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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 09 April 1875


CIRCUIT COURT will convene at the court house in Perryville on Monday next.

LAND FOR SALE. -- In another column will be found an advertisement headed "Land in Bois Brule bottom for Sale."

MOVED. -- Our fellow townsman, Mr. John E. Aikin, moved into the residence lately occupied by J. B. Cashion, on the 29th ult.

CHINCH BUGS. -- These pests are said to have been frozen to death the past winter, and that their habitation in these parts have vanished.

BIRTH. -- A good looking little girl called at the residence of Mr. Martin Moore, near Waters Landing in this county one day last week.

     Baby buggy

DIED, on Saturday morning, April. 3d., 1875, at his residence about eight miles northwest of Perryville, Mr. Daniel Meredith, aged about sixty-five years.

NOTICE. -- A report has been circulated that I was only offering 60-cents a bushel for wheat, which I brand as a falsehood. I am paying 90-cents per bushel.


A GAY TIME. --A social party was given at the residence of Mr. James Hart, near Longtown one night last week, and we are told that everybody enjoyed themselves.

APPORTIONMENT. -- The State Superintendent of public schools made an apportionment of the school fund for 1875 a few days ago. Perry county is entitled to $2,671.18.

CHANGE OT [sic] BASE. -- Mr. Charles Thieret purchased Mr. Ed. Beaum's property at Longtown last week, the latter gentleman contemplating going in to business at Appleton.

A BARN. -- Mr. Anton Huber, residing about four miles northeast of Perryville, raised a barn on his farm on Monday of last week. Its size is sixty feet long and twenty feet in width.

LOSS. -- Mr. Felix Cissell, residing a few miles north of town, lost a mare one day last week; also Mr. Charles French, residing eight miles northwest of town lost a good mare last week.

LAND TRANSFER. -- Mr. Anton F. Meister, of Cape Girardeau county, has purchased three-fifths of the farm of Daniel Seibert, deceased, paying for the same $3,900. It contains 424 acres.

IN A TIGHT PLACE. -- A cow belonging to one of our citizens, last Sunday intruded her head in to an empty barrel, and she was only extricated from it after the barrel was taken to pieces.

IMPROVING. -- Mr. Henry T. Tucker, residing five and a half miles northwest of Perryville, has just erected a neat frame dwelling house upon his farm, which building will soon be occupied.

WORK AND FUN. -- On Thursday of last week they had a general good time at the residence of Mr. B. B. Dean, about eight miles northwest Perryville. Clearing land was the order of the day, and dancing at night.

THAT'S RIGHT. -- Mr. Addison Renaud, residing about four miles south of Perryville, has just erected a new dwelling house upon his farm. Improvement seems to be the order of the day in our county, and we are glad to note the fact.

PARTIES are the order of the day. On Tuesday of last week there was a dance or social party at Mr. Stephen Streiler's, and on Saturday night a similar party was had at the residence of Lawrence Weber, and lots of fun was the result.

A NEW HOUSE. -- Our old friend Mr. Felix Miles, residing two and a half miles north of Perryville, raised a dwelling house upon his farm on Thursday of last week. It is sixteen feet wide, forty-two feet in length and one and a half story in height.

AN ACCIDENT. -- On Sunday week while a gentleman, named Hardin Williams, was on his road home from church, was thrown from his horse to the ground, and had the wrist on his right arm dislocated, besides receiving some severe bruises about his face and head.

AN ACCIDENT. -- Mr. Samuel A. Clifton, residing near Longtown in this county, met with quite an accident a short time since. While engaged cutting timber, the ax accidentally glanced and struck one of his feet, severing two of his toes and injured another one.

A RUNAWAY. -- A short time, since while one of Mr. John Sutterer's teamsters, residing in Bois Brule bottom, ws engaged hauling rails, his team became frightened and ran away, the driver being thrown to the ground, the wagon passing over him, injuring him quite badly.

AN ACCIDENT. -- Emile Collin, son of Mrs. Mary A. Collin, residing about five miles southeast of Perryville, while hewing some bark from a tree, the ax glanced and struck his left knee, inflicting an ugly though not a dangerous wound, one day last week. He will be unable to do any thing for a while.

THE ELECTION last Tuesday past [sic] off quietly, and the following gentlemen were elected trustees of the town of Perryville for the ensuing year: William P. Faherty, Vincent Tucker, Arsan Callier, C. A. Weber and Thos. Hooss.

For School Commissioner, D. W. Crow has 14 majority in this precinct.

A RUNAWAY. -- Mr. John Holland, residing eight miles west of Perryville, met with quite an accident last Friday evening. He was engaged plowing, and while doing so had occasion to fix some of the gearing about his team, when they became frightened and ran away, knocking him down and the horses and plow passing over him, injuring him pretty badly, though no bones were broken.

MARRIED, on Tuesday, March 20th, 1875, at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. Mr. Lilly, Mr. J. H. McKee to Miss Ann Leclare.

Married, on Sunday, April 4th, 1875, at St. Marys Seminary, Mr. Thomas Brewer to Miss ---- Head.

Married, on Monday, April 5th, 1875, at St. Marys Seminary, Mr. William M. Layton to Miss --- Dean daughter of Mr. Josiah A. Dean.

Married, on Tuesday, April 6th, 1875, at St. Marys Seminary, Mr. Frank Renaud to Miss Caphardt.

DOGS THE VICTORS. -- Some of the canine tribe are at their old work again, and such animals as sheep stand a poor chance for life when they come in contact with dogs. -- One day last week Mr. James C. Mattingly, residing seven miles south of Perryville, had ten old sheep and five lambs killed by dogs.

On the same night Mr. Frank Lukefahr had a good many sheep killed in the same neighborhood. -- Mr. Francis Renaud had nearly all his sheep slayed. On Saturday night last Mr. Caleb Abernathy had several of his sheep badly used up by dogs.

PERSONAL. -- Mr. Charles Hayden, our Representative, returned home last Saturday. Rev. Mr. Kleisser left for the city of St. Louis last Sunday on business.

The Prosecuting Attorney of Cape Girardeau county was in Perryville last Saturday on legal business.

Mrs. Peter Beauvais, who has been on a visit to her daughter, returned home on Tuesday of last week.

Dr. S. T. Hall arrived in town on Tuesday evening, and will remain this week and next.

Dr. A. D. Penney arrived in town on Thursday, and will be here several days.

Mr. Clarance Staley, of the house of O. H. Beckman & Co., St. Louis, was here this week.

A FATAL ACCIDENT. -- Mrs. Sarah Brown, residing five miles east of Perryville, met with a fatal accident on Sunday afternoon last. This lady, accompanied by a little boy, were seated in a carriage homeward bound from St. Marys Seminary, and when within about two and a half miles of home, the horse became frightened and ran away. The little boy was thrown out of the carriage and soon after Mrs. Brown was hurled from the vehicle and thrown against a tree, injuring her so badly that she died form the effects of it the next morning. The little boy escaped unhurt. The deceased was a good, pious person, and very highly respected. She was about sixty years of age. She leaves several children, and other relatives and friends to mourn her demise.

PETIT LARCENY. -- Some couple of week since Messrs. Samuel Swan and brother had several dollars worth of goods stolen from them at Waters Landing in this county, and other citizens had been relieved of property without their consent, but it was not known positively who the rogues were, however, suspicion was fastened upon some individuals who inhabited a small craft sailing upon the bosom of the father of waters near that place, and warrants were accordingly issued for their arrest. The vessel was visited but the occupants had vacated and left for other climes. Some of the missing property was identified, and the boat and cargo were attached, and are tied up at "port," and if the owners would just put in their appearance, they might hear something not just to their liking. We did not learn the suspected parties' names.

COUNTY COURT PROCEEDINGS. -- This Court met on Monday, pursuant to adjournment. The following allowances were made: To Wm. F. Reed for pauper coffin $5; to DeLassus & Bro. buriel [sic] expenses of pauper $4; to Joseph Taylor, road overseer, $36; to Jas. R. Hagar, for improvements on county farm $46.35; to H. C. Murphy, $19.50; to Ann Vessels attention and buriel expenses $30; to Henry Verschelden for Wm. Case $3.75; to N. Guth, sheriff fees $14; to Doerr & Bro., lumber, &c. $35.122; to W. P. Faherty, lumber, stationary [sic] $11.40; to N. Guth for work and material of privy $66.45; to each judge $5.

Geo. Hoehn's petition for private road through F. Baudendistel's farm read and commissioners appointed.

Chas. Boehme, commissioner of Apple Creek bridge, received warrant on road and canal fund for $282.20 to pay on contract of stone work, and Collector was ordered to pay to said commissioner $600 from subscription money collected for the same purpose.

Tuesday, April 6th. -- Farm of A. Nesslein and Geo. Koch was ordered to be sold under school fund mortgage.

Sheriff was ordered to remove Mrs. Cox an insane person, from the premises of M. Zink to the county farm.

An order was made to issue three duplicate warrants in favor of J. H. Abernathy for three warrants lost and destroyed the whole amount being $45.

PROBATE COURT PROCEEDINGS of the adjourned term, held on Thursday, April 5th.

Henry N. Tucker had claim allowed against the estate of John W. Bright; also George W. Tucker, same, each $5.

John Herman was appointed curator of Conrad and Catharine Stuebinger and bond approved.

Joseph Miles, guardian and curator of Mary E. Layton, and his bond approved.

Henry Schaefer, administrator of Henry Rabold, made settlement, balance due $109.71.

Henry Schaefer ws also appointed curator of Emanuel M. Rabold, and ordered to give bond.

Henry Schaefer, administrator of the estate of John E. Fiehler, ordered to pay widow $50 for a year's provisions.

Mary C. Abbott made settlement of the estate of James Abbott, balance due $483.36.

Joseph Cissell, executor of Bernard Cissell's estate, was ordered to make repairs.

Johanna Buttner vs. Simon Popp, report of commissioners approved, to set out homestead, and appeal taken from the approval. Joseph Untereiner, executor of Gertrude Untereiner, filed receipts and was finally discharged.

Lewis Welker made settlement as curator of the estates of Emma R., Lucy Mm., Sarah G., Daniel W., Francis M. and Francis A. Dickinson. -- Also filed receipts and was finally discharged as administrator of Wm. L. Dickinson.

Dr. H. C. Murphy had claim classed against the estate of Joseph Morgan for $10.25; also Charles Barber against same for $15.

John E. Aiken was appointed guardian and curator of Joseph R. DeLassus.

THR LITERARY. -- EDITOR UNION: On last Friday night a pleasant evening brought out the "Platonians" in force, and a number of visitors were present. The President being absent, A. H. Cashion, the voice President, took the chair. The programme of the evening was called, and Miss Zora Block came forward with a declamation, followed by Miss Alice Block. Both pieces were well rendered. Miss Minnie Chase read an essay entitled "work," which evinced considerable depth of thought and systematic reasoning. Patient and persevering work was presented as the condition of all material success. All we behold of the beautiful, grand or beneficial, in either art or nature are the results of force applied, and what is force applied. Only another name for work. That principle of aristocracy which scorns work, while at the same time being dependent upon it, should find no place in the breast of any rational being. Despising, as they do, the primary condition of life, all the force possessed by them is resolved into inertia to be overcome by that which to them is most abhorent-- work. The highest order of intellectual or physical force is powerless without work. In fact, no such qualities can be secured, but by persevering work, and with these combined, a success equal to the highest ambition is attainable.

The foregoing are a few of the leading thoughts of the essay, which was presented in a very neat and correct style. The regular debate on question "Resolved, that any state or United States office shall be eligible to the same office without any limit as to the number of terms he shall hold the same, was decided in favor of the affirmative. The irregular debate on the same resolution, was decided in favor of the negative by a vote of nine to four. The music consisting of two songs and accompaniment was well rendered. The question for discussion on next Friday night is, Resolved, that the distribution of the public school funds of the different states among the religious denominations thereof, would promote the harmony and prosperity of the whole county. To all whom it may concern, the ensign of the Platonian still waves.


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