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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 09 May 1873


DR. A. D. PENNEY will visit Perryville on the 11th of June next, and remain ten days.

BURGLARY. -- Some one standing in need of lard, and not having the fear of the devil in them, visited the hotel of Joseph Blechle the other night and stole a quantity of lard.

MARRIED. -- We are informed that on April 10th, 1873, in Bois Brule Bottom, Henry C. Herring and Anna Nobb were united in the bands of wedlock.

Also, on the 10th ult., Charles Hagget and Nancy Hester,

also on the 21st ult., Miles A. Hosford and Manerva Vaughan, by P. S. Bruner.

PERSONAL. -- Mrs. Nabert left for her home in Michigan on Sunday, her son accompanying her to the city of St. Louis.

Mr. George S. Phillips left our town on Sunday for his home in Lebanon, Ky. George is a gay young man.

John B. Robinson, Esq., left for Jackson, Cape Girardeau county, to attend circuit court.

Mr.. Joseph Blechle left for Illinois on Sunday on business.

Mr. John J. Seibel and Rev. Mr. Demetro left for St. Louis on Sunday.

A. H. Cashion, Esq., left for St. Louis on Sunday on business.


This school closed on the 2d inst., (two weeks sooner than anticipated) on account of measles, which are very prevalent in this place. The pupils of the Primary Department all took them, save four. Premiums were awarded in the 1st department, as follows, considering the school as one class, for best recitation, as named below, (20 being taken off for each absent day.)

Emma Burns’ record, 2710; absent no days. Teresa Litsch’s record, 2553, absent 7. Carrie Shelby’s record 2505, absent 1 day. Mary Tarrillion’s record 2481, absent 11 days. John Kiefner’s record 2475, absent 6 days. Alice Block 2473, absent 15 days.

A premium was also awarded Emma Burns for best attendance. For best spelling, to John Kiefner, whose record footed up 806, while Emma Burns, next, footed up 800. For uniform good deportment, to Emma Doerr and Moritz Behrle. Douglas Farrar received premium for excelling in first class.

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