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Old Glory

Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 10 January 1873


FIRE. -- On Monday night a big blaze was noticed coming out of the chimney of the house occupied by Wm. Furth’s store, when the alarm of fire was given and a rush with buckets in hand, was made for the premises, when it was ascertained that the sut [sic] in his chimney was burning. A few buckets of water extinguished it.

THAT HUNT. -- A party of fifteen of our citizens started out, one day this week, on a grand hunt, and after trudging through the snow for a half day, succeeded in killing one rabbit, with which they triumphantly entered town. We understand that after carefully inspecting they ammunition, the hunters found their game cost them only $2.91, which is cheap.

PERRYVILLE SCHOOL. -- This school, under the efficient management of Wm. A. Cashion and Miss Hattie Bell, has just closed three months of its present term. We learn from the teachers that the number enrolled 1st day was 72, since 38, total 108, withdrawn 5, still enrolled 102, absent half the time 5, attended every day 6, total absent days 185, average daily attendance 90,daily absence 8.

Ed. Killian, Doug Farrar, Levi Block, Em. Burns, Mary Tarrillion and L. Liebler have not been absent even a single day. It will be seen, however, that the school in the aggregate is cursed with the same old plague -- irregular attendance.

Quite a number of the pupils excel in recitations and deportment, so as to merit the approbation of their tutors. Would that all were so.

The Teachers’ Institute

The Teachers’ Institute for this county has just closed its sixth session, at the school house in Perryville. The organization was effected by electing John E. Aikin, President; Col. R. M. Brewer, Vice President; Miss Hattie Bell, Secretary; Miss Emma Doerr, Assistant Secretary; Miss Ella Layton, Treasurer; Wm. H. Bennett, Auditor. -- The executive Committee remains the same as last year. There were not as many present as had been anticipated, owing to the inclemency of the weather, and the further stubborn fact that some fossilized school boards of the county...

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