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Old Glory

Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 09 February 1872


MR. VINCENT TUCKER has sold out his saloon.

THE LAND sales advertised for the 5th of February, have been postponed until the fifth day of March. -- Remember this.

SNOW, to the depth of seven inches, fell in these parts on Friday last. A good deal of snow has fallen during this winter.

FROZE UP. -- The Mississippi river is frozen up tight and fast. Persons have been crossing the river at Chester on the ice for several days, and it may be may weeks ere navigation is again open. The winter, thus far, has been very cold.

CAMPAIGN PICTURES. -- We have received two really well gotten up political pictures, representing the present corrupt Radical party, one of which is entitled the "Political Ladder," and the other the "Political Smash-up." They are for sale by all news dealers.

A DIRTY TRICK. -- On Wednesday night of last week some persons entered the stone school house, located on the Perryville and Marble Hill road, lighted a candle that had been left there, and burned up all the song books, pieces of song books and leaves of music that they could find. Five of the books were the Philip Phillip’s Day School Singers belonging to the teacher, sent her by Prof. J. H. Kerr, and just received the day before. Also burned Sunday School books and Southern Harmonies. Persons who will commit such devilish acts should be severely punished.

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