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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 08 July 1870


DISTRICT COURT. -- We have just seen the docket of the second district of Missouri, which meets in the city of Cape Girardeau next Monday, and will continue in session nine days. There is [sic] thirty-seven cases on the docket to be tried, and among them we find three from Perry county.

The cases are: A. H. Cashion vs. Vincent Faina et al, State of Missouri vs. Martin Enders and Francis X. Miles, executor of F. P. Miles vs. Stephen Miles. These cases are set for the fifth day of the term.

THE FOURTH OF JULY.. -- According to custom the 4th of July was duly celebrated in this place. At an early hour in the day Perryville was pretty well thronged with people of all ages, sizes and sexes, eager for the celebration. About 9 o’clock, the crowd, headed by the brass band of Perryville, marched to Doerr’s grove, on the east side of town, where the festival was held. Plenty of refreshments were on the grounds.

W. F. Davis, Esq., was the orator of the day, and delivered a very interesting address. Everything passed off smoothly and all seemed to enjoy themselves. The whole affair culminated in a grand ball at Burgee’s Hall, where young and old, great and small, homely and pretty, all commingled in one grand harmonious jubilee. Mr. Jack St. Vrain was the proprietor of this last act on the programme, which accounts for its success. We should not fail to mention the fact that the Perryville Brass Band contributed largely to the pleasure of the occasion by discoursing splendid music.

There were several other celebrations in different parts of the county:  In Longtown, Frohna, Altenburg, Wittenberg, and Silver Lake, and several picnics in different neighborhoods; so the people of Perry county have not, amid modern motions, entirely lost sight of the old land marks of the past.

PERSONAL.. -- Dr. R. Shelby left Perryville on Sunday for the city of St. Louis, on business, and returned home on Wednesday.

G. W. Staley, of Kaskaskia, Illinois, was in town this week on a visit to his relatives.

John H. Nicholson, Esq., who has been to the city of St. Louis returned home during the past week.

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