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Old Glory

Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 08 May 1874


MR. JOHN C. DOERR, our County Collector, is having some improvements made on his residence.

MOVED. -- Mr. John R. Moore, on last Saturday, moved in to building owned by Henry Lanze, in the west end of town.

MAD DOG. -- We are informed that a mad dog was shot in Perryville last Sunday morning. We have one dog less now.

THE FIRE ENGINE, for Perryville, came down on the steamer Elliott last Tuesday night, and will be here to-day or to-morrow.

A LARGE number of our citizens were at work last Saturday, helping the workmen raise the heavy timbers at the Schindler Mill.

DIED, on the 1st of May, 1874, at her residence near Silver Lake, in this county, Mrs. Martha Layton, about forty years of age.

TO CONTRACTORS. -- We call the attention of our builders to the advertisement in another column of this paper, headed: "Notice to Contractors."

MR. JOHN J. LANG, our neighbor, has nearly completed a nice picket fence around his property in town, and it helps the appearance of the property considerably.

SCHOOL HOUSE. -- The contract for building a new school house in district 4, township 4, will be let out at Lauck & Weiss mills on the 25th instant. M. L. Eddlemon is clerk of the Board.

CAN YOU BEAT IT. -- Mr. Stephen T. Moore, residing about ten miles east of Perryville sheared three sheep last Saturday, the wool from which weighed thirty-six pounds. -- Who can beat this?

LOSS. -- Mrs. Freoux, who resides some four miles west of Perryville, lost a valuable mare last week, also Paul Zahner lost a fine mare near the same time, their deaths being caused by injuries received.

WOOL CARDING. -- Our old friend, Mr. Frank Moranville, who resides some three miles west of Perryville has got his carding machine in ample order now, and is therefore ready to accommodate the public at low figures.

MISS HENRIETTA SEEMES, on going home from Perryville on last Saturday, was thrown from her horse, when near home, and rendered senseless for a time, from the effects of the fall. She was seriously but no dangerously hurt.

SHEEP KILLED. -- We learn that Gregory Brewer, Samuel Rankin, and Josiah Dean lost, during the past week, twenty-five or thirty sheep by dogs. We know of only one certain cure for sheep-killing dogs, and that is cold lead.

MARRIED, on Monday afternoon, the 4th day of May, 1874, at the Ste. Marys Seminary, by Rev. Father O’Neal, Mr. Celestian Vallroy to Mrs. Mary S. Colin, all of this county. We wish the newly married couple a long and happy life.

ACCIDENT. -- Lee Belsha who lives with Josiah Tucker, about six miles northwest of Perryville, was severely injured a short time since, while at work rolling logs by one of them falling on his leg, but fortunately not breaking it, although it was badly bruised.

LOSS BY FIRE. -- On Wednesday of last week the smoke house belonging to Mr. Cline D. Milster near Wittenberg in this county, was consumed by fire. A large amount of meat, &c., was destroyed with it. -- We learn that Mr. Milster’s loss exceeds three hundred dollars.

MR. WILLIAM FURTH, one of our enterprising business men, is setting out a fine lot of shrubbery and nice shade trees at his residence in the southern part of town. If all our citizens would put out trees in front of their residences, it would improve the looks of our town more than any thing else they could do.

RUNAWAY. -- While Mr. Clement Gotto was driving along on the west side of the public square last Sunday, his horse became frightened and started on a run, but before he had gone very far, Mr. Gotto succeeded in stopping him, the stoppage, however, was rather sudden being effected by running up against the livery stable.

THE CORNER STONE of the new Methodist Episcopal Church of Perryville will be laid on next Sunday afternoon, at 4 o’clock, with appropriate ceremonies, and an address will be delivered upon the occasion. The public is cordially invited to attend. The new church is to be 26 feet wide, 40 feet long, and 24 fee high. When completed it will be an ornament to our town.

THOROUGHLY BAPTIZED. -- On Saturday last, while Mrs. Tweiman and a gentleman, whose name we did not learn, were crossing the Cinque Homme Creek, their carriage turned over in a deep hole that had washed out during the late rains, and both lady and gentleman were precipitated into the water. They were fortunate enough, however, to get off with a thorough wetting.

NEW FENCES. -- Quite a number of our citizens have been making improvements on their property, more especially in the way of fencing. -- Among others that are having these improvements made, we notice Mr. G. Weiser, Mrs. C. Fath, Major C. A. Weber, Mr. P. Carling, and Mr. V. Tucker, and all of them, we are glad to see, are having neat picket fences put up.

THE FIRST OF MAY. -- Last Friday was the first of May, which, in the good old times, was one of the best enjoyed holidays of the year, especially by the young folks, for then they had their May parties where the prettiest girl was crowned queen of May, and right royally would she wield the scepter, but time has somewhat changed all this, and now May day passes as prosily as any of the others.

DIED, on Friday, the 1st day of May, 1874, at her residence seven miles south of Perryville, Mrs. Maria McAtee, in the 70th year of her age. The deceased was born near Wittenberg, in this county, in 1804, and has ever since resided here. She was a devoted member of the Catholic Church, and lived a Christian life. She leaves a large number of relatives and many friends to mourn her demise.

ACCIDENT. -- On Tuesday of last week a young colt, belonging to Henry Tucker, who resides some three and a half miles north of Perryville, became quite lively, and concluded to do some jumping, and accordingly made an attempt to leap over a pretty high picket fence around John May's garden, and in doing so, drove a picket in to its left side, injuring it quite badly, but the wound being promptly attended to, its life was saved.

AN ACCIDENT. -- On last Saturday while one of our lawyers and a fruit tree agent were out taking a ride, the buggy was upset by some obstruction, and both gentlemen were thrown out. The tree agent was thrown about ten feet high, and would no doubt have been severely injured, but for his extraordinary activity, for he was coming down head foremost, when he turned a complete sumersault, and landed on his feet in time to catch the horse by the bridle, and thus kept him from running off, and breaking the buggy. No damage.

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