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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 10 November 1867


IMPROVEMENT. -- Mr. Arsan Callier is erecting a dwelling house upon his property a short distance west of town.

CAPE GIRARDEAU FAIR. -- This fair will commence next Tuesday and continue four days. John B. Robinson, Esq., of our town, has been invited to make the opening address which invitation he has accepted. -- From what we can learn Perry county will be well represented at the fair, and a fine time is anticipated.

A TORNADO. -- We are informed that a tornado passed through our county (a few miles west of Perryville) on last Friday night, doing a good deal of mischief. Several old buildings were blown down, and trees and fences were leveled to the ground, a few orchards were badly injured. Most fortunately no one was hurt.

OFF FOR THE ST. LOUIS FAIR. -- The following persons left this portion of the county this week for the St. Louis Fair: Anton Hunt, Otto C. Nabert, Nicholas Guth, Vincent Tucker and lady, Mrs. E. Urban and daughter, Mrs. Colin, Wm. Doerr, John H. Simpson, S. S. Tucker, John Hooss, Fred. Klein, Fred. Schindler, Max. Hirsch, R. A. Webber, Richard Herritage, John B. Cashion and lady, Father Rubi, Gabriel End, Peter Housmann, Jas. Rice, John Moore and lady, Isadore Cissell, H. Pannel.

HORSE THIEVES AROUND. -- On the night of October 1st, a valuable mare and bug[g]y, the property of Jesse F. Merritt, were stolen by some person unknown, from the stable of the former, situated on the outskirts of our town. A vigorous search was instituted to ascertain what route the thief had taken, but all efforts proved fruitless, until Sunday the 5th inst., when the first tidings of the whereabouts of the thief and property were ascertained. An agent of the Weed Sewing Machine Company recognized the bug[g]y in Scott county, in this State, and so reported in Cape Girardeau on Saturday, whereupon Miss Josie Wilson, for a short time a resident of Perryville, immediately started for this, leaving Cape Girardeau at 9 o’clock P. M. and travelling all night, reached here Sunday morning. Mr. Merritt, in company with Mr. Wilson, (the brother of Miss Josie) left in double quick time for Scott county, and we hope may be successful. Too much praise can not be awarded Miss Wilson for her heroic action in this matter, and we hope she may be suitably rewarded.

TEACHER’S INSTITUTE! -- The Sixth Session of the Perry County Teacher’s Institute will be held at "Cooper Institute," the school house situated near Sydney Abernathy's, six miles southeast of Perryville, commencing on Thursday, October 16, 1873, at 10 o’clock A.M., and continue till Saturday evening. All friends of education are cordially invited to attend.

ATTENTION, TEACHERS! -- The Ex. Committee think it proper to say a few words to the teachers of the county. To you is committed the tender and impressible mind of childhood. It is you to mold and instruct -- to fill with true and useful knowledge. You have entrusted to your care the little boys and girls, who are to be properly fitted for life -- true manhood and womanhood. Consider well your mission. We are confident that you wish to know your duty, and also to perform it. Then come to the Institute,. You will find it much to your interest and professional improvement to attend. Come one, come all. You who have already commenced school, will lose only two days, which all progressive school boards will give to their faithful servants. So, come along, as there is nothing to lose and much to gain. By order of the Ex. Committee.

Probate Court Proceedings

...Geo. W. Hudson had claim classed against the estate of Leon DeLassus for $15.30.

Guardian and Curator's Settlement

Notice is hereby given that the undersigned guardian and curator of Xavier Sutterer has made a just and true exhibit of his account between himself and his ward and filed the same with the Judge of the probate court of Perry county, Missouri, for final settlement of his guardian and curatorship, and that he will apply for his discharge as such guardian and curator at the next term of the probate court to be held at the court house in town of Perryville on the first Monday in December, 1873.

HENRY HUBER, Guardian and Curator

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