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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 08 April 1863

Administrator's Notice

The undersigned public administrator of Perry county, took charge of the estate of Sanford Rankins, deceased, on the 17th March, 1863, and hereby notifies all persons having claims against said estate, are requested to exhibit them for allowance, property authenticated within one year from the above date, or they may be procluded from any benefits of said estate, and if not presented within three years from the above date they will be forever barred.

Public Administrator and ex-officio
Administrator of said estate.

Sheriff's Sale of Real Estate

By virtue of an etion issued from the office of the clerk of the circuit court of Perry County in the State of Missouri, bearing date February 20th, A. D. 1863, in favor of G. W. Wheeler and against George W. Lewis, and he the undersigned sheriff directed, I have seized and levied upon, and will expose to sale at public auction to the highest bidder, for cash in hand, at the court house door in the town of Perryville in said Perry County, on the

28th Day of April, 1863

It being the second day of the April term for the year 1863, while said court shall be in session, between the hours of 9 o'clock A. M. and 5 o'clock P. M. all the right, title, interest and claim of the said George W. Lewis, of, in and to the following described real estate lying and being in Perry County, to wit.:

West half of the following described land, it being part of survey No. 2079, confirmed to James Thompson, Township No. 36, Range 11 east, beginning at the northwest corner of said survey, at a stump from which a black oak 10 inches in diameter, bears south 37° west distant 55 links and a white oak 18 inches in diameter, bears north 47° east distant 33 links thence, south 76½° east, 38 chains and 76 links a stone, hickory 24 inches diameter, bears ... 82 degreees east distant 26 links, and a hickory inches diameter, bears north 69 west distant 22 links, thence south 12° west 22 chains and 17 links a post at a branch, poplar 8 inches diameter, bears north 12 east distant 34 links, thence north 75 degrees west 3? chains up a branch, thence north 73 west 275 links up said branch, thence north 72° west 2 chains (a cut off), thence south 63 west 370 links up said branch, thence south 36° west 350 links up said branch, thence south 76° west 379 links up said branch, thence north 42° west 2 chains, thence north 35 west 4 chains, thence south 62 west 320 links, thence north 79° west 330 links a post in branch on line of original survey on the west side of said survey, south west of the house of the said George W. Lewis, thence north 13 east through his garden at 30 chains and 37 links to the place of beginning, containing eighty seven acres and 41/100 of an acre.

The west half of the above described land is decreed to the said Diantha Lewis, wife of George W. Lewis, being the part as described in said order ascertaining the half of 85 acres forty seven and a half hundredths, which, by calculation, we find contains but 43 acres and seventy and a half hundreths of an acre. The remaining part of said 78 acres and forty one hundredhs of an acre, on the east part of said 78 acres and forty one hundredths of an acre We allot to the said Diantha, wife of the said George W. Lewis together with 20 acres of the south end of 100 arpens on the east side of survey No. 775 in same township and range, adjoining survey No. 116, No. 2079 and survey No. 330 town 35 north range 11 east, Beginning

at a stone hickory 30 inches diameters north 69° west distant 22 links, thence north 23 degrees east 16 chains and 96 links a post black oak 5 inches diameter, bears south 10 1/2 degrees west distant 19 links white oak 14 inches diameter, bears north 25 1/2 west distant 30 links, thence north 75 1/2 west 11 chains and 79 links a post, white oak 13 inches diameter, bears south 88° west distant 11 1/2 links gum 29 inches diameter, bears south 39° east, distant 44 links, thence south 13° west 16 chains and 95 links a stone, white oak 3 inches diameter, bears north 47° east distant 5 links, black oak 6 inches diameter, bears south 1 1/2 east 11 links, thence south 76½° east 11 chains 79 links to the place of beginning, containing 20 acres, and containing in the aggregate 107 acres and forty one hundredths of an acre.

Said land is sold to satisfy said execution and costs.

JOHN C. McBRIDE, Sheriff of Perry county, Mo.

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