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Old Glory

Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 10 July 1868


BURGLARY AND LARCENY. -- Two men, giving their names as John K. Smith and william Clossen, were arrested and brought before 'Squire Jos. Greenwell, Justice of the Peace for Brazeau township in this county on Thursday of last week, on the charge of breaking in to a private residence near Altenburg, and stealing some twnety or thirty dollars. An examiniation was had when they were requireed to give bail inthe sum of five hundred dollars each, which they faild to do, when they were committed to the county jail at await the actions of the grand jury at thenext term of the Perry county circuit court.

RAIN. -- We were favored with a fine rain on Wednesday evening, and it was most thankfully received, as this portion of God's vieard need rain badly.

BUGS. -- We understand the chintz bugs are doing mucnh injury to the corn coops in the county. This we are sorry to hear, as provisions are scarce enough now. Some fields, it is apprehended, will be almost entirely bighted.

FOURTH OF JULY CELEBRATION. -- The fourth day of July was appropriately celebrated all over the county, so far as we can ascertai. The people of this county certainly made an effort to do their part towards paying homage to this time-honored day. Barbacues and pic nics were given in different portions of the county.

In the Doerr grove east of town, quite a large crown of persons gathered together during the forenoon to participate in the enjoyments of the day. The Perryville brass band was present to enliven the scenes of the occasion, by playing stirring music. -- During the forenoon W. H. Bennett, the Junior Editor of the Union made a few appropriate remarks to the people, which was attentively listened. to. Dr. C. A. Mann also addressed the crowd briefly and in a becoming manner.

While the white folks were celebrating the day, the colored citizens of this neighborhood,not to be out-done, gave a splendid barbacue in the suburbs of the town. We were not present, but we understand that they had things fixed up n style, and had a plenty to eat and some to spare. Between one and two o'clock in the afternoon Mr. Simpson read the Emancipation Proclamation to the colored citizens, after which Dr. C. A Mann made a short speech to them, when a sumptuous dinner was partaken of. Quite a number of our white fellow-citizens attended this barbacue, many of whom partook of the good things spread out before them by the colored people. --

It was pronounced to be a well-gotten up dinner and hughly enjoyed by all a short time after dinner was over the colored people went to dancing, which was kept up till after twelve o'clock at night. We have been informed that they behaved very well, and that everything was conducted in the quiet, peaceable manner.


All creditors and others interested in the estate of Leander L. French, dec’ed, are hereby notified that the undersigned administrator intends to make final settlement of said estate at the next term of the County court of Perry county, Mo., to be held at the court house in Perryville, on the first Monday in August, 1868.

J. J. SEIBEL, Administrator

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