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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 08 May 1868


DEDICATION OF THE GERMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. -- We are requested to announce that the new German Catholic Church of Perryville, now nearly completed, will be dedicated on Sunday the 24th day of the present month of May. Quite a number of eminent clergymen will be present from St. Louis and other places to officiate in the ceremonies of the occasion. Divine services will commence at nine o’clock in the forenoon of said day. Preaching will be had both in the English and German languages. A general invitation is extended to all persons.

STEAM FERRY BOAT. -- There is a fine steam ferry boat established at Wittenberg by Mr. Van Frank & Co., which crosses and re-crosses as often as business requires.

COUNTY COURT. -- This body was in session this week. The Judges are all present and looking well. Considerable business is being transacted in the dispatch style.

THAT STORM. -- On last Saturday morning the clouds began to gather in the west and grew heavier and blacker, until combining their furious elements they came with a rumbling that indicated a heavy storm, but resulted in nothing serious, nothing more than a number of fences being blown down.

GOOD Summer Clothing sold cheap at Furth's Store. Good Pants at $2.

MORE IMPROVEMENTS. -- We understand a splendid steam saw mill is just erected near Lueder’s store by Moses Kline & Co., which is now ready for operation. It does a rushing business.

Democratic Mass Meeting. -- The meeting called in this county to appoint delegates to the Convention to be held in the city of St. Louis on the 28th instant, met on Monday. The meeting was called to order and Col. R. M. Brewer appointed Chairman and W. H. Bennett, Esq., Secretary. Being a very rainy day and but few present, the meeting was adjourned to Tuesday at which time a large number of the people of Perry county were assembled at the court house. The meeting was call-to order by the Chairman, and on motion of Judge J. H. Abernathy, a committee of five were appointed to draft resolutions expressive of the sense of the meeting. The Chairman appointed Judge Abernathy, Major Layton, Wm. Allen, Joseph Greenwell, and Dr. Shelby, the committee on resolutions.

On motion, four delegates from each township in the county were appointed to attend the St. Louis Convention, as follows:

From Saline -- Major Layton, Charles Haydon, Jules Rozier, Col. R. M. Brewer.
From Cinque Hommes -- Wm. Faherty, John C. Doerr, Clement Schindler and Thos. Layton.
From Bois Brule -- Judge W.e Burgee, Wm. Allen, James A. Burns and Martin Moore.
From Ste. Marys -- Dr. J. C. Staley, Nerius Cissell, John Miles and Nerius Moore.
From Brazeau -- Emanuel Estel, Dr. O. W. Kline, James I Greenwell and Geo. M. Shaner.

On motion W. H. Bennett, Esq. was called upon to address the meeting, which he did in a brief speech.

On motion of Dr. Shelby the delegates may have power to appoint others to attend the convention, in the event any of them could not attend.

W. H. Bennett, Esq. offered the following resolution, which was unanimously adopted:

Resolved, That Hon. William Carter, Judge of the 20th Judicial Circuit in the State of Missouri, is the choice of the people of Perry county for one of the Judges of the Supreme Court of Missouri, and the delegates from Perry county to the State Convention to be held on the 28th instant, are hereby instructed to exert every means in their power to secure his nomination.

James Greenwell offered the following resolution, which was also passed:

Resolved, That a committee composed of two from each township in the county, be appointed to serve as an Executive Committee to see that the Democratic party is thoroughly organized, and to issue calls for any meeting which may be necessary. -- The following gentlemen were appointed: James I. Greenwell, Frederick Preusser, Felix Layton, Charles Hayden, Dr. Shelby, John F. Miles, Louis Dickson, John Bridgman, William Allen and Theodore Picou.

The committee appointed to draft resolutions reported the following, which were unanimously adopted:

Resolved by the Democracy of Perry county in mass meeting assembled, that we are opposed to the present National Bank system, and in favor of the issue of legal tender notes for the purpose of redeeming the United States Bonds as soon as it may be practicable.
That we are in favor of equal taxation - U. S. bonds not excepted.
That believing this to be a white man’s government, we are opposed to negro suffrage.

On motion the meeting adjourned to meet on the first Monday in August at which time county candidates will be nominated.

R. M. BREWER, Chairman
W. H. BENNETT, Secretary.

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