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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 09 May 1873


PERSONAL. -- Jesse Merritt left Perryville for other parts on last Friday

Mr. Andrew Klump and family who left our county a few months since for the State of Arkansas, returned on last Tuesday, satisfied, no doubt, that there are many worse places in the world than Perry county.

Mr. J. B. Campbell has our thanks for late St. Louis papers.

Charles A. Weber, James C. Noell, Thomas Hooss, John R. Moore and Jesse Farrar, delegates to the Radical Congressional and Senatorial Convention, left for the city of Cape Girardeau on Thursday.

DIED, August 31st, at five o’clock, A. M., of congestion, Alice, aged 1 year and 2 months, daughter of Francis and Matilda Rice.

Where has our Alice, our golden haired darling,
Where has our treasure, our precious one gone,
Where all those sweet winning ways, we so cherished;
Where the glad voice that awoke us each morn?

Gone to a better home, loving folder,
Close In a Savior’s arms, sweetly at rest
Though our fond, living hearts yearned to detain her,
God, in His infinite wisdom, knew best.

Patient and gentle, throughout her brief illness,
So quiet, we could not think Death busy there.
Swiftly the angels came, tenderly bearing
Our dear one away from a world of care.

Bitter our trial, oh, Father in Heaven;
Pardon rebellious thoughts, teach us to say
God in his love, gave us Alice, and only
Through love, has He called our sweet treasure away.

B. W.

Estel, Weinhold & Co., of Wittenberg, report the largest production, in value, viz: $97,575; Charles Hesse reports $90,000; and Schnaf & Schindler $75,000.

Cinque Hommes Township reports the most wheat, oats, orchard porducts, butter, hay and sorghum produced. Brazeau, most barley and Irish potatoes. Ste. Marys most wool and home manufactures, and Bois Brule most corn.

The following are some of the largest grain products in the county:

Name wheat corn oats barley total bushels
John Layton 1600 3400 300 0 4700
R. M. Young 960 1700 250 600 3510
Ste. Marys Seminary 1000 800 1500 0 3300
W. R. Allen 1350 1400 0 0 2750
Theo. Picou 620 2300 0 0 2720
Wm. Allen 975 2000 0 0 2675

The Assistant Marshall states that he made the circuit, visiting the eighteen hundred and eighteen dwellings of the county in sixty-two days. He found all the good people of Perry county plying their skill in some occupation or other, endeavoring to make a living by honest labor, save two men, one an aged bachelor, the other, in the meridian of manhood, who styled their occupation “Nothing,” and one woman, who styled herself “A Lady.” Certainly Perry county may concede herself lucky, in having only three without occupation, in a population of near ten thousand. The oldest inhabitant of the county is Mrs. McCarver, of Bois Brule, aged one hundred years. Among the physically deficient, were enumerated: Five, blind; three, insane; two deaf and dumb, and one idiot.

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