an amended report with relinquishments of right of way.

The following allowances were made: To James Burgee for wrappers and arranging files of papers in his office $36.25; to William Doerr coroner, for holding inquest over a dead infant $24.90; to John Kiefner for one pauper coffin, stool, &c., $6.60; allowed clerk's account vs. State and county, for making out tax books; to each Judge present $5.

Judges of election were appointed for the Constitutional election on the 30th of October Court adjourned until court in course.

Probate Court Proceedings

Monday, Sept. 6th. -- An appropriation of $75 was allowed to Mrs. Americans Block for the education and maintenance of Alice, Levi and Amelia Block.

James Nelson, guardian and curator of A. J. Mead, made final settlement, balance due $83.49.

Robt. T. Farrar had claim classed against the estate of Henry McAtee for $6.65.

Emanuel J. Wynn, guardian and curator of Wm. Rudicile(?) made settlement, balance due $858.30.

Francis Schnurbush had claim classed against the estate of Joseph Schnurbush for $280.85.

Charles C. Horn had claim classed against the estate of Sarah Brown for $4.

Irenius Brown had claim classed against the estate of Clement Brown for $35.43. Also same note classed against the estate of Sarah Brown as security on said note.

Vincent D. Layton, guardian and curator of M. E. Layton, made final settlement, balance due $227.03; also made settlement of the estate of John J. Layton and balance due $236.76.

Charles Voelker had claim classed against the estate of Varice Layton for $7.

DeLassus & Bro., and Theo. Picou sciro facies served on securies [sic]. The trial set for September 10th.

Wm. A. Cashion, curator of Emanuel Block, made settlement, balance due $250.47, and for Alice Block, balance due $377.18, and for Levi Block, balance due $365.71, and for Amelia Block, balance due $470.85.

Tuesday, Sept. 7th. -- Joseph Layton had claim classed against the estate of Varice D. Layton for the sum of $158.

Eli M. DeLassus, administrator of the estate of E. and F. DeLassus, made settlement, balance yet due $7,457.36.

Francis Renaud, curator of Joseph Wimsatt vs. Basil Moore, administrator of M. V. Moore, dec'ed, files motion to dismiss amended complaint.

Mary E. Hagar, guardian and curator of Fred. Burtelow, made settlement, balance due $522.96.

John May, guardian and curator of David M.Brewer, made settlement, balance due $392.57.

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